The Best Sports to Do As a Couple

Sport is a mandatory activity, because it brings well-being to physical and emotional health; however, one of the reasons why it is abandoned is for doing it without company. The performance is not the same, much less the result. Doing sports as a couple enhances your ability to do it with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

No matter who shares this moment with you, the important thing is that in doing so they maintain coordination and harmony. When exercising accompanied, it helps, in a certain way, to supervise and monitor your exercises, even if it is not a trainer. In this way each one can see the progress and mistakes of the other, and even cheer together.

On the other hand, when doing sports as a couple, it is easier to do it fully, because you make the commitment to comply with yourself and with the other person; In addition, you do not abandon the activity as is usually done alone when you start to feel bored.

Many aspects come into play to practice sports as a couple. You must take into account especially if the sport is done with a partner of a different sex, the interests, and the personality and above all, the physical fitness is different; that is why patience also comes into play, because each one has their physical capacity from her.

From the point of view of the couple’s relationship, it is a sacred and important moment because its rapport enters into dimension. Establishing and doing activities that are related to them, such as sports, serves as a stimulus to support and sustain each other. They will also share the achievements of the goals that are established.

Since doing sport requires discipline, it will allow them to lay the foundations to attend, as partners, to any situation that arises within the activity. This will suggest that as a couple they manage to strengthen themselves because they can solve various situations together, in fact they will be able to remember it with joy even if they have been difficult inconveniences.

If you want to strengthen the ties of your partner, sports are a good excuse. Here we will give your ideas about sports that are special to do as a couple.  


Every sport involves effort and discipline. Here we suggest some that you can do as a couple and how you could practice them. Cheer up to have a good time

·       Running

At first glance, it might seem like a solo sport, but it is very popular with couples. A conversation is limited when practicing this sport, not only because it is difficult to establish it, but the aerobic and anaerobic capacity is destined for endurance. However, running encourages camaraderie, because your partner will be with you until you reach the finish line, since both shares a common goal.

The fun of running is that you can establish competitions that measure your progress. For example, start with a 3 km run. Or if they are more risky to participate in a marathon.

Running is preferred by many people for its high benefit as “fat burning”, up to 500 calories per session of running.

·       Cycling or bicycle

There is nothing like enjoying cycling in good company. This is one of the sports that are best enjoyed as a couple. Perhaps its advantage lies in the fact that you not only practice the sport, but you can chat simultaneously. On the other hand, in the emotional part you can enjoy the landscape; get to know new places because by bicycle you can enter places that the car would not allow.

Within the city, and in your daily life, you can take advantage of the bicycle to make your purchases in the nearby market; this contributes to the environment, and at the same time keeps them in shape: you will have highly toned buttocks and legs.

If you want a romantic ride, there are places where they rent tandem bikes. Both pedal at the same time, and maintain coordination and direction, an activity that is very favorable for developing trust between them.

·       Tennis

Racquet sports involve a healthy confrontation, and are ideal for burning fat. You have two options: you play against your partner, or you have a mixed doubles match against another duo. The essential thing is to enjoy the thrill of triumph, or to have someone by your side that helps you alleviate defeat.

If you both want to maintain or tone your body, you can help each other by practicing this sport. Do you know that tennis helps you lose a lot of calories just for half an hour that you practice?

·       Swimming

This sport is essential in our lives because it is one of the most complete. Even though it requires great discipline, it is just as pleasurable if you do it with a partner. If you are a beginner, you need someone to teach you how to float, for example, to hold you while you train, or help you control your breathing underwater.

As you progress, you can start with the series; here someone is required to help you keep the number of sessions. In this case, one must have more experience than the other.

At the level of competitiveness, of course you need the other; however, to get started in this sport, the company of your partner is essential to learn any technique.

·       Golf

There are those who are passionate about golf. Although it is a low-impact sport, many enjoy it because of the degree of concentration that must be generated to achieve a hole. One of the pleasures that this sport awakens is the relaxation of being in an environment that distances you from the hustle and bustle of the city. It really is a good opportunity to enjoy a natural environment with your partner.

To play golf there are several options. If they work as a team, they can compete to get the best ball in a round. Also compete to see who makes the best score.

With golf, keeping fit is not difficult at all; on the contrary, it helps you burn up to 250 calories in half an hour of practice. Incredible, then it is a good option to keep fit.

What do you need

  • Weather.
  • Bike.
  • Sportswear.
  • Rackets.
  • Swimwear.
  • Stopwatch (optional).
  • Golf balls or clubs.


Reaching an agreement with your partner is not easy, but in some cases you can manage to negotiate which sport you want to practice together.

Doing a sport as a couple improves your relationship outside of the activity itself, because it gives you the opportunity to discover new things between the two of you and to learn a little more about each other; In addition, it tends to rapport because both will support and understand each other in the lifestyle they have decided to lead.


  1. It doesn’t matter what sport they choose. They must take into account that to start a sports activity, the first thing you must do is warm up and stretch beforehand. Never start without first doing it, as it can cause very serious injuries.
  2. The favorable time to play sports can be early in the morning or late in the afternoon, even at night. Never do it, especially in the summer season, at noon or when the sun is at its best, as it can also be harmful to your skin.
  3. If you choose the shift in the early hours of the morning, you must have breakfast beforehand. If you don’t have time for a full meal, grab a cracker or a protein drink. The physical work generated by sport can cause hypoglycemia, and what would be a moment of pleasure could become a bad memory.
  4. The idea of ​​sport as a couple is to strengthen ties; however its purpose extends to your physical health. For this reason, a nutritious and balanced diet is essential to achieve what you want.
  5. There is a lot of literature about how to eat while playing sports. You can go to any bookstore or online if you have any questions.

Selection and conditions

  1. They do not have to pre-establish a program, because the objectives can be different; however, a consensus can be reached on everything in time because each one has an anaerobic capacity that must be respected.
  2. To do sport as a couple, there is no one better than someone you trust as your life partner. He will know how to use the right words to encourage you and keep you active, an act that must be reciprocal.
  3. They can choose a sport that they both like and set the same goal, this way they will stay motivated.
  4. They must set a specific time to play sports, or train; In this way, the meaning required by the
  5. If you already have experience in the sport you are going to share, avoid criticism and value judgments. Do not fall into excessive indications either because your partner may feel intimidated. Always try to teach her de Ella from a position of humility and that you are happy to be sharing something new with her.
  6. Don’t jump into a high-performance sport if you don’t have experience. If you want to start running, start from walking or easy jogging. Do not force your body to do a job to which it is not used, because it can be highly dangerous.
  7. If you want to practice swimming, but you don’t know how to swim, don’t do it in a river, or a rough sea, even if it generates great emotion. Swimming involves a series of techniques that you would not easily achieve in moving water. These are not the right places to get started in this sport.
  8. If you have established a routine and you could not do it in a week, do not demand twice as much work from your body in the same session. Some athletes have suffered impacts and heart conditions for this reason.

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