10 Adventure Sports

It is known as an adventure sport, all those that are carried out at great heights, through steep mountains, or in different types of places that go from an elevated bridge to a skyscraper, where the intensity is breathed and the body experiences various sensations.

One of the main manifestations felt in the body is the production of adrenaline, which is the hormone that increases heart rate and causes an explosion of energy in the body, capable of producing reactions that are not actually felt.

If you like the extreme and feel your blood boiling for doing different types of adventures, stay and learn about 10 sports that are making waves because of how dangerous, extreme and great each of these sports offer to give you a boost in your life.

What do you need

Depending on the discipline, you will need a variety of equipment, in this list you are given some examples of each of them without distinguishing which one it refers to, of course if you like any of these sports you should know which one to have to do it.

  •  parachute _
  • Sporty monkeys.
  • Backpacks.
  • Water and various cooking utensils.
  •  Light clothes.
  • Rafts.
  • ears
  • Helmets.
  • Skateboards.
  • Ski boarding.
  • Bikes.
  • Sports mesh.
  •  Comfortable shoes.
  • Gloves.
  • Motorcycles.


The adventure sport is none other than the extreme that is carried out in various parts of the world and especially in areas, depending on the sport, that offer the danger and the benefits of nature to take the experience to a higher level.

Adventure sports require experience in the field, in addition to a taste for the intensity of what is done, as well as the possibility of having war marks, concerning the practice of these disciplines where many times different injuries can be suffered.

It is important to point out that the different sports are usually the promoters of producing adrenaline, being a stimulant for situations where danger attacks and you have to be willing to draw strength to finish the activity well and get away with it without scratches.

10 adventure sports that you will love

  1. Motocross. It is a discipline linked to motorcycles, in which the person performs different types of pirouettes on a track that he may have to make jumps as well as steep areas, but as long as he maintains the necessary dexterity to be able to achieve it without worries. It is generally carried out in fields specially prepared for this discipline with various obstacles where the participant must overcome them with different forms of strategies and creativity when carrying out the work. It is very dangerous if you do not have the proper knowledge. Normally the equipment that is used is that of a one-piece suit with gloves, helmet and special shoes, all with a cover that protects the driver’s parts, knee pads and helmet. The bike is a preparation from the engine to the suspension system agreed for the discipline.
  2. Paragliding. It is a combination between skydiving and hang gliding, but with the exception that the equipment to be used is lighter and easier to carry even in a backpack on your back. With paragliding you have the peculiarity of traveling further than usual, using the wind as an impulse in addition to achieving high heights. The material used to make this mechanism for sport is usually fabric, which can be easily folded, and despite being among extreme sports, it is usually safer than any of the others on this list, so if you like the height of paragliding is your thing.
  3. Rafting. Rafting is the extreme sport that you do in freshwater rivers or lakes, whose speed is fast and where people can slide through them by means of a rubber raft and with the right equipment, doing it for two or more people.. This type of extreme sport has to be led by a person with knowledge about it, since they must know about various topics such as the course of rivers, navigation, and ways to handle them in any dangerous situation and know how to deal with the waters that they are treacherous. The tours are made by the expert and are usually for beginners and advanced, where the distance between one and the other varies accordingly, of course guiding the weight of the people on the raft to balance it and not turn. The important thing is to know how to swim,
  4. Diving. Diving is none other than entering the seas, lagoons, rivers, caves, among many other places where water is the main protagonist and marine life, the environment, the diversity of life and the work carried out by the waters in the diversity of caves under the sea. It is a unique learning experience, which makes people live together during the time they dive with the different species that populate the bottom of the different waters and that gives those who love this sport a feeling of peace and tranquility. The equipment for this type of activity is usually a diving suit, raincoat, fins, mask, goggles and oxygen tanks to breathe underwater as well as the experience of the divers to be able to swim and reach places never explored.
  5. Ski. It is about sliding down the frozen and snow-filled mountains from a high altitude, until reaching the bottom, achieving high and dangerous speeds, often having to deal with difficult and spectacular falls of the people who practice it. It is an activity that is usually practiced in a group or individually, although in any place where there is snow and especially in mountains with their own elevation to be able to slide from the top to the bottom without any mishap. the ski, as we have already told you, it is about being able to go down a mountain, through a piece of equipment that consists mainly of two thin, long sheets of wood arranged to be placed on the feet or shoes of the person who is going to ski. It is to be practiced in the open air and despite being very easy, it is necessary to have a mastery of both leather and speed as well as the place where the sport is going to be carried out, which is why advanced knowledge is required to be able to practice it.
  6. Mountain bike. It is the one that is practiced with a bicycle special with all the necessary implements to be able to move in a place where the terrain is abrupt, difficult and with many obstacles, but carrying the possibility of having multiple adventures, letting speed be the protagonist. It can be practiced on many types of terrain, among which mud; stones, trunks stand out, and above all to what the mountain owe its name, which has all kinds of ideal soils for the great fans of this sport that comes to present many. Obstacles. It is important to take into account that it also has its own special equipment, starting with those that we already told you about on the bicycle, helmet, knee pads, gloves, among many other implements that you will need to practice it, but it achieves an explosion of adrenaline in those who like it and practice it.
  7. Skydiving. It is important to recognize that if you are afraid of heights, this is not your sport, that is why it is one of the most extreme, its main characteristic being that of jumping from an airplane, small plane or any other device of this style, to enjoy in the air a stipulated time and then deploy the parachute. The parachute is a kind of fabric or canvas that is stored in a backpack, which is shot during the descent of the person from a considerable height until reaching the ground, taking all possible precautions to deploy it in time to fall to the ground.
  8. Jumping. Jumping is a kind of jump rope that consists of jumping from any platform that goes from a high bridge, a skyscraper or some artifact built by humans, where the practice consists of tying a kind of cloth that when stretched leaves the person a few steps from the ground. It has been practiced for many years, and it is a tradition that young people have promoted to this day, since it is about establishing if there really is enough courage to do it, since the height can be quite considerable. Are you thinking of doing it??
  9. Mountaineering. Mountaineering is the simplest of extreme or adventure sports, consisting of climbing a mountain to the top ; Although it is not seen as difficult, it does have its degree of pushing the body to the limit, so it is rather one of exhaustion in the face of the terrain that is presented.
  10. Rappelling. It is the rest through any altitude with the help of a team defined by semi-wings on the bottom of the pants of the person who is going to launch into the void, with a parachute to avoid any problem that arises. You just have to bring your desire to fly to any top of a chosen mountain, and slide to the edge to be able to jump and deploy the rappel to take you anywhere you want, which you can easily handle with your hands.


  • In any of the sports consider wearing the right equipment.
  • You need to protect your body when doing any of them.

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