Jockstraps: How to Wear Men’s Jockstraps

A jockstrap is a kind of special underpants, which serves to hold the testicles and prevent them from going freely through the pants.

This type of garment is little known and little used among normal people; however, it is usually used in athletes, since they need a better fastening of their parts and a better experience when performing this type of sport.

For example, imagine that you are a runner, who has to cover hundreds of kilometers every month. If you do these kilometers without these jockstraps, your testicles will move as you run something that will be a bit uncomfortable for you and could even lead to irritation and more long-term problems.

In addition to this, other more serious problems could occur, such as loss of fertility and other more or less serious problems that involve playing sports without this type of device. If we place it, the testicles will be completely in place and there will be no problem.

On some occasions, the jockstraps are accompanied by a cup, apart from that is placed right on the parts and serves to protect them from blows. Therefore, they are also used in the world of contact sports and martial arts.

In addition to this, these jockstraps are quite beautiful and can be useful for normal people, who may need a better support of their parts and a better quality of life, which can be improved thanks to the jockstrap.

For this reason, whoever you are, getting one of these jockstraps can be a great idea to have a decent quality of life, especially if your parts are very large or you are a very sporty person.

Today I will show you how you can get the best jockstrap and how you can get the most out of it. We will also see a little more in depth the uses it has and how we can expand its functions.

Instructions for wearing men’s jockstraps

  1. Choose a good jockstrap:
    The first thing we must do to be able to use a jockstrap is to choose the best jockstrap for you, that is, a jockstrap that manages to more than meet what you demand of it and that allows you to increase comfort in your noble parts. Inside a jockstrap, we are not only going to have to look at some superficial things, but we are going to have to look deeply at its characteristics. Think that what is at stake are your noble parts, that is, your reproductive system, which must have the necessary comfort to be able to perform sports disciplines without having any problem doing sowing this case, we are going to look at three things, that is, first look at its size, then see if it is the correct material and finally see if we like it aesthetically.

    1. Correct size:
      This size may seem obvious; however, it is not so much from my point of view. The reason why the correct size is so important is because again I will tell you that the safety of your most noble parts is at stake. Actually, if you take a size that is too small, you will be very uncomfortable, and the remedy may be even worse than the disease. If we take a size that is too large, the jockstrap will not serve any purpose, since it will not hold your parts in the correct way. For this reason, check that what you are going to buy is completely your size, neither more nor less.
    2. Correct material:
      The second thing we have to look at is that the jockstrap is made of the correct material, a material that is light, that does not irritate the area and that it is a material that does not break easily. This is because if we buy a piece of intimate clothing, we are not going to want the area to be irritated and we are not going to want it to break two days after purchase, since it really is worth a lot of money and it is not life to waste. For this reason, we must try to get jockstraps of the correct material, a material that is resistant, light and comfortable at the same time.
    3. Correct aesthetics:
      Finally we have to look at its aesthetics, since even if it is a garment that will not be seen with the naked eye, it is a garment that can really be very beautiful if it has very good aesthetics. The important thing is that it matches the underpants and that it conceals a lot, that is that the jockstrap does not make you look like you are wearing a strange garment under your pants.
  2. Put on a jockstrap:
    The second thing we have to learn is to put on the jockstrap, that is, to know how to adjust it correctly, since it is the only way in which we are going to be able to fully take advantage of its benefits... The way to do it is to place the jockstrap under the pants, placing it on top of the briefs. This is because in this way, we are going to place it in such a way that it is well adjusted. In addition to this, we are going to make sure that the part that holds the parts does it well, that is, that we are going to check that our parts are completely in place with the jockstrap, something that if the jockstrap is not simply produced, it will not be for nothing useful. In addition to this, we will be able to adjust the small straps of the jockstrap, something that will allow the jockstrap to fit practically anyone. Finally, check that it is placed correctly, that is, by the label on the back and well placed on the pants, neither higher nor lower than normal.
  3. Uses in sports:
    Now that we have seen that the jockstrap is useful and we have seen how we can place it, we are going to see the uses it has in sports, since it is mainly the greatest use that we are going to give it. For example, a good use for a jockstrap is to use it for athletics, i.e. running. In this way, we will be able to run without having any kind of problem, since in this way the jockstrap will hold the noble parts and they will not “dance” when we run. In addition to these uses, it can also be used in fighting sports, high-intensity sports, or even sports such as football and basketball, in which we have to run a lot and cannot afford to neglect the safety and health of our most noble parts.
  4. Uses in everyday life:
    Jockstraps can also be used for everyday life, as it is very useful for people who have very large parts and who do not feel sufficiently supported by their underpants. In this case, aesthetics prevail, since it should not appear that you are wearing anything under your pants, because it could be something strange and it will not be socially accepted. Jockstraps are also often used by people who do light exercise in an amateur way, such as walking for a long time, going for a run and, ultimately, exercises where our parts jump a lot. There are also people who use it sexually, since many girls are excited by jockstraps because they are different and exalt masculine attributes.
  5. Choosing the cup:
    A cup is a special part of the jockstrap, a complement that we can add to it for greater security. To shell it is a kind of shield that we can put right in the area of ​​​​the noble parts, with the aim of protecting your parts from being hit. This easily attaches to the jockstrap with the straps and gives quite a bit of protection. To choose a cup, we must choose it the same size as our jockstrap and that it is compatible with it, something that we will do so that it fits perfectly in it and that way we can guarantee protection. We also have to look a bit at the material of it, which must be a resistant material but not too heavy, so as not to slow down our movements. We must also make sure that it fits us well, since many times this part could be too tight, the remedy being worse than the disease, something that of course none of us want.
  6. Uses of the cup in sport:
    The cup is used in many sports, which are usually contact sports. I think the utility is quite obvious, since it is easy to understand why we use a part that allows us to protect the noble parts, that is, what we really want is to avoid being hit in the same The shell is used in sports such as mixed martial arts, where due to continuous contact; blows to the parts are very common, since although it is not legal to hit them, a blow always escapes. It’s also used in sports like football, as a stray tackle could literally leave you “locked out” if you don’t wear this type of protection. I’ve also seen it in wrestling and in sports that are more contact than agility.

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