How to Riley to Blind in Kite surfing

If you already have some basic knowledge about Kite surfing, you could implement these steps that we expose below. One of the first tricks to be able to progress without being hooked with the kite is the relay to blind, an excellent trick to progress in your Freestyle New School level, since they generate a very attractive and sophisticated appearance. In this trick you try to jump by extending your body as much as possible with the board above your head. Today we are going to teach you how to do Riley to Blind in Kite surfing. 

What do you need to do Riley to Blind in Kite surfing?

  •  Necessary accessories for Kite surfing
  • Have practiced before and have basic notions about Kite surfing

Instructions to do Riley to Blind in Kite surfing

  1. If we want to perform an excellent rely on blind, the first thing we must do is put the kite at 45 degrees. It is super important that to do this we must have a good speed and cut hard.
  2. Then we will drop slightly to the length so that we can gain a lot of speed and cut hard during the moment when a sensation of great speed is felt. We must bear in mind that we must not lose attention to the lines and we must press hard on the heels when we make the cut.
  3. If the previous steps are carried out correctly, we can see and feel that our board is going to come off the water and this will be the best time to extend the body and try to get the board to come to rest on our head.
  4. If we begin to feel that our body descends, we will know that this is the moment to fix our gaze on the area where we are going to receive so that we can make sure that we have time to make the 180-degree turn and thus finish the trick.
  5. In the moment before ironing we must release our hand located behind and keep the one in front with El plainer near the hipWe will also start the Backside 180 degree turn by turning our back. One trick that will help you start rolling is to turn your head toward the shoulder behind you.
  6. Finally and to finish this trick, we must flex our legs and as always controlling the reception we can also maintain the blind position for a few seconds

Tips for doing Riley to Blind in Kite surfing

  • It is necessary that before trying to do this trick you have tried the relay several times.
  • A fundamental piece of advice you can take is that if you want to get used to the receiving movement in blind, you can first make one or several attempts to relay to blind with very little power.
  • If you have never practiced Kite surfing before, we recommend that you start with the most basic and then be able to carry out some more complicated practices. If you are just beginning to practice this sport, we recommend that you do it with an expert person since it can be dangerous if you enhance it on your own without having a clear idea of ​​how to do it. That is why we must have the supervision of monitors, who will first of all give us some theoretical classes, then some practical classes on the sand, where simulation maneuvers are carried out. And contact is made with the strength of the equipment that will later propel us in multiple directions and that we must know how to control, and finally we can start doing it on the water.

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