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Do you know what contact sports are? Are you interested in practicing any? Surely you have heard the term “Martial Arts “, these are also known by the name of contact sports. However, there are other sports that are added to this classification, for example boxing.

Currently, contact sports have evolved, and different disciplines have emerged that involve the combination of some of these sports, for example, kick boxing, which is a mix of boxing with karate.

Perhaps the desire to know and practice a contact sport is inspired by the different fighting movies directed by and starring Bruce Lee and other experts in martial arts.

Contact sports are derived from or have evolved from martial arts. They have a very particular purpose where emphasis is placed on preparing the individual physically; so that he acquires discipline and finds security in himself, through the preparation of a self-defense method.

On the other hand, these sports also imply a of energy and a distancing from harmful behaviors, but discharge the proper concept of these has not spread because they are considered violent practices.

Fair matchups

Actually, contact sports are the basic form of confrontation against one another, in intervals of great intensity and where there must be equality of weight and size. However, respect is preserved among them and they follow the rules that are indicated to them.

Contact sports also have an advantage on a physical level: it maintains the weight at the corresponding value contributes to increased bone density, tones and increases muscle mass, develops physical resistance and flexibility of the joints.

Contact sports seek strategic technical development, where combat is adapted according to the opponent, looking for their weaknesses, but taking advantage of and making the most of their own strength. Due to the high emotional demand, control of anxiety and self-confidence is sought in direct fights with the adversary.

Worldwide, contact sports are creating great expectations, passionate, amateurs and even addicts to this modality that put on different shows.


Each contact sport, even though they are very similar in techniques and rules, has its differentiating aspects. If you are interested in any of them, here we will mention the best sports, their main characteristics and their definition.

Karate Do

This ancient Japanese discipline is widespread in Spain. It is characterized by the combination of two well-differentiated techniques: combat, which is performed with fists and kicks; on the other hand we find the kata, where a generally individual choreography is shown to exhibit karate blows and blocks.

The karate fighter’s clothing is recognized by white pants accompanied by a jacket of the same color. The symbol of this sport is found on the belt or the obi, which determines the level of the athlete, even differentiating him from his teacher.

On the other hand, it seeks the coordination of strength, breathing, posture and balance. At the same time, a correct hip rotation and a connection between the muscles and the extremities were developed.


The combination of combat with defense techniques is the foundation of this sport of Korean origin and has become an Olympic sport since 1988. It is characterized by the fact that the kick and leg technique surpasses that of Karate, for being high, accurate and fast.

His clothing is similar to that of the karate fighter including the color scale of the obi.

Kick boxing

It is a very particular contact sport as it is characterized by the mixture of some martial arts techniques (karate) and those of Thai boxing. Its origin is Japanese with western development.

The main characteristic of this contact sport is found in physical resistance, resistance to blows and forcefulness; aspects that are considered as a close competition by opponents who have another discipline with foot fighting.


 Gloved fists are the protagonists in this combat sport. Two wrestlers hit each other, but the hits can only be executed from the waist up. This fight takes place inside a quadrilateral, also known as a ring, and consists of different fight sequences called assaults or rounds.

Boxing is a sport where not only strength is tested, but also speed, courage and strategy are learned. Within the fight there are different categories according to the weight and the duration of the fight.


This sport is permanent within the Olympic competitions. It is characterized by chokes, throws, and submissions; maintains the teaching of blows, dislocations and methods for resuscitation. On the other hand, it trains the athlete in psychomotor skills such as: perspective, laterality, pushing, rolling, among others.

It also influences the emotional and mental development that occurs with practice.


The fundamental of this sport is to achieve the neutralization of the opponent in a conflict situation, which translates into the defeat of the adversary without causing any damage, destroying or humiliating him.

From the emotional point of view, Aikido seeks for its practitioners to achieve balance or internal peace.


It is a sport where hand-to-hand combat is combined with performing arts. What is particular about this sport is that rivalry comes into play in combat, which leads the fighters to plan their own combats and unload said rivalry there.

May Thai

Its origin is Thai, and it is known as Thai boxing. The technique of blows with the foot is applied, combined in turn with the techniques of the leg, arm, knees, feet and elbows; plus some holds and throws.

The rough character of this martial art has led it to be classified as an extreme sport, even considered illegal by the United States.

What do you need

  • Uniform according to discipline.
  • Exercise weights.
  • Mats.


  1. Even though contact sports are beneficial to health, overdoing it can be counterproductive depending on age.
  2. It would be really important to carry out a medical evaluation before practicing one of these sports. The diagnosis will allow you to know if it is contraindicated for you; if you can do it, but only with medical supervision, or if you need to develop a special program for yourself.
  3. Respecting the regulations will avoid serious difficulties in these disciplines.
  4. Warming up is a fundamental activity. Remember that many of the tactics involve stretching and elasticity of the upper and lower limbs. This will decrease the chance of a strain or sprain.
  5. To enroll in a competition you must go through rigorous training that determines the proper use of techniques. Otherwise, they could cause you serious injury.
  6. Proper protection should always be used to perform any sport.
  7. Strength is a fundamental aspect of training. Therefore, you should find a balance between the practice of technical force and tactical force so that you do not get saturated.
  8. You must control the time of the training sessions. To train for strength in contact sports, you should leave at least one day of the week, so the body will properly assimilate the load.
  9. Each training session must be guided by your personal trainer. He will tell you the specific force you should work for the sport you are practicing. The important thing is to balance technique with strength.
  10. The important thing is not the physical appearance generated by the training, but the internal development of your muscles to achieve economy of effort and not get fatigued.
  11. Remember that each training is to improve your efficiency in sports activity and improve your power and maintain maximum strength levels.
  12. After a day of training there should always be a rest session. You can keep up with stretching, coordination and balance exercises, but not using the strength dose of the training itself. Ideally, the body recovers from physical exertion. This can be one day a week.
  13. Participating in a competition implies security and self-confidence. On the other hand, a respectful attitude towards the opponent or the competition group, and above all appropriate behavior in accordance with the rules of the competition itself.
  14. Do not force your participation in any competition in case you feel physical discomfort, because you can aggravate any injury you already have.
  15. If you think that fear stops you from practicing a contact sport, we suggest you talk to professionals in these disciplines, their experiences will always be a stimulus when faced with doubts by the interested party.
  16. Getting damaged or injured makes you afraid to practice these sports modalities. Fear will never allow you to perform well as a competitor. Do not choose him as an ally.
  17. You must analyze if your fear is generated by your insecurity about your own effectiveness in the fight or the fear of injuring yourself. You must find out what the cause is. You might find that such fear does not really exist. Perhaps the only cause is mental factors. Leave nothing to uncertainty because you give space to thoughts of anxiety and anguish.
  18. Practicing a contact sport is a great challenge for those who incorporate it into their lives. These are disciplines where you are your own team. That is why you must give the best of you in terms of physical, mental and emotional strength and above all, human strength. As you can see, they are sports where all the particular aspects of the human being are integrated.

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