How to Train TRX: Military Training

TRX is the fashionable sport. It was created by the US Army to maintain excellent physical condition without too many materials and without too much space. Today it is one of the most practiced sports.

What does TRX consist of? Well, it’s just suspension training. When practiced in suspension, this military training offers a great advantage since in each session functional strength is developed while flexibility, balance and stability of the body are improved, especially the central part or core.

The operation is quite simple but it is not suitable for everyone. Knowing how to train TRX is not easy since you have to have a good base of physical form, especially when it comes to strength. That is why it is recommended to be in good shape before practicing this exercise, especially if you are going to do the exercise at home.

So, without further ado, let’s learn how to train TRX, the fashionable military training that is available in most sports centers.

What do you need for Military Training?

  • Comfortable sportswear.
  • Sneakers.
  • TRX strings.

Military Training Instructions

The routines that can be followed with TRX training are very varied and depend on your purpose. If you want to train legs, you should do more exercises to tone your legs, for example. That is why we are going to know the main exercises of this physical activity.

  • Abdominal shrug in suspension. This exercise is perhaps the most common in TRX training. To do it you have to do a plank in suspension and then bring your knees closer to your arms. It is an exercise that requires a lot of strength. It will help you work the abdominal area.
  • Suspension lunges. In general, lunges are a very good exercise to work the lower body. In this case, in TRX training, the way to do them will be the same, only in suspension. You will have to suspend the rear leg on the TRX rope and concentrate the power on the front leg. If this is easy for you and you want to make it stronger, add a jump.
  • Suspension rowing. Rowing exercises, in addition to being one of the best exercises for flabby arms, are ideal for you if pull-ups are not your thing. Keep in mind that the more you lean back, the more intense the exercise will be. To do this you will have to grab the TRX tightly and pull back.
  • Suspension chest press. Doing push- ups is not easy. That is why the suspension chest press is ideal for you if you don’t know how to do push-ups. This exercise allows you to work the chest and triceps area without having to do push-ups on the floor. Of course, keep in mind that the greater the incline, the greater the difficulty.
  • Suspension squats. Squatting is one of the best exercises for the gluts. That is why they are the favorite exercise of almost everyone, in addition to the fact that it is simple. That is why this exercise could not be missing from TRX training. In this case you have to grab the ropes with your hands and pull back. You can make the exercise more intense by lifting one of your legs.
  • Face Pull in suspension. It is ideal if you want to train the upper body. To perform the exercise you have to take both TRX ropes and slightly tilt your body. Then open your arms and do the exercise. Remember that the greater the incline, the greater the difficulty and also the more work will be done.
  • Biceps in suspension. This exercise is the same as the previous one, that is, the Face Pull, only you will have to raise your arms as if you were doing exercises with dumbbells.
  • Race with TRX. If you are preparing for a marathon and need to improve your technique, this exercise will come in handy. It is very effective for runners since, in addition to allowing them to work on the running technique, it serves to gain bottom by not being able to move from the spot. It is an ideal exercise for all those who want to run, even for those who are wondering how to start running.

These are the basic TRX exercises that you can practice in series. The ideal would be to practice 3 series of 20 repetitions, except in the race, which would be 5 minutes running. This way you would have a very complete TRX training table. Remember to leave a day of rest between training and training, especially if you exceed 3 repetitions.

Military Training Tips

Before starting to train TRX does not forget to read the following tips, they will help you in your daily practice:

  • Warm up before you start. TRX is an intense exercise, so it is important to train well before starting to practice it. Warm up before entering the room so your body is ready for the workout. If you do TRX without warming up, you may end up on the physic table.
  • Don’t hold on to TRX ropes. If you hold tight to the TRX ropes when you’re doing the exercises, you won’t work as well. The intensity is decreased if you put part of the weight in the area of ​​​​the hands. Try to make as little effort as possible in terms of grip, so you will work better in other areas.
  • Do not lean more than you can. Incline is one of the keys to TRX. The greater the incline, the more effort will have to be made to finish the exercise. One of the most valuable tips we have for you is to not lean more than you can. You have to take into account your limitations and go little by little. With the passage of time you will see how you can go leaning more and more, you may even surpass your peers.
  • Don’t eat before TRX. If you usually eat before training, you will have to change it. Eating before practicing TRX is not a good idea. Keep in mind that you will be in suspension, so you may not be able to digest in the same way. Try to eat two hours before entering TRX, at least.
  • Listen to your body. You have to learn to listen to your body, whether you train TRX or train for another type of sport. Your body will tell you when to stop and rest, so learn to listen to your body and stop when it needs it. Remember that a good rest is also part of a good training routine.
  • Eat correctly and adequately. Food is your fuel, that is, without a good diet you will not be able to do the exercises properly. You will not have energy to complete the exercises. That is why it is very important to follow a proper diet every day to be able to finish the workouts, whether or not they are TRX.
  • Be careful with the postures. Doing the exercises wrong or having inappropriate postures can take you to the physiotherapy consultation. Always take care of the way you do the exercises and the postures you acquire to perform them. If necessary, ask a partner or a monitor for help so that they can tell you if you are performing the movements as they are. Poor posture can cause a long-lasting injury.

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