How to Tackle a Decathlon

Decathlon is a sport that requires a lot of endurance and effort. It is a strong exercise that is made up of athletics and cycling. Either of the two disciplines requires a lot of training and physical-mental preparation for its execution. This sport also has a very popular variant that is mountain decathlon. Which consists of doing the decathlon on unpaved trails, providing complexity to the test?

The decathlon has several distances to cover, the first one that is faster and therefore shorter, is the sprint. It covers approximately 28 kilometers divided into three sections. The second is the Olympic distance that is considered short and 55 kilometers are also covered in three sections. The last distance modality is long, where 81 kilometers are traveled.

If you decide to join the world of sports and think that decathlon is a good option, you are right. Only before embarking on your journey in this sport you must know how to approach a decathlon. It is a wise decision to want to know before entering the field of play.

Details before starting

Before you get into the strong, vigorous pace that preparing for a decathlon requires, you need to know a few details. They will help you to have a better management of the sport and the tools for it.

The first thing you should know is that this world is very rigorous, not only in the exercise to be carried out but also in terms of regulations. It has many referees who monitor that each movement of the athlete is correct. Therefore it is very important that you consult the rules of the sport, otherwise you want to be expelled for a rookie mistake. Checking with the federation in the area where you live is a quick way to obtain the decathlon regulations.

As you already know, the decathlon is about traveling distances, therefore for this you must train. Physical training is more than necessary for this type of event, where the human body must be resistant. If you usually practice sports, do not stop doing it, this will do you a lot of good to face this great test. The practice of constant cardiovascular exercises will collaborate a lot with the resistance of your physique.

In the event that the modality you decide to practice is cycling, you should consider the material aspect as very important. The bicycle you use must be prepared for this type of test. You must also keep in mind the helmet as a mandatory element of protection. In the case of the other modality that is athletics; you should look for strong and comfortable shoes. Remember that it will be a long journey that you must overcome.

One of the most important issues to keep in mind when doing a decathlon wants to enjoy it and live it intensely. Although you shouldn’t burn out from the start, race at your own pace and you’re sure to get better times.

Tips for facing the big test

The decathlon is a great test where the body tests itself. Therefore, you should know some tips to face the great test of your life. If the test is cycling that day you must know where to place the bicycle correctly, maybe if it is your first time you will be very nervous, but there are details that you should not miss. The bicycle must be placed in the pit part. Where there is an element that indicates it can be located there or a poster, painting that indicates the site. There in the boxes you must leave it well fixed and try it for when you place it. This will prevent any problems when the competition starts.

Training is vital for facing the decathlon. If you do a constant and strong training that day you will surely be surer of yourself. The training you did previously will tell you in the test how prepared you are, and if you should increase it for the next time.

Another requirement to take into account is food, a healthy diet in minerals and proteins will help your body to better assimilate the test. For this great event, you must have a balanced diet that also includes calories, because this exercise burns a lot of them. Your body must be nutritionally fueled and energetic to endure the entire decathlon trajectory.

If you had thought that your mind is not part of this great test, you were wrong. The mind occupies a place in endurance tests. Nerves are not friends of these tests where there is a very tense and competitive environment. Given this, if you are one of those nerves on edge, think about also practicing relaxation sports. This will not only help you to relax but also to create the perfect harmony between bodies and mind.

Tips as a Summary

Below I offer you the main issues addressed in the form of tips and that you must take into account when facing the decathlon.

  1. Decathlon an endurance test.
  2. Knowledge of the rules of the game, to avoid being expelled as a rookie.
  3. Strong and constant training.
  4. Have the right bike and shoes too.
  5. Position the bike well and prepare it for the start.
  6. Healthy food, powerful in proteins, calories and vitamins.
  7. Relationship exercises and mental concentration.
  8. Keep up the pace and enjoy the event.

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