How to Train MMA – Tables, Tips and Tricks

In recent times, there are many people interested in how to train MMA but of course, do we really know what MMA is? Is it just something that is fashionable? Can everyone pull it off?

Not everyone who wonders how to train MMA knows what MMA really is, since they have never spent time researching what it is, but simply think that it is a violent and bloody sport, that it has no rules and that it is only trained by people. Unable to control their aggressive impulses. Can you be further from reality?

Mixed Martial Arts, which is what each of the acronyms MMA stands for, is one of the fastest growing sports in the world in recent times. MMA encompasses great disciplines, various martial arts and Olympic sports such as: Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Wrestling, Judo,

When we consider how to train MMA, doubts and confusion arise with the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), and the main difference is that MMA is the sport and the UFC is a competition. For example, it is as if we practice soccer and call it FIFA.

It is also a very common mistake when we are faced with the question of how to train MMA is if there are rules and regulations. The rules within MMA are unified worldwide that include specifications on how we must be protected or penalties due to actions during the fight.

In MMA there are also categories according to the weight of the people who participate in the different fights. Being highly qualified fighters, they are people who exert great dedication and constant training to be able to perform MMA in the most appropriate way.

We also have to keep in mind that, when it comes to finishing a fight, within MMA there are different ways to finish it. There is the typical KO and, later, we will find situations of submission, abandonment of the corner, the stoppage of the fight by the referee or voluntary abandonment.

When you ask yourself how to train MMA, you have to keep in mind that all the people who train this type of sport are a perfect mix between technical skills, physical strength and perfect conditioning for the professional field. For example, the athlete will have to know how to run, among other developed skills.

We must be clear that, for a discipline like this, we cannot work only one field of our body. We are a box full of skills and qualities that we must explore and work so that, when joined and used as a whole, they bring us all the advantages and benefits that MMA, as a discipline, can give us.

What do you need to train MMA – Tables, Tips and Tricks?

  • Some shorts or shorts, usually at knee height, that allow us free movement of the legs: lift them; move them from one side to another, etc.
  • Bandages for the controls that we will put on during the fights: this way we will avoid injuring our wrist, for example.
  • Gloves for MMA, depending on the discipline within this discipline that we are going to perform.
  • A mouth guard tailored to us.
  • The shin guards and the head are also important when making our fights.
  • Get a good trainer and a training place.
  • A good training routine for our body.
  • A diet according to the energy expenditure we make.

MMA Training Instructions – Tables, Tips and Tricks

  1. Depending on the different levels at which we find ourselves, we will need one training or another and, for this reason, we need a coach to guide us and inform us.
  2. In MMA we must work on many aspects, not only the physical, but to achieve a good performance in our fights, whether for entertainment or competition, we must be rigorous and demanding.
  3. A good MMA workout should include 45 minutes of metabolic endurance and circuit conditioning.
  4. We can use medicine balls, flat surface benches, foam rollers, etc.
  5. We must start with a complete warm-up of all parts of our body to avoid any type of injury and start our body.
  6. We will start by using the foam rollers to work the entire surface of our muscle, moving it from back to front, and vice versa, doing 3 sets of 30 seconds each.
  7. Then we can do a dynamic warm-up, for 5 or 10 minutes, where we do knee lift exercises, lunges, etc.
  8. Also performing a HIIT circuit is a good way to work our body and get in good physical condition.
  9. A good HIIT circuit would be to perform each exercise for one minute, resting 20 seconds in between, for 3 sets. Combining exercises such as: burgees, Russian twists with medicine balls, etc.
  10. To prepare our muscles and improve our strength, we can also perform different exercises with weights and, above all, using the flat bench.
  11. We also have to remember that, to enjoy MMA, we must include in our training the development of skills such as, for example, the technical ability to have superiority when it comes to fighting.
  12. Including resistance training with speed runs will complete our training for better muscular resistance.
  13. In the case of wanting to increase our power and strength, it will be the perfect occasion for us to focus on weight training circuits, heavy rope training, weighted squats, etc.
  14. The ideal is to do this type of training twice a week, three times at most, in case we need to increase our physical condition quickly.

MMA Training Tips – Tables, Tips & Tricks

  • Always stay hydrated.
  • Know the real reasons why you want to start working or training in this discipline, since it is not a sport to unleash our aggressiveness, but to control our emotions inside and outside the gym.
  • Research everything you can about MMA to find the program and sport within these arts that best complements your life.
  • Try an MMA session before committing, that is, there are gyms that offer many free MMA classes or sessions that we can take advantage of to get to know this discipline more closely and know if we like it or not.
  • You must be very honest with yourself and with your coach: that is, it is worth nothing if we start training above the level we have simply because we are ashamed to assume that we are below the rest of those who are with us or us in the sessions.
  • Do not forget to work on flexibility since in MMA not everything is strength and bodybuilding, the flexibility and speed that we achieve is also essential.
  • We must have the most correct diet for the effort we are making: we have to include foods such as eggs, legumes, avocados, nuts, turkey, etc.
  • We have to be patient, that is, not by starting to train today we are going to get results quickly. That is why we must not give up and carry out the training in a controlled and complete manner.
  • Resting enough once we finish all our training is essential to build the strength we need to carry out our MMA fights.
  • Know yourself: knowing the weaknesses of our body and our mind is ideal to achieve the goal we seek with our training. Depending on how we feel, we should be able to change our training so that we don’t fall back on the path to our goal.

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