Wiggle: Tips and How to Shop At Wiggle

If you like sportswear, accessories and good prices, Wiggle is your page. Wiggle is a United Kingdom page that is dedicated to the sale of sports products. Since 1999 it has become a benchmark for cyclists and has already earned close to 100 million dollars since its inception.

Wiggle offers a wide range of sports brands including dB, Gyro, North wave, Side, Speedo and many others popular with sports lovers.

They guarantee you the best price online, as indicated on their website as soon as you enter the main page. If you want to return the products, this is done for free if it is done with PayPal, which usually gives buyers more security since they do not have to give the account number directly. It has a 24/7 customer service, which means that they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that if the customer has any questions when buying and adding a product to the basket, the doubt is ipso facto. Also, if the order is over 45 euros, the shipping costs will be free; something more than likely because once you start putting products in the shopping cart you can’t stop.

If you catch a sales period, as it is in these summer times, the prices are incredible, and they reach up to 75% discount. Prices that sports lovers cannot miss out on to acquire the best products at the most competitive prices.

Among Wiggle’s positives is their price matching, this means that the page searches for you the brands of the competition to always offer products at a lower price and that nobody beats them. Wiggle offers the customer the possibility of reducing its prices if the customer has seen the same product at a lower price in the competition. Despite the team it has, the pages of competitors are endless, so there may be a product that escapes them. If you find it and notify them through the customer service channel, they will lower the price so that it remains the lowest in the market. In addition to this, if it happens that you have already purchased the product and after that you have realized that the competition is cheaper, let them know,

Customers are very important to Wiggle and they want to keep them happy. If you find lower prices, do not hesitate to notify them, because their team aims to be the most competitive with the best prices and that none of their customers stop buying and trusting them because the same product has a lower price in the competition. You will only have to communicate it and they will lower the price or refund the difference.

Due to the success they have had for more than 15 years, Wiggle decided that it was time to launch into the world of technology and they already have an app. Much more useful for customers that you can buy products with your Smartphone and always carry it with you to see how the product they have ordered is going and if the products they like have any discounts. All this without having to sit in front of a computer.

Wiggle is a very popular website, so a product you are interested in may be out of stock. In this case, what can you do: point to the button to send you an email when the product is available? Wiggle will email you when they’re back in stock so you can buy it, but it may be that when you go back to the page, it will show as out of stock again. This happens because perhaps they have taken out very few and some clients faster than you, and who also asked to be notified when there was stock left, they have gone ahead of you and you have run out of the product again. Sign up again to be notified by email and next time try to be faster in the acquisition.

How to buy

Shopping at Wiggle is very simple. You simply have to travel through the different tabs to find the products you want. There are different sections that help you find what best suits your needs.

The page is divided into several tabs: cycling, running, swimming, triathlon, trekking and mob (mountain biking). In each of these tabs there are hundreds of products that you can choose from and also food supplements such as protein shakes, energy gels and everything you need to get ready before a competition or start training.

Once you know what product or products you want and they are in the shopping cart, the process is very simple:

  1. Select the product and click ‘add to cart’. When you are with the product you will see that there are several options that inform you. First, if the product is available, that is, in stock, and how many quantities are left, so that you know if you should hurry up with the purchase or you can go easy. If the product is on sale, it tells you and, although the shipping costs are free from 45 euros, in some products the shipments to Spain are also free and without a minimum purchase. You will see all this information when you click on the product.
  2. When you click ‘add to shopping cart’ it will ask you if you want to continue shopping, see your cart or finish the order. If you want to see more products, click on continue shopping so that they accumulate in your basket. If you no longer remember everything you have bought or the prices, click on the basket and if you want to finish, finish.
  3. If you give him to process order and if you have not entered your data on the page before, you will see a screen that asks you for the email address and if you have an account or not. If you have an account, you must enter your data so that the system recognizes you and you do not have to enter the data again. Click to log in and process order.
  4. The next step is the delivery, in which it asks you if you want an express delivery, with which you will have it the next day at your home, but this will have a cost depending on the country of destination. In the case of Spain, it would be 15 euros to receive it the next day at the address you select.
  5. The next and last step is the payment. Here you must select how you want to make the payment, whether with a card or by PayPal. It is always advisable to make the purchase through this last option. It is much safer than putting the account number and also you link it to the page and you will always have that default option until you change it again.
  6. Finally, you have to confirm if all the data they have entered is correct. Check it out well because there will be no turning back. When you give him to confirm, you will only have to wait for a messenger to arrive at the door of your house or to open the mailbox and find your order.

To put some downside to wiggle is that there is no physical store. This is inconvenient for those who decide to buy a piece of clothing and do not know very well what its size is. In this case you will have to take a risk and trust that the UK sizing resembles that of the country from which you buy. In the event that the garment is not worth it, you would have to return it, as indicated in a sheet attached to the order. This is a problem for many customers since they expected a product quickly and having to return it and exchange it, they will not have it on the date they had imagined.

Other dates

Take time to see Wiggle products, there are thousands and each one has better quality. Of course, take a good look at the terms and conditions of returning the products in case they are not worth it or they are not as you had believed.

If you know someone who has bought on the page, ask them how their shopping experience was with them and if they have had any problems if they have tried to return a product.

Likewise, if you have any doubts, you can always ask the customer service, which in Spain is from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

It is advisable that if there is a product that interests you, do not buy it at the moment. Study how it goes down in price, because Wiggle lowers the price of some products from time to time and in this way you will get it at the most competitive price.

In fact, if you find the same product on other pages and at a lower price, don’t hesitate to tell the team, as they will give you a discount so that they continue to have the lowest price.

If you are very fond of sports products and you are going to buy large quantities, what you can do is subscribe to the newsletter. This is the informative bulletin of the products that they have and that arrives periodically to your mail. Subscribing already has the advantage for you that you see many products at a glance, but also and if you are one of those who are going to buy a lot, they give you 10 euros that you can use on purchases over 100 euros. In that purchase, in addition to not paying the shipping costs, you will have a discount of 10 euros that will come in handy.

If you do not want to pay shipping costs, what you can do is see which products have free delivery to your country. In this way you will not need to fill the basket with 45 euros to get it free. Although it is very difficult for products with a price below that to have free shipping, they are usually products with a higher price. Although there are exceptions for everything and the case is to look at it and get the best price.

If you love sports clothing and accessories, Wiggle is the page you were looking for, since it compares hundreds of products for you and offers you the lowest and most competitive prices on the market with great quality. In all the years they have been in the market, they have known how to listen to the client and offer them what best suits their needs. Wiggle is the page you were looking for to have your home with the accessories and material you need.

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