How to S-Bend in Kite surfing

The S-Bend in Kite surfing is a good maneuver to introduce us to the world of Freestyle unhooked. This maneuver tries to make a backside rotation to end up making a 360 degree turn on our vertical axis. S-BEND, maneuver formed by two others: Front Roll and Riley. Surely you have seen those thousands of times to people who try and do not succeed and others who succeed, without discrediting that which one day almost came out to you that almost came out. If you have already tried it, keep trying and if you never did it, we will teach you how to S-Bend in Kite surfing. Don’t be discouraged and try it.

What do you need to do S-Bend in Kite surfing?

  • Kite surf equipment (harness, boom, kite or kite, board)
  • Helmet, vest, wetsuit

Instructions to do S-Bend in Kite surfing

  1. The first thing we must do if we want to achieve a good S-Bend is to place our kite at 45 degrees. It is essential to have a good speed and cut hard. Hands close together on the bar to prevent the kite from making any strange movements.
  2. Secondly, we must  let ourselves fall slightly along to gain maximum speed, we recommend keeping your hands centered on the bar throughout the trick so that our kite does not lose stability.
  3. As a third step, we must cut hard as soon as we perceive that we have a good speed. It is essential not to lose the tension of the lines at any time and press hard on our heels when making the cut. Cut strong unhooked.
  4. When we have cut and our board is taking off from the water, it will be time to start the maneuver. We will extend our body as if to do a riley although for the S-Bend we will complement it with the rotation.
  5. We must always bring the head towards the shoulder that is behind to start the backside rotation, while our shoulders, hips and legs accompany the turn.
  6. We must try to propel ourselves enough to not go over or fall short and be able to iron the trick having made the entire 360 ​​degree turn. Joining our front knee with the rear at the moment of starting the rotation will allow us to turn more easily.
  7. Before receiving we will keep our gaze fixed on the water as well as our hands centered on the bar with our arms semi-flexed close to our body.
  8. To finish this trick, we will flex our legs to have absolute control of the reception by lowering our center of gravity. We will bring the bar closer to our hip and we will get to the length to re-hook. As in all maneuvers: flex your legs well to land as comfortable as possible in the water.

Tips to do S-Bend in Kite surfing

  • Check before if you have enough room to perform the maneuver without taking you or giving someone a scare.
  • Have the front roll mastered before trying this unhooked maneuver to get used to the rotational motion.
  • It is essential to have the Riley mastered before trying this trick.
  • As you begin to lift out of the water, turn your head toward your back shoulder to force your shoulders, hips, and legs to follow the rotation.
  • The maneuver consists of making a complete 360º turn so you will give more than one hit trying it, do not be discouraged

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