How to Get Perfect Abs

One of the parts of the body that most attracts us is the abdomen. A flat, resistant and well-sculpted abdomen shows health and self-confidence, which is why it is not uncommon for many to seek perfect abs.

We can get perfect abs if we know how to do push-ups for the abdomen correctly, we just need to know what our needs are, correct some habits and take care of ourselves to get in shape.

Let’s clarify that getting on the floor or bed and bending forward is not the correct way to do sit-ups, if we want to get perfect abs, we must know how to position our head, as well as how to position our arms and back.

Everything we do without realizing it with our body, from the amount of water we drink, the diet we have, the consistency with which we exercise, or the way we exercise, has a considerable influence on the result we want.

We will show you how to eat correctly to have a strong and sculpted abdomen, also, the proper way to drink water and moderation, as well as modalities, in which you will do push-ups to get perfect abs in a short time and in the best possible way.

What do you need to get perfect abs?

  • Toilet

Instructions to get perfect abs

  1. Find out what your physical and health status is and use this to start training your abs. Before starting any exercise routine, you should know how your current state of health is, because although exercising is always healthy, the way you do it, as well as the way it works for you and the moderation you need, will depend on your needs and your health. Therefore, ask the doctor how vigorous exercise you can do according to your body, if he tells you that there is no problem with resistance exercise, then you can start sculpting your abdomen.
  2. Before trying to get perfect abs, you must take into account the diet, if you eat junk food such as fried foods, sweets, soft drinks, or bread, it will be very difficult for you to achieve the result, because the fat will continue to accumulate in your abdomen. Avoid eating fats, especially avoid saturated fats, trans fats, light products, these products tend to have a large amount of artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors that harm your body as well as your metabolism. Except in cases of diabetes and hypoglycemia, it is advised not to use artificial sweeteners.
  3. You must have a low level of body fat, this does not mean that you weigh little or that you are very thin, but that your level of fat is between 15% to 10%,because only then, you will be able to see the toned muscles under the skin of your abdomen. A person regardless of his gender can have trained and strong abdominal muscles, but until he has a lower level of fat, he will be able to notice those results.
  4. It is advisable that if you have a high level of fat, you reduce it with exercise and a healthy diet until you reach the right level to start sculpting your abs with strong training.
  5. When we do sit-ups, the pain or discomfort should only be felt in the abdomen, if doing the push-ups hurts your neck, neck or back, this means that you are doing it wrong. Whenever you do sit-ups, you should do them on a flat and preferably soft surface with your spine flat towards the ground, so doing it on a mat on the ground is ideal. Always contract the abdomen, and if you plan to put your hands under the neck, do not put your head forward or round your back, just keep it straight, your arms with your elbows extended and your neck light.
  6. Don’t do it too fast either, fast push-ups usually don’t help to train, strengthen or build muscles, but to tire the body and ache the muscles, sometimes even causing injuries. To reduce abdominal fat and sculpt the abdomen, it is preferable to do several sets of sit-ups with moderate to low speed push-ups, this way you will test the resistance of your abdomen without over-fatiguing or atrophying your muscles.
  7. It is easier to sculpt the abs if they are made of several types of abs,so you will train several areas of your abdomen and not just one. You will be able to train your lower, upper and oblique abdominals, so we recommend you look at this image to follow the types of abdominals and do them.
  8. It is important to do a round of 10 to 15 sit-ups of each following a moderate pace and trying not to stop, after this rest a few seconds and start again with a round of different sit-ups.
  9. Stay hydrated. Drink a little water before you start a little water at the break and a little water at the end, the important thing is to keep your body hydrated. This is so, if you will do 30 minutes of exercise, drink water before you start, then a little more in the break after you have finished 15 minutes of exercise, and then drink a little more when you finish exercising. Taking small drinks is ideal, so don’t drink too much water or your stomach will fill up and hurt when you work out, or you might want to go to the bathroom early.
  10. Finally, you have to do this routine at least 5 times a week for a month to achieve results, but this does not mean that you will only do abs for a month, you must adapt this exercise routine to your daily life so that your abs be strong and sculpted constantly. You don’t necessarily have to do it for 30 minutes a day, you can start with 5 and increase the time you do sit-ups as you gain resistance. For example, for 1 week do sit-ups for 5 minutes, the next for 10, the next for 15 and the next for 20. So as the required weeks go by, force yourself until you can do 30 minutes of sit-ups a day or even more.

Tips to get perfect abs

  • It is important to note that to sculpt the abdomen; you also have to exercise other parts of the body, so that your body is sculpted harmoniously. Running, swimming, spinning, jumping rope or lifting weights are all great ways to sculpt your body harmoniously; you just need to do this in moderation.

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