How to Play Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world and one of the most exciting in terms of quality of play and sportsmanship.

This sport requires sports skills such as coordination, reflexes, strength, physical resistance, mental strength, speed, power…, being something exciting both to play and to watch.

The problem with tennis is that it has a very different scoring system than other sports, therefore, we can get a bit confused about how we can calculate who is winning or who is losing.

The other problem with this sport is that mastering all its facets is quite difficult, since there can be very long matches of up to 4 hours that can leave us totally exhausted. Also the handling of the racket is complicated to achieve and requires years of practice and improvement.

In this article that will surely be interesting for you, we will teach you how to choose a tennis racket

In this article we are going to teach you both the rules of this sport, as well as the tips to be a great player in it and win all your friends.

What do you need to play tennis?

  • To tennis racket.
  • tennis ball
  • People to play tennis.

Instructions for playing tennis

  1. The rules:
    The first thing before practicing any sports activity is to know all the rules of the game so as not to get confused when doing it. Tennis is an individual sport or in pairs in which a racket and a tennis ball are used small to play. The goal is to get the ball to bounce in the opponent’s court twice or more, also preventing it from bouncing in yours... You should also avoid sending the ball out of the field limits, since if it goes out it is a point for the opponent. Now let’s talk about the complex points system, which is divided into Sets, games and points and whoever has the most sets wins the match. For every time you manage to score in the rival field, you manage to raise points in this way: 15, 30, 40 and if you go over 40 points you will get a game, in case of a tie in the 40 points, it will be taken as a tie, being necessary to score twice to get the point, since with only one time you would have an advantage and if you lose the point later the tie would return. To get a set, you must get 6 games (or 7 if the other opponent has 5 games). To win the match, a lead of 2 or more sets must be achieved. Existing in case of a tie an increase in the number of points to get a set (for example a match in which there were more than 40 points). Now let’s talk about fouls, which occur when you serve poorly or break a rule. If you commit two fouls in a row (double fault), point for the rival.
  2. Skills for tennis:
    You must take the necessary skill to be able to play tennis, that is, train for it. The first of all is to gain coordination when hitting the ball, for which the most suitable sport is racquetball, which consists of hitting the ball against a wall, which will help you to gain a lot of coordination of movements and a lot of strength in your hands. The second thing is physical resistance and explosiveness, being necessary to be able to run from one side to another for the ball. To enhance endurance and explosiveness, we are going to do sprints to gain a lot of power in the muscles and to be able to endure without getting tired. Finally, we must be able to play calmly, with enough mental strength to be able to face games for many hours without getting tired or bored.
  3. Practice and practice:
    Practice always makes perfect and therefore a great deal of practice in tennis skills should be done if you want to one day become moderately good at it. Find several people to start playing tennis and internalize the rules little by little so that you can improve your game more and more. When you start to improve, join a tennis club to gain even more technique and if you are good, you can start competing locally against other people, as it is never too late to start competing in a sport.

Tips for playing tennis

  • Sports similar to tennis: Tennis is a great sport, therefore it has many sports similar to it that also use the racket but with different rules and standards. The best known variant is table tennis, which is a reduced version of tennis played with paddles. Then we have sports like badminton, paddle tennis or squash, which have variants in the type of racket and ball.

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