8Summer Sports

Enjoying the summer days doesn’t just mean going on vacation, you can also take advantage of the days to keep your mind calm and fit, doing exercises with the sports that we love and that are profitable during this summer time of the year.

It is a special time to go out with the family in addition to taking advantage of the different modalities that are waiting for our fantasies, enjoying with all the members of some disciplines that almost all of us love for the heat, sun and beach.

On the other hand, there are summer sports that need to be in a gym or a closed place, but if it makes them happy, fills us up and helps us enjoy some kind of show or competition that is prepared with it; we can manage to spend time pleasant on sunny summer afternoons.

Therefore, stay with these pages and continue reading everything that we have prepared for you about summer sports that are beginning to be an interesting idea to do with all the members of the family during these vacation months.

What do you need

  • Familiar.
  • Heat.
  • Sun
  •  Beach and sand.
  • funny rat
  • Give stress.
  • You want to enjoy.
  •  Learn about sports.
  • Enjoy holidays.
  • Fresh air.
  • Rest.
  • Tranquility.


Summer arrives and with it the holidays, free time, the open sea, moments to enjoy as well as spending time with the family away from the stress of the city, which is more tiring when the high temperatures reach the surface of the earth and we want to escape from the city.

With this come different activities to do, which means getting in shape to show a good body, as well as feeling healthy to start work again at the end of the summer, then time to play and have a good time with everyone, both children, young people and Adults.

Summer lends itself to sunbathing and resting, but that is not why we should sit down to watch the sea or remain sedentary, the ideal is to watch sports or why not? Practice them, in order to be fit, healthy, and full of energy, take advantage of the sun and at the same time practice your favorite sport.

Summer sports step by step

  1. It is time to spend pleasant moments with different activities with which people can carry out various sports practices, concerning the time of year in which they are, in relation to the heat, the beach, the sand and various activities to have fun.
  2. Swimming. Swimming can be practiced on beaches, lakes, rivers or streams, swimming pools or anywhere that has the possibility of an immense amount of water, in which you can choose to make slow strokes or go from one side to another quickly. And energy.
  3. It is usually an ideal alternative for children, who tend to be the ones who love the water the most, but adults also enjoy spending time among the waves or inside a refreshing burst of water, and thus de-stress for a while in a beautiful summer paradise.
  4. Apart from all this, swimming is a sport that gives you the chance to stay in shape, since it makes the body burn fat, it is also fun and you burn enough energy to be able to rest well at night, especially if you suffer from insomnia.
  5. Horse-riding. If you choose to go to the countryside, you also have the possibility of running anywhere with a horse, which offers a unique and overwhelming adventure, since you feel the wind hitting your face as you jog with the horse, in search of places to explore.. One of the beauties that horse riding offers is being able to tour the countryside both in the morning and in the afternoon, being an ideal place to rest, forget about obligations and also have contact with nature that invigorates our body. With this sport you do not have the possibility of losing weight or staying in shape, but you do have the possibility of keeping your mind clear of any other activity that is not the wonders that you are seeing with your eyes, mounted on the horse.
  6. Triathlon. Triathlon _It is an extreme sport for those people who love to keep fit and activities that require taking their bodies to the limit, thereby trying to show the different disciplines that are performed in this sport to obtain a splendid body. In addition, lovers of this sport can take advantage of their days off to do it and thus take advantage of those days to do the activities that people usually like the most, as long as during their periods of more work activity they do not have time to practice it. It is known to be extreme and has its degree of difficulty, so if you want to work on maintaining your form with this sport during the summer, you have exceptional support since you work with several disciplines at the same time and have fun at the same time.
  7. Sailing. One of the most beautiful and ideal sports to do with the family is sailing, consisting of a small boat propelled by a huge sail through the wind, simple and fun for lovers of water sports. Children usually enjoy these rides on sailing boats, they are also given their sense of responsibility, their love for the sea, caring for the planet, and also being able to achieve a family adventure with the peace of mind that having a boat with them that can be navigated.
  8. Hiking. Hiking is just getting to know places in our region or some other through long walks with the right equipment, lots of liquid and above all the possibility of wanting to find adventures in each place that is visited, starting from a place or starting and arriving to the other end. In hiking it is essential to take a route and not skip it, to prevent any problem with loss or losing the path, so it is essential to carry a map and make sure you go with a person who knows the path and everything that has to do with the site. Chosen to do this sport.
  9. Beach volleyball. A sport that is gaining ground among fans of the beach and especially in the summer season is beach volleyball, which is none other than the same with the specific rules that are generally played on any closed court, limiting the players and the dimensions of the playing field. It is very easy to practice and the ideal of this sport is the freeway of dressing, since you can play with the same swimsuit since you are on a beach and surrounded by sand, in addition to taking care of each one of the parts of your body. Because the ground is not hard.
  10. Diving. Another of the favorite sports of all family members, from adults and children, is snorkeling, to enjoy the marine beauties as well as the coral reefs that in many parts of the world are quite colorful and with beautiful shapes. This type of sport is followed a lot by young people and children, but also adults have taken a great affection for the natural beauties that they can observe through special glasses for it, so it is a great opportunity to practice it and for you to take advantage this summer.
  11. Necessary equipment. To practice any sport it is necessary to carry the necessary equipment for it, for this reason it is essential to have the materials that are requested to practice any of them, especially sailing or bicycle, in addition to swimsuits and caps if it is swimming. Preventing accidents should be a topic to demand at any time, for this reason it is also essential to always carry the first aid kit to be able to have access to medicines, antiseptics, gauze, among many other elements that help us to help someone or ourselves. Themselves.
  12. The sun and burns. During the summer many skin problems occur due to the inclement sun, which is why it is necessary to buy a sunscreen to avoid sunstroke and severe burns that can occur due to it. For this reason, it is essential that you carry one of these in your first aid kit so that when practicing any exercise you have the possibility of not burning yourself while doing the summer discipline that you like the most.
  13. Other summer sports. There are other summer sports that can offer you the same advantages of having a good time as the ones we mention here, but it is up to you whether you learn them or come to like them, since many of them present quite relative difficulty. The important thing about all this is that you come to like a sport a lot, but if you can’t learn how to do it so as not to injure yourself, it is better to observe it from the outside and thus avoid any inconvenience that It affects your way of being able to achieve a sporting life with any discipline. Among those that are usually interesting when practicing them, we can mention the following, but remember that you must be aware of looking for a person or instructor if you have never practiced it to avoid any accident in any of them considered extreme:
  • Surf.
  • Windsurfing.
  • Water polo.
  • Rafting.


  • Always look for a way to have fun in a group while you go on vacation and practice your favorite sports, it’s more fun with friends.
  • Keep in mind the use of a map or GPS so that you arrive on time to the place where you are going to practice your favorite summer sport.
  • Avoid swimming when the waves are strong.

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