How to Exercise

Exercising is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy today. It is also fashionable and can make you make friends in a healthy way.

Doctors advise half an hour of daily exercise, as this helps maintain the health of your muscles, the health of your heart, and the health of your body in general. In addition, it has been shown that exercising helps you live longer.

For this reason, it is convenient that if you have not already done so, you start exercising, since you can achieve iron health if you are constant and know how to do things well. For example, a person who walks 30 minutes a day will have better health than one who spends all day on the couch.

There are different types of exercise, including weight training, high-intensity cardio, low-intensity cardio, and sports. They all have their function and are different from each other.

The doctor can advise us to exercise; however, many times he does not specify what kind of exercise we have to do to achieve our goals. The bad thing about there being so many ways to exercise is that we often have doubts about how to exercise according to our needs and goals.

Obviously, a 20-year-old who wants to gain muscle mass does not have the same goals as an 80-year-old who simply wants to lower his cholesterol. For each person we are going to have to do a different type of routine, to adapt it to their motor needs and tastes.

The good thing is that we came to the rescue, since we are going to explain step by step how you can exercise according to what you are looking for and what your body needs.

Instructions for exercising

  1. According to your age:
    The first thing we must take into account when exercising is the age of the person who wants to start doing it. In these cases we have five types of people who can exercise. From 6 to 14 years old we have children, who are not growing and need to have fun, team sports and self-loading exercises being ideal for them. From 14 to 30 years old we have young people, those who are fittest and those who can exercise the most, with high-intensity training being ideal for them. From 30 to 50 years old we have the adult man, who is still in shape, but the years are already noticeable, in these cases it is recommended to slow down a little compared to 20 years. From 50 to 70 we have the early-retired man, who begins to have problems, but can still exercise, although not as much as when he was 40 years old. Finally, from 70 and above, there are the elderly, who simply walk is enough for them.
  2. According to your objectives:
    The second thing that we must take into account are the objectives that you have, since someone who is looking for aesthetics will not train in the same way as someone who is looking for resistance. If you are looking for physical resistance, it is best to do long-term, low-intensity cardiovascular training. If you are looking for aesthetics, do not do cardio, but weight training in a bodybuilding plan. If you are simply looking to have some good blood tests, you can help yourself with a little walking and if you are looking to learn coordination and balance, any team sport could help you to achieve your goals.
  3. According to your tastes:
    In addition to your goals, this could also be adapted to the tastes that you have. For example, if you are looking to gain muscle mass but you are a very social person; you will like the cross fit option more than bodybuilding. If you like to run but you don’t like to be alone, you can look for people to run and if you like to be alone you can go running alone to places where there is no one. If you are looking to make friends, team sports are the best, since you will have to be friends with your teammates if you want the team to fuel up and be champions. The case is to mix your personal tastes with your goals and find the activity that is most suitable for the set of these two things you are looking for.
  4. According to your state of form:
    Finally we have the state of form in which we find ourselves, since if we force the body too much in a bad state of form we will find ourselves with injuries and lack of motivation. Here you can find a good article on how to motivate me to Exercise. For example, a sedentary person has to start running at low speed and short distances, until he gains a physical background and can start running longer distances. A physically fit person may get bored with physical activities such as jogging or body pumping as they are insufficient for this person. For this reason, match your age with your fitness and apply the ideal intensity for you to the exercises. Age and fitness go hand in hand, however, sometimes many older people are in better shape than younger ones. For example, there are 70-year-olds who lift weights because they are in great shape and 20-year-olds who weigh 200 kilos because of a sedentary lifestyle.

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