How to Exercise With My Dog

Surely you love your dog so much that you consider it a member of the family, your best friend, or even much more. The love that our dogs give is countless and we want to take care of them as best as possible, that includes physical exercise.

Dogs need exercise, some more than others (depending on the breed and the energy they have). It is necessary to take our puppies out at least three times a day but they also need some physical exercise to calm the extra energy they have and also to stay in shape.


So you can take advantage of the time and get fit together with your dog and also have fun together. You will spend great moments together and also your union will become much stronger. Now we will show you how to exercise with your dog.

Instructions for exercising with my dog

  1. Normally when thinking about exercising with a dog, it is believed that just running or walking is enough, but keep in mind that there are dogs that are better prepared to run than others. So choosing what type of exercise you are going to do together will depend on the one that best suits you and your dog’s ability.
  2. A good way to exercise, especially in hot weather, is to go swimming, especially if your dog is not afraid of water and likes to swim. You can go to a river or lake where you can’t disturb people who don’t like to bathe with animals. You can race, swim from one point to another, be imaginative! Be careful and always watch your dog, it could be that he gets tired or that he swallows water and starts to drown.
  3. Another good idea is to do obstacle tests. You can set up an obstacle course that involves running zigzags, jumping over banks, going under tunnels, etc. You can put these obstacles yourself or take advantage of what nature gives you. It is a good way to exercise all the muscles since you will be able to run, jump, crouch, crawl, etc. and it will also improve your dog’s obedience and force him to think. Do not forget that you must also do the tour together with your dog friend.
  4. If your dog already knows how to stay by your side and does not run everywhere without obeying, you can ride a bike and have your dog run by your side. Cycling is another great sport to work numerous muscles and stay fit. If your dog is still not used to running next to your bike, try to lead him tied to it and go little by little.
  5. Did you know that a new way of doing yoga has been developed? Yes, it’s called Doge and it consists of practicing yoga with your dog. It’s perfect for soothing and relaxing your friend or for calm dogs that aren’t passionate about running or strenuous exercise. If in your city there are no classes to attend, look for books or look online for some yoga exercises to do together.
  6. There are also some games with which you can have fun and also exercise at the same time: Among these exercises you can teach your dog to obey you and follow different commands, such as sitting down, standing up when he should, get on two legs, lying down, coming when he is order etc.
  7. Once he has learned to obey these basic commands, go a step further and teach him how to turn, make a sequence of movements and commands, play hide-and-seek, etc.
  8. A very fun and also educational activity that you can do with your dog is being next to each other take two steps and see if your dog also takes them. If he doesn’t listen to you, try saying his name first. If your dog does not stop and does not take the same steps as you, return to the starting position and repeat it. When you take two steps, the number of steps changes. Stand up, tell him to sit and then take about 4 steps and wait to see how many steps your dog walks.
  9. Remember that when you try to teach your dog and you want to get him to obey you, you should reward your dog every time he does it right, and do not scold him or hit him when he does it wrong, instead tell him that you will try again. If your dog is bored and tired of playing, he tries to change the game but if he ignores it and continues in the same attitude, let him rest and continue the next day.

What do you need to exercise with my dog?

  • dog
  • Park
  • bicycle
  • Canine treats or treats

Tips for exercising with my dog

  • Keep in mind that your dog can’t tell you as clearly as a human that the exercise is too strenuous, or that they’re really exhausted, so you have to be careful and keep an eye on your dog so nothing happens to him.
  • Establish an exercise routine and a schedule so that your dog knows when it’s time to exercise and when you’re just going for a walk.

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