How to Become an Olympic Athlete

The Olympic Games are the biggest sporting event in the world and therefore an Olympian is someone who has managed to reach the full top in their sport.

A person who is an Olympian is a person who competes in the Olympics, both in the Winter Olympics and in the Summer Olympics. People who are Olympic Fins are admired and respected throughout the world, arriving as national heroes in their respective countries if they have achieved an Olympic gold or medal.

These people are also authentic showmen, since they have a large audience in front of them and can become authentic celebrities. For example, Fusain Bolt is one of those athletes who do a lot of things on the track other than run, which makes it quite a sight to play.

Olympians are capable of being the best in their sport and are capable of being winners, something that makes them worthy of all the achievements they achieve. Also, if you manage to win a medal, you will automatically be a successful person in life, since you will become a well-known person in your country because the Olympic Games are one of those very famous events that are seen even by people who don’t want to watch sports in a normal way.

Of course, being an Olympic athlete is not within the reach of just anyone. Not everyone can make it to the Olympics, win a gold medal, and be known as a hero. All this requires effort, dedication and a lot of winning mentality.

For this reason, if you want to be an Olympic athlete, you are going to have to go a long way, which may have glory at the end of it. If you want to learn to be, you are in the right place, since I am going to teach you everything you need to know to go to the Olympics and be successful.

Instructions to become an Olympic Athlete

  1. Be good at your sport:
    The first thing you should know to be a true Olympic athlete is that you must be quite good at your sport to be able to stand out, since not everyone goes to the Olympics. I would define a good person in a sport as someone federated who has been practicing a sport for many years and has been at least a regional champion of it. Only the best go to the Olympics, therefore, before even thinking about going to the Olympics, you must be one of those people capable of being good at your sport. For example, in athletics you must have already participated in Spanish or European championships with good results, with strength, you must be able to move many kilos and with the shot put, you must have good marks.
  2. Federate:
    If you haven’t already, the next step is to be in a federation, something that we say makes you eligible for the Olympics. A person who has been federated pays insurance to the state, something that will allow him to be an official athlete of this sport. If you are not federated in a sport, the state does not recognize that you are practicing it and therefore, you are not eligible for the Olympic Games. This will mean that you will not be able to attend if you have not completed the corresponding federative form, which must be renewed annually so that it continues to be valid before the law and before the state. Normally you can join any quality sports club, which will ensure that all its clients compete with the standard of quality and legality that is required in these cases.
  3. Qualifying for the Olympics:
    Once you are a good person at a sport, you should be able to qualify for the Olympics. This depends a lot on the country. Of sports discipline and above all, of your ability. If you are a person who stands out a lot in a sports discipline, you will be able to be chosen directly by the national coach to represent your country in the Olympic Games. If, on the other hand, you do not stand out more than most, you will have to win a test, beat a record or be better than the rest to be able to go to the Olympics. As I have already said many times throughout this article, only the best go to the Olympic Games, that is, if you do not meet the required standards, you will not be selected. In addition, on certain occasions there are weight limits, age limits and height limits, which you must meet in order to attend this competition.
  4. Doping:
    In addition, to be able to go to the Olympic Games you must be a completely clean person, that is, you must not consume any type of drug prohibited by the International Olympic Committee. If you are selected, they will give you a list with all these prohibited substances and drugs, which you should not take at any time. If they discover you, they will not only take away the result you have achieved, but they can disqualify you from playing sports, they can fine you and finally you can lose your race, since you will be a cheat and the shame of the country in the eyes of the media.

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