Bigram Yoga – Everything You Need To Know

One of the most famous and well-known “yoga’s” that became very popular in its day for being performed by celebrities and for drawing attention at the end of the sessions, is Bigram Yoga.
What is this yoga? It is a yoga that has, above all, a great particularity. It is done (always) at high temperatures.

When you start doing Bigram yoga, you have to keep that in mind, above all. The temperatures and circumstances in which you will perform yoga. Not everyone can do it and therefore it is important before starting to practice it, a medical check-up. There are many and many, who in the middle of a Bigram yoga class have become dizzy, have fainted or have felt unwell for doing it.

This type of yoga, unlike others, what it takes into account are the “asana ” and they go in a certain order, but everything is done (always) in rooms where there is a certain temperature and no, it is not precisely fresh… it is always done, in rooms where the temperature is precisely high. So much so, that it seems like hell itself. The temperature ranges between 40ºC and 42ºC.


  1. One of the particularities of bigram yoga is that some are sometimes confused with another type of yoga that resembles it because of the postures they perform. It is often confused with hot yoga. And obviously, in both, they are carried out in rooms with heat.
  2. Bigram yoga should not be confused with other yoga disciplines that may resemble them, because they have nothing to do with each other.
  3. Although it can be confused with other disciplines, the main characteristic of bigram yoga is that it is performed through yoga postures that are always in a specific way. In other types of yoga, the postures (asana) are usually more varied.
  4. For many people, it is not simply an exercise or sports or asana. It’s something more. Something deeper… becoming, a way of life, for all that it entails.
  5. As we have said, you must always go before starting to perform this modality, to the doctor. Have them check you out and take your blood pressure. It is very important to know if you have high or very low blood pressure.
  6. In some cases, if you tell your doctor that you want to have a checkup because you want to practice Bigram yoga and temperatures of up to 42ºC, he himself may advise against doing it because of your blood pressure. If you have it very high, so much heat will not do you any good, but if you have it very low, neither will it.
  7. There are many people, men and women, even in good health, who while they were in the room, with the heat, the humidity, the sweat, losing mineral salts and with the effort of the exercises have begun to feel bad, they have dizzy or in the worst case, with a drop in blood pressure, they have fainted.
  8. For this reason, emphasizing what was said above, it is essential to hydrate a lot. Water will be vital throughout the bigram yoga session.
  9. During all the sessions, always, always, it is and will be very hot. Keep it in mind.
  10. For this reason, apart from water (to hydrate), it is essential to wear few and very comfortable clothes.
  11. Do not start wearing jackets, sweatshirts, several t-shirts, wide pants… the more comfortable, the better. A t-shirt or a top, tights or shorts and the more comfortable, the better.
  12. It is possible that, given the temperatures, as you exercise, you will get tired, you will be hotter, you will sweat a lot, you will drip and the room is always filled with humidity… that is why, the first few days, you will surely feel the need to leave the room to air out a bit and catch some air.
  13. In bigram yoga, specific postures are taken into account. In total there are about twenty six. Which are the ones that its founder, Bigram Choudhury, patented and invented (hence the name of this variant of yoga).
  14. The exercises in this yoga are the following and are taken into account: breathing, which are always the exercises that will be performed at the beginning of the sessions and always, at the end of the sessions, will also end with breathing exercises.
  15. Typically, each bigram yoga class will last around half an hour to an hour. More or less, it will last about ninety minutes. Always keeping in mind the breathing exercises at the beginning and the breathing exercises at the end.
  16. The breathing exercises are called Pranayama and how are they performed? You will have to stand up, have balance (if you don’t have it, you will acquire it as you progress), and before going to the ground with the postures, you will have to sit down and stretch your body well. It is very important to always stretch well all the muscles of the body. At the end, the pranayama will be performed (which are also breathing exercises) and the savasana exercises will always have to be finished, which are the so-called “corpse exercises and posture”.
  17. The difference between the postures, which in the yogi vocabulary are called “asana” the postures that are traditional and are done in any variant of yoga. Surely, if you have practiced it, you will have heard such words as “bow pose”, “camel pose”, “eagle pose”, etc.
  18. Keep in mind that, as we have already said, in this type of yoga, not everyone can practice it… it can be done, even if you have never practiced yoga and whatever your level. Everything is starting and depending on your flexibility and your experience, you will go more or less advanced.
  19. In the case of wanting weight, it is the ideal yoga. Not only because of the effort it requires and the perseverance and flexibility. but basically, because of how much you will sweat and the toxins that you will lose for each session.
  20. As we said, knowing if you can or are a suitable person for this type of yoga with such high temperatures, it is easy if you ask yourself certain questions (which should always be asked when you sign up). Do you easily get dehydrated? Do you have low or very low blood pressure? Do you get dizzy easily? Do you deal with the heat badly? If you end up answering any and/or all of the questions in the affirmative, you are not the right person to do it. Be very careful because you will end up having a bad time.
  21. Keep in mind if you are a heavy drinker, not all teachers/instructors will allow you to drink water every time you are thirsty. In fact, there are many or almost the majority, who themselves set times so that they can drink water because, according to what they say, the exercises are more intense and more is given and they are done better.
  22. What is usually gained with the practice of bigram yoga, will not only be that you gain a lot of flexibility, elasticity, you will lose many toxins because you will sweat a lot, you will lose weight and you will increase resistance. All this, apart from improving yourself day by day with each new movement that you make and improve yourself and metalize yourself. You must have good concentration at all times.
  23. Apart from comfortable and fresh clothing, it is very important to bring water, a towel and a good mat. Above all, keep in mind that you slip as little as possible because with so much heat and so much sweat, you can fall or slip.
  24. If after finishing the bigram yoga session you start to notice discomfort or stiffness, don’t panic. In general, while you are in class, with the heat of the room, the muscles do not suffer and you will not notice it as much. But later, after the shower, with the rest, when the muscles are cold… the pain can start to come out. It’s quite common for that to happen, so don’t force your way through classes.
  25. Keep in mind that before going to class, it is better if you have not eaten. This will prevent you from getting dizzy and vomiting. In the event of any discomfort, drink water or leave the class or even sit on the floor and if you cannot develop the same positions as the others, do not do them. Only you know what your capabilities are. Therefore, do not overdo it and you will not suffer greater evils.

What do you need

  • Water to keep you hydrated.
  • Very comfortable and appropriate clothing.
  • To towel.
  • A good mat. It will be essential that you slip as little as possible.
  • Not having low blood pressure or health problems.
  • Do not get dizzy in very hot or high temperatures.


In bigram yoga you have to keep in mind that you sweat a lot, so always have a towel handy and wipe off your sweat. The less it sticks to your clothes, the better. Do not wear very baggy or heavy clothing, or many layers. In bigram yoga you have to keep in mind that you sweat a lot, so always have a towel handy and wipe off your sweat. The less it sticks to your clothes, the better. Do not wear very baggy or heavy clothing, or many layers.

Think about the temperature, which is from 40ºC onwards, but the humidity will be between 45ºC and up to 50ºC. What is really suffocating is no longer so much the heat (that too, but the humidity).

If you suffer from dizziness, you can’t stand the heat, the humidity, you have unbalanced tension. don’t try to get into a bigram yoga class so as not to end up having a bad time or fainting.

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