Muscletech: Risks, Uses and How to Take Muscletech

Muscletech is one of those leading brands in the world of bodybuilding, a brand that is synonymous with quality and that offers you a large number of products to consume in the world of the gym.

This brand, from the United States of America, is one of the most prestigious brands that exist in this world. This is because they invest a lot of money in researching their products, they do a lot of testing and they always try to give a touch of quality to everything they sell.

This brand faces stiff competition from a large number of industry leaders such as Optimum Nutrition, Weirder Nutrition, or Gaspar Nutrition, among many others. All brands compete for the niche market of recreational gym users who dream of achieving a dream physique.

To achieve this, Muscletech relies on marketing, hiring great athletes to be the image of the brand. Among the best, we have 5 times Mr. Olympia Phil Heat or Johnnie Jackson, the strongest bodybuilder in the world for many years among many others.

The best product that this brand has is whey proteins, but it doesn’t stop there, since Muscletech manufactures all the supplements that a professional bodybuilder needs and most of them are of very good quality. In addition, the price quality is better than that of other brands, since it continues to have very cheap products, more than the competition.

If you have heard of this brand and its products, you should know that they are not the typical supermarket products that can be happily consumed. To take them, you have to take into account certain recommendations that make the difference between success and failure, such as knowing what they are for and how they should be consumed.

Today I will teach you everything related to the Muscletech brand, that is, what products it offers, what these products are for and how to take them to maximize your performance with the minimum risk.

Instructions for Risks, Uses and taking Muscletech

  1. Whey proteins:
    The first product we should talk about is whey proteins, the star product of the bodybuilder to gain muscle mass and make the muscle recover. Whey proteins are a product that has been extracted from milk whey, which has a large amount of protein. The best of all is not that, but its rapid absorption, reaching muscle mass very quickly and thus making the most of the anabolic window after training and favoring muscle anabolism to the maximum. This is taken as a shake right after training and cannot be abused to keep from gaining weight as it is still calories. Muscletech manufactures three different types of whey.
  2. Concentrate:
    First we are going to talk about whey concentrate, which is the cheapest whey protein that exists and of lower quality, but still has a much higher quality than other types of protein. Whey concentrate is nothing more than unfiltered whey, that is, whey containing products such as lactose and fat within it, since they have not been removed.
  3. Isolate:
    Now we go with the so-called whey isolate, a protein that is a little more expensive than protein concentrate, but a little better too. It’s called isolated because this time, they’ve taken the whey from the milk and filtered the “crap” out of it. We now have whey that is 100% pure, with only the protein we want. They have eliminated both the fat and the lactose, making it also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.
  4. Hydrolyzed:
    Finally we have the best protein that Muscletech manufactures, that is, hydrolyzed whey protein. Hydrolyzed whey protein is nothing more than whey protein isolate that has undergone a process to make it even easier to digest. The hydrolyze reaches the muscles very quickly, almost instantly, which is ideal for recovering very quickly and making the most of the anabolic window when eating after exercising.
  5. Testosterone boosters:
    Muscletech makes products like alpha test, a product that helps the body naturally generate more testosterone. Unlike illegal and dangerous anabolic steroids, testosterone precursors are safe, legal and effective, since what they do is give a little help to the body to generate as much testosterone as possible naturally, without chemicals. These products usually contain supplements such as Zinc, Magnesium, B group vitamins and some aphrodisiac plant extracts such as the root of Tibullus terrestrosin. This is taken every day in the morning and in principle it does not have any risk for the male gender.
  6. Weight gainers:
    They should not be confused with whey proteins, since weight gainers are not pure protein like these, but have more compounds. Weight gainers have a mixture of various compounds, such as proteins, carbohydrates such as Malt dextrin, creative and others. As a result we have a compound with a large amount of calories, which is taken in a similar way to whey proteins. This supplement is only suitable for ectomorphs who have a lot of difficulty gaining weight, since in a person with a slow metabolism it could make them gain too much weight, since they have a lot of calories. Muscletech manufactures several types, some more expensive than others and some better than others.
  7. Creative:
    Creative is one of the supplements that have a better quality price in the consumer. Creative is a compound that, if taken in small doses, favors the generation of glycogen in the muscle. This will do two things; first of all, it will make us have bigger muscles, since they are swollen. Secondly, we are going to gain strength, since the muscles are going to have more fuel in the form of glycogen, something that will undoubtedly help when lifting weights. Muscletech manufactures creative of the highest quality and at a very good price, which should be taken daily in low doses of between 5 and 20 grams (if you take too much it’s nonsense because it goes out in the urine and you’re wasting money)
  8. Pre-workout: Pre-workout
    is a supplement that is very fashionable lately among bodybuilders. This supplement, which is taken just before training, serves to increase energy and strength when lifting weights. To do this, it uses various compounds, such as caffeine, creative and vitamins, along with carbohydrates for energy. Muscletech manufactures several of these pre-workouts, which, as its name suggests, should always be taken just before training, in order to have the necessary energy to carry out the corresponding physical activity.
  9. Fat burning:
    We define a fat burning product as a product that helps to achieve a better definition phase. Muscletech has the famous Hydroxycut, a product that contains a large number of components that promote fat loss such as caffeine, L-Carnation, Green Tea, Yohimbine, Garcia from Cambodia and Zinc, among others. This supplement is taken on an empty stomach in the morning and must always be accompanied by a correct diet and correct training focused on weight loss. This supplement will help you lose 1 kilo more for every 2 kilos you lose, but if you don’t diet or exercise, it won’t do you any good. This article will also surely interest you: What are the Best Fat Burners
  10. Nitric oxide precursor:
    Arginine or the precursor of nitric oxide is a product that promotes increased muscle congestion. Products like Nit Rotech promote pumping, which helps get more nutrients to the muscle, making it look bigger and recover faster. This product is taken before training, since this way the body is prepared to congest itself correctly. You will notice how when you take it, your veins are larger and swollen, which is a good sign, since it means that your muscles are full of blood and therefore, full of nutrients and strength.
  11. BCAAs:
    BCCAs or branched chain amino acids are supplements that help proteins to be synthesized in the muscles. These amino acids are Valise, Lucien and Isoleucine, which are usually already found in whey proteins. BCAAs are necessary for people who consider the BCAAs in whey proteins insufficient, therefore needing a little push when it comes to achieving results and better muscle recovery. Just like the aforementioned proteins, BCAAs are taken right after training, as this is the only way to get the most out of your results.
  12. Glutamine:
    Glutamine is a supplement that also comes in whey protein, but can be purchased separately. Glutamine is a product that helps you synthesize glycogen and promote protein synthesis; therefore, it is one of the best foods for bodybuilders. Muscletech sells glutamine separately apart from whey, also for people who consider it insufficient. Being a post-training supplement, it is also one of those that are consumed at the end of training, to take advantage of the already mentioned anabolic window a thousand times.
  13. MI cellar casein:
    MI cellar casein is also a milk protein, but this time it’s not from whey. Unlike whey proteins, casein is absorbed very slowly, that is, it is gradually taken up by the muscle during digestion. This protein is obtained directly from milk, from the part that is not whey. The ideal time to take it is at night, since there are so many hours without sleep, we will thus be able to avoid the dreaded muscle catabolism, therefore being an ideal supplement for people with an accelerated metabolism prone to catabolizing very quickly.
  14. Malt dextrin:
    Finally we have malt dextrin, a controversial supplement that I don’t recommend, but will put here anyway. This supplement is a mixture of simple sugars and complex carbohydrates, which have an impressive caloric load for a supplement, even more than sugar it. Malt dextrin is used for weight gain, but I don’t recommend it for the simple reason that having so many calories means you gain more weight from fat than muscle, something none of us here definitely want. Therefore, it is a totally expendable supplement that we should never use, since we will achieve a similar result with quality weight gainers, without the corresponding fat gain that we hate so much in bodybuilding, since we want to gain muscle mass, but we also want to be completely “dry”, that is, with a low percentage of body fat, so that the work done can be seen.

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