How to Do Exercises for Lower Abs

When it comes to doing exercises for the abdominals, you should know that they are divided into different areas. In this way we have the upper abdominals, the lower abdominals and the lateral abdominals. You must be very clear that the exercises that we traditionally know by the simple name of abdominals do not work all areas equally.

In this way you should do exercises for lower abs if these are the ones you want to work and tone. Doing exercises for lower abs will allow you to show off the flat stomach you’ve always wanted. One of the most common mistakes when working this specific area of ​​​​the abdominals is that we usually do not perform the correct exercises. If you do not have much knowledge of fitness or sports training, the most common thing is that you try to perform the typical abdominal exercises in which you raise your trunk.

This type of exercise is very useful and beneficial for our body, but it actually focuses on our upper abdominals, which are the ones between our belly and our chest. In this way, no matter how many abdominal exercises you carry out, they will not help you to get the flat stomach you want. Therefore, if you are interested in doing lower abdominal exercises, you should pay close attention to the exercises that we present below.

As you can see, all of them have a series of characteristics in common and these are that all the exercises are performed with the back resting firmly on the ground and raising the legs. Paying attention to this detail will allow you to recognize all the exercises for lower abs that you find in magazines, blogs or gyms. If you want to know more about how to do exercises for lower abs, continue reading.

What do you need to do exercises for lower abs?

  • sportswear
  • mat yoga

Instructions for doing exercises for lower abs

  1. The most important point when performing these exercises is to pay close attention to our lower back and try at all times that they are firmly supported on the ground and do not come off while we do our abdominals.
  2. Scissors are perhaps the most well-known lower abs exercise. The idea is to raise your legs, one at a time, while maintaining your balance. Remember at all times to keep your lower back firmly anchored to the ground. At first you will not be able to raise your legs very much without taking off your lower back but as you continue practicing you will notice that you can do it more and more easily and you will reach higher with your legs. This exercise is great for improving your lower abs, and your legs and thighs will also benefit from the practice.
  3. As for the hundreds of machines that exist to do abdominals, our advice is that you do not spend your money on any of them. When you do sit-ups, your body is stressed and there is no machine that can change this. Your abs suffers because they work. Many of these machines that promise painless abdominals all they do is that you do not perform abdominals correctly and since your muscles do not work they do not suffer either.
  4. Don’t forget to alternate exercises for lower abs with others that target your upper and side abs. The key to a good well-rounded workout is variety.

Tips for doing exercises for lower abs

  • Don’t exercise your lower abs every day. The most common thought of all people who start this type of training is that the more they train, the more they will progress. This thought is not entirely correct since when it comes to training, rest is just as important. If you do this type of exercise every day, your muscles will be very tired and will stop working properly. Therefore, you should alternate one day of training with another of rest.
  • Perform regular abdominal exercises to strengthen your entire abdominal area
  • Intersperse abdominal exercises with other lumbar exercises. Both muscles complement each other since while some work, the others relax and vice versa. For this reason, it is advisable that after several repetitions of abdominal exercises you also perform some lumbar exercises.
  • A good idea that will help you motivate yourself is to do these exercises accompanied by friends and acquaintances so that the training will be much more entertaining. It may be a good idea to join a gym.

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