Flexibility Exercises – How To Do Flexibility Exercises

The vast majority of people in the world do not consider that they have a good flexibility condition, so in this way when we have the opportunity to observe a person doing the well -known split, we usually tend to feel some envy.

But the truth is that flexibility is a skill that we can develop with training, and that also does not serve simply so that we can perform those very difficult postures and also to be one of the people who has the ability to bend more in a class. Of yoga, but in this way we can have greater flexibility in each of our tendons, muscle fibers and also in the ligaments.

This is achieved by practicing exercises that are especially for this, since it is very helpful to avoid a large number of injuries and certain problems that may occur over time.

Before starting with each of the flexibility exercises, it is very important that we take into account certain information.
Flexibility is considered as that capacity that we have as human beings in each of our muscle fibers to be able to stretch before we can make any movement.

How wide the movement of a joint can be, does not simply have to depend on how elastic each of our fibers are, however it represents one of the things that can have quite negative consequences for us.

Each exercise we perform involves a specific movement. Generally or mostly when we do some training of the muscles that make up the body, we tend to be insistent on each of the fibers that constitute them, giving them the stimulus they need to be able to grow and at the same time develop.

Therefore, when doing each of these exercises, the most common thing is that you have to accumulate a lot of tension in each of the muscles, therefore it can cause that at some point we lose our flexibility, since these become much harder. If we want to avoid this kind of problem, it is best to stretch before starting any exercise.

Keeping our muscles flexible offers us the possibility of being able to move much better and at the same time gives us the ability to act. But it is also of great help to prevent and avoid injuries as we have already mentioned.

By law, problems such as tendonitis and sprains usually happen because our body is too rigid, so our body has limits to be able to move and at the same time, due to this we cannot comply with a normal exercise routine in our training at home, and it is for this reason that we have too many problems when we want to do movement that we usually do not do.

If we want to have training for our flexibility, we must take into account what we want to work on, and that is why we must know the types of flexibility, which are elastic flexibility, assisted passive flexibility and also dynamic flexibility.

What do you need for Flexibility Exercises – Do Flexibility Exercises?

  • Clothes that are comfortable
  • to mat
  •  sports shoes
  • to chair
  • to sofa

Instructions for Flexibility Exercises – Doing Flexibility Exercises

  1. The first exercise we can do is the so-called back twist. To do this we have to sit on the floor, then we stretch our right leg, bend the left and then proceed to pass it over the right leg. Once this is done, we have to put our left arm above the knee that we have flexed and we press with the elbow in order to twist our back. We have to feel the stretch and then we proceed to repeat the whole process.
  2. While sitting, we proceed to stretch our right leg and flex the left leg in such a way that we can bring the foot towards our groin. In this step we must maintain balance, and then we have to tilt the body forward to be able to try to touch our toes. Once this is done we have to change legs.
  3. To give flexibility to our thighs and hips, we have to lie face down on the mat. Then we go on to flex one of the legs and take the foot with the hand on this same side. When doing this we must throw everything we can, taking into account that the thigh should not hit the mat, as in the previous step, we have to change legs.
  4. This is a slightly more difficult step. We have to take our foot from behind and then we have to pull it as far as we can so that it can reach our head. We must not block the knee of the opposite leg, since in this way we can avoid being in hyperextension and in this way we must leave the arm completely free stretched forward, so that in this way we can have balance.
  5. For the flexibility exercises of the lower back, we have to stretch one of the legs and we have to shrink the other by taking hold of the knee and at the same time we have to pull it towards the chest. The leg that we have stretched should not be raised from the ground, and after this we must repeat the process with the opposite leg.
  6. For abductor flexibility, we have to sit on the floor. We open our legs and at the same time stretch them as much as we can and proceed to tilt our torso forward, but remembering that we should not bend our knees. After this we have to stretch our arms so that we can try to go down more and more.
  7. Stride using the sofa. To do this flexibility exercise we must advance one leg, as happens in the case of the strides that we normally do, with our knee that we must place at about 90 degrees, while the other we must keep stretched towards the back, but using a sofa as support or, alternatively, a chair. It is usually a bit difficult to maintain balance but it is not something that is completely impossible. We hold on for a few seconds and repeat everything but for the other side.
  8. For the exercise known by the name of the bridge, it is quite similar to one of the yoga postures. We go on to stretch our spine, neck, chest and also shoulders. Then we have to shorten face up on the mat with our knees bent. Once we have done this we have to move on to lifting our pelvis and also our torso until we can reach the shoulders. When we have completed it, we have to stretch our shoulders down, in such a way that they can be very well supported on the ground. We look in the direction of the chest, while we keep our arms stretched out and at the same time we have them resting on the ground.
  9. To exercise our lower back, we have to lie flat on our backs while we interlock our hands behind our necks, after this we bend our knees and we have to let them fall quite gently towards our right side, remembering that we must not take our elbows off the ground. When we have completed it, we change to the other side.
  10. In this step we are going to explain an exercise to give flexibility to the groin muscles. For this we have to be sitting on the ground, then we have to place the tip of our feet in such a way that they can be together and then we have to take our feet with our hands, we gently push in the direction below the knees, helping us a little with our elbows.
  11. For this step we have to stand in front of a wall and support our two hands, we have to place our feet in such a way that one can be forward and the other backwards, then we have to apply pressure without taking off the heel of our leg what we have behind When we have done it, we repeat everything with the other leg.

Tips for Flexibility Exercises – Do Flexibility Exercises

  • We can do a combination of flexibility exercises with stretching exercises for elasticity and also with dynamic exercises, which represents an excellent routine to train.
  • Before we can do any type of exercise, regardless of how simple it is, we have to warm up beforehand, since with this we avoid complications with the muscles such as cramps, sprains, or any other that may occur to us.
  • Remember to change position in each of the exercises.
  • Many of these steps require balance; therefore if we do not do the position described, we will be doing the exercise in the wrong way.

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