Exercises For Pregnant

Human pregnancy is a period of approximately 40 weeks that elapses from the implantation of the zygote in the uterus, until delivery where the final birth of the baby occurs. Throughout these 10 months, the human body undergoes multiple physical, metabolic and even morphological changes. If the rule does not go down, it can also be a symptom that you are pregnant. If you don’t follow a well-planned preparation plan with your face and eyes, you can suffer excessively. However, during this long period of time, it is especially recommended to play sports and carry out the well-known exercises for pregnant women.

What are exercises for pregnant women?

You just found out that you are pregnant and that, at last, you are going to fulfill the long-awaited dream of being a mother. The first feeling that comes to mind is that of total joy. However, as you assimilate it, doubts begin to creep in. Will I be able to continue with my daily routine that I did until now? Will I be able to continue practicing sports as I did before the pregnancy? You also wonder if, on the other hand, exercise can be detrimental to the pregnancy of the baby and the ovulation calendar. 

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that playing sports is not contraindicated. Moreover, it is absolutely recommended for both the mother and the future baby. We should not be afraid to maintain our usual routine, or to gradually introduce new exercises for pregnant women. Exercise can give us a better state of health and help us not to gain too much weight due to pregnancy. It can even strengthen the muscles and prepare our body for childbirth, in addition to helping us psychologically due to increasing our optimism.

Obviously, before starting any type of training plan, it is advisable to go to a specialist. If we do not have serious medical problems that could put our pregnancy at risk, the exercise can be carried out. However, each human body is different and, therefore, it is better to make sure beforehand by visiting a doctor.

Benefits of exercising while pregnant

However, performing exercises for pregnant women will serve as a bridge to reach the delivery room in the best physical condition and with a positive mentality. Thus, it is highly recommended not to abandon our training during the gestation period. The most outstanding benefits are the following:

  • Physical exercise favors childbirth. It prepares the muscles for the moment of childbirth, and reduces pain during the time that the childbirth lasts.
  • Reduces low back pain. It strengthens the back muscles and helps better support the greater weight on the trunk.
  • Prevents the possible appearance of diabetes in pregnant women. It controls the sugar levels of the body and improves the general health of the pregnant woman.
  • Helps control the patient’s weight gain. Excessive weight gain can be harmful and painful for pregnant women. For this reason, practicing sports is the ideal method for exhaustive weight control.
  • Improves the growth of the placenta. Performing physical exercise also allows the athlete to have a healthier pregnancy process, allowing a better birth of the future baby.
  • It has multiple psychological benefits. Pregnancy is a long process, almost a year, and with many ups and downs. For this reason, it is important to feel supported by your loved ones, but also to have sport as an escape route. Exercising will help keep you in high spirits and with an optimistic mindset.

However, in addition to visiting a doctor to determine if it is possible to play sports and in what quantity, precautions must also be taken. In the face of any symptom of fatigue in pregnant women, it is essential to stop and rest. Physical exercise is as beneficial as it is harmful, if it is not done correctly and in its proper measure. Therefore, it is better to follow a good prevention plan and avoid possible disappointments.

How to do exercises for pregnant women

Once you are clear that exercises for pregnant women are recommended, we will give you some recommendations about what are the best techniques to prepare for a better pregnancy before the baby is born. Pregnancy does not change people. The physical capacity remains the same. For example, if a person has never practiced swimming, being pregnant swimming will not be the best option. We must remain faithful to our principles of always. If we have never exercised, or we do not practice it regularly, walking is a good option to start. It does not require previous conditions, and at a slow pace it is suitable for all cases.

Walking is one of the most recommended physical activities since it can be done throughout labor, both in the initial part and in the final part. Even in the last weeks, it is especially recommended as it helps to favor the natural arrival of the baby. It also helps control possible weight gain, as well as circulatory and digestive problems. In this sense, riding a bicycle is also highly recommended, although only until the fifth or sixth week of our delivery. From here, the volume of the pregnant belly can cause an imbalance and fall. It allows you to relax and distract yourself, on a psychological level, as well as helping to tone the body.

Water should be another of our great allies if we are looking for physical exercises for pregnant women. Being submerged allows us to reduce the weight and, therefore, the possibility of injuring ourselves and hurting ourselves. The temperature of the water also prevents the body from overheating. And, this, accompanied by aqua gym physical exercises will provide improvements in all senses, both at a muscular, circulatory and respiratory level. Performing swimming exercises is also highly recommended. However, if we do not like being in the water, there are also other land options.

Other training plans focus on improving body posture, another key factor in pregnant women. Performing yoga exercises will allow the prevention of possible back pain, in addition to improving the management of the digestive system, nervous tension and providing the fetus with a better state of health. More from a spiritual point of view, it provides moments of relaxation for the mother, and the baby feels more, favoring communication and a better bond before birth. Benefits similar to yoga are also provided by Pilate’s exercises. However, seek good advice as all those exercises that can put too much pressure on the belly are not allowed.

Finally, if you are looking for something relaxing, and that you can do at home, opt for a stretching program, especially in the head and spine area. which are the ones that suffer the most during the gestation period. These types of activities can be combined with other types of exercises that promote flexibility and muscle toning, in addition to the legs and abdominals. Even keel exercises and squat exercises are also highly recommended. In fact, in multiple childbirth preparation classes they are the star dish. Following a tailored training plan, including some of these exercises for pregnant women, will help you enjoy a less painful birth, with greater self-esteem and will allow the baby to be born in the best conditions and to enjoy a happy life throughout the year.

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