Ansari Yoga – Everything You Need To Know

Yoga is in fashion. There are many types and variants of yoga as such and its way of practicing it is defined according to each style of the instructor who carries out the session. This is because each exercise sequence must have a direct connection to the soul; therefore, as we are all different, the sequences to follow must be adapted to our aura and our own times.

Despite the fact that this current universal life influences us more and more so that we move away from our intimate connection with the earth and the soul, there are a fairly growing percentage of people today who want to recover this wonderful link; and that is why yoga has become fashionable.

On the other hand, if we want to enjoy a complete harmony of our being in all senses, you have to be aware that each part of your being requires individual attention. This is why yoga is a complete exercise for your body, mind and spirit, which brings you various benefits for your quality of life.

As is well known, yoga is classified into many styles. On this occasion we will present everything you need to know about a variety of yoga that is currently on everyone’s lips: Ansari Yoga.

This style of yoga was created in the late nineties by John Friend, which retains much of the attribute of the tantric culture. A genre that is surrounded by controversy, but despite this has retained its popularity; In addition, it is lavishly respected, due to its indisputable benefits to optimize your physical and spiritual quality of life.

Ansari Yoga and its tantric philosophy

Ansari yoga is a yoga academy that maintains the principles of the positions known as Asana of Hate Yoga, with an energetic mechanism typical of the philosophy of the famous Red Tanta, and that collects principles that incorporate other styles.

The American Yogi John Friend has a very developed trajectory in the industry and the scrutiny of Yoga. After much research, he practiced the most renowned genres of Yoga, learning from the most prestigious experts. Thus, he began the establishment of his own genre of yoga.

This style was something totally different, baptized as Ansari Yoga. This genre collects his learning of the different forms of yoga, especially Hatha Yoga, Astana and Ingra. Always preserving the psychic purpose of Hatha Yoga regarding the reconnection with inner mercy, power and beauty, in the principles of formation and communication from your most divine place.


John Friend nicknamed this recently emerged Yoga style Ansari, for providing the meaning of ”dilute bad energies with grace and from nature and follow the intuition of your heart”, because the term Ansari in Sanskrit translates as state of love. Or natural condition of being.

Paradoxically, this yogi after a while departs from his own created style. John administered an academy with thousands of students, desiring his teachings. Something that is not surprising because of his extensive knowledge of the organism or which gave genius to the style he created.

His school remained successful and recognized for years; however, she also received some compromising accusations that changed the landscape of Ansari. A group of contributors to his academy accused him of sexual abuse, harassment, and organization of orgies.

But in the background of these accusations it seemed to be really due to a possible lack of liquidity of his company Ansari Inc., which left his many employees without salary for more than a month, who also filed their complaints against him.

You can imagine the scandal that arose and the annoyance of the employees who even managed to create a Facebook page simply to damage the image of Friend. This method of reporting led to the discovery that it was true that he induced his yoga teacher employees to traffic marijuana, endangering their safety, simply to benefit his personal consumption, for which he had to abandon his leading role in the area.

However, more than fifteen years after all that scandal, the Ansari genre has become what this yogi had been supporting from the beginning: one of the most practiced Yoga genres in Europe and the United States, taking as its flag the Official School of Yoga Ansari.

Despite having left the Ansari Academy, John continues his professional activity from his boisterous personality, creating from his worldview and life experience a new style of yoga that has marked history forever.


In his ethics he teaches you to appreciate and love your neighbor and to love yourself as you are. Since it explains that each one of us as human beings forms part of a Supreme Consciousness, from which we all come; therefore, what for you can become a defect, for her it is simply a virtue.

This philosophy also inspires us to accept each event that happens to us in life, understanding that these are part of a macro plan of the universe for us. In this way, you will learn that every circumstance, however unpleasant it may seem, happens for a reason and that the future will always improve. Therefore, Ansari Yoga is not only a physical activity, but it is a yogic lifestyle.

Benefits of Ansari Yoga

The benefits of nausea yoga are fundamentally equivalent to those of conventional yoga, only with an obvious difference in terms of the representation of life in the body.

Here are the main benefits of this style:

  • Change of mental configuration: Yoga helps you a lot to change your air and transform your way of perceiving things, with an evident tendency towards acceptance and expansion of the whole through what happens to you and around you.
  • Improve your sexual life: like any tantric philosophy, Ansari Yoga is intensely tied to sex. Its practice corresponds to enormous improvements in the sexual life of all its performers. It provides methods to make orgasm in women more intense, increases sexual stamina in men and also raises fire in libido, increasing sexual desire.
  • Flexibility: everything related to Ansari Yoga and Hatha Yoga, in itself increases your flexibility in all parts of your body (muscles, tissues, joints) which in turn contributes to the improvement of the circulatory system and the lymphatic system.
  • Reduce stress: practicing Ansari Yoga can help you increase your endorphin levels, which will lead you to live life in a more relaxed way.
  • It takes you to a meeting with the Divine Consciousness of Being: if you really believe in the spiritual impact of your aura in relation to the universe, you will be a faithful believer in the tantric philosophy of Ansari Yoga, because you will feel good about yourself for participating in this universal flow. Of the presence of Divine Consciousness.

What do you need

The purpose of Ansari is that of any type of Yoga: to align you with the universal flow of being, this is the basis of all practice. From the energy of the sessions to the succession of positions that you will try, you will be able to feel it; In other words, you will be able to collect the energy of the universe and maintain the connection within.

Ansari Yoga Positions

The positions in Ansari Yoga begin to open the heart, expressing itself from the center of the being outwards. So, instead of controlling the body and mind from the outside, the Divine Consciousness is heard, which is why the Asana are established to achieve internal connection from coherence with the universe.


Some of the basic positions in an Ansari class are:

  1. Downward Facing Dog known as Ado Mocha Svanasana: it is a classic and vital posture for the balance of the being. For this reason, it is used to start almost all yoga classes, as it relaxes the mind and blood flow at the same time. It is very simple, you just have to lie face down and raise your coccyx until it looks like a pyramid. This position greatly improves the hamstrings, strengthens the abdominal muscles, and relieves inflammation from digestion.
  2. The crescent moon known as Anjaneya Sana: you must bend one knee, leaving one foot behind, taking into account that it must be perfectly stretched and touch the ground with your tibia. Thus, while you arch your spine with your hands outstretched, you will be helping your body to strengthen your legs, ankles and improve all your digestive functions.
  3. Asana of the crane known as Bakasana: it is really difficult to perform because you must do a lot of balance by suspending your body on your hands, taking into account that it must be collected. Remember that you must leave the column up.

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