Abdominal Exercises – How to Do Abdominal Exercises

Many people are concerned about the accumulation of fat in their bellies, or abdomen; this is the lower middle part of the human body. Regarding this topic, in Spain, people have very bad information, and myths related to abdominal fat.

There is a myth that if you put a plastic bag on your abdominal area; and spend the day with it on, then the heat will burn this fat on its own. This is fake!

Also, in the market they sell some thermal girdles; that generate heat with electrical energy, so you can spend many hours connected, reducing fat and getting abdominals. But this won’t help either.

Many people are looking to get the rabbit out of the hat and get rid of abdominal fat; immediately visualizing the defined chocolates, and squares in seconds. This will not be the case, but do not worry, it is not impossible to achieve either.

With the advice and guidance that we will give you in this article, you will have important tools for you to be successful; obtaining excellent results with abdominal exercises, taking into account the best techniques to avoid injury to your muscles.

Bulging abdomen

In this area, the most important organs of the human body are found, and also a part made up of abdominal muscles. But the abs is our storage tank for fat, which translates into energy for our muscles. More than anything in men; although women also accumulate fat, in the abdomen, and on the sides of the legs.

It is important to highlight that before carrying out any physical activity, a general study of the person’s health should be carried out. The large or inflamed abdomen is not only due to having fat accumulation. There are health problems that seriously affect this area; such as constipation.

Constipation makes the part of the abdomen look larger and swollen. For this, you must take a treatment that the doctor gives you, before starting an exercise routine. This can also be improved by drinking plenty of water a day, and eating a high-fiber diet with lots of beans and fresh fruit.

On the other hand, we have to take into account that this area is very delicate, since we can affect the muscles of the back, and the lumbar or sciatic nerves when exercising. Therefore, you must take all the precautions, which we recommend before starting the mission of exercising your abs.

In addition, you should check the kidneys, performing an echogram. Since if you have kidney stones, it is not recommended to perform strong exercise routines. These abs exercises can damage your kidneys from movement. On the other hand, you should also tell the doctor to check your entire abdominal and lumbar area.

Sometimes people can get hernias, and exercises can seriously affect them. If this is your case, with a simple outpatient operation the hernia problem is solved. After the rest indicated by the doctor, you will start with your exercise routine, which we will indicate later.

Pain and routine

If you start the routine, and feel very strong pain the next day, you should go to the doctor; since there are people who have a delicate sciatic nerve. Which is not recommended for them to perform this type of exercise?

It is important to note that to lose abdominal fat, it is not only achieved with abdominal exercises, it is necessary to perform a series of aerobic exercises. In different parts of the body, to have faster results; since the muscles will need that energy to work, and if you increase the muscle mass of the whole body, then you will need more energy to spend.

That is why it is tactical to increase muscle mass; this will burn faster the fat that is accumulated in the abdomen, or energy tank for the muscles. Since any muscle you exercise will take fat from your abdomen.


On the other hand, we must take into account our way of eating, and the types of food we consume on a daily basis. We recommend that you do not drink soft drinks, sweets or sugary foods. Since these become fat, and go to the abdomen immediately. Also, you should consume few carbohydrates, because these also translate into abdominal fat.

To start the exercise routine, you must initially take into account your weight, and in this way the exercise regimen can be designed more easily. But indisputably, you always have to start with very light routines, and with a previous warm-up. Thus, you will avoid muscle tears and pain, by starting to work the cold muscles. Having abs is a job; if you want something, it’s going to cost you.

All cars, before taking them out of the house, we have to warm them up for a few minutes so that they work optimally, that is how the muscles of our body are. With light aerobics, you can do this, and with some light stretching, before you start your hard work out.

Abdominal Exercise Instructions – Doing Abdominal Exercises

  1. To start the routine you have to do some gentle warm-up movements of the legs, waist and arms. You can perform these movements in a circular way, first in one direction and then in the other.
  2. After this simple warm-up, we recommend that you start walking for 20 minutes, at a very easy speed.
  3. After 20 minutes of walking, start picking up the pace, as fast as you can, you will feel your breathing speed up, and your heart will beat faster.
  4. This walk should last approximately 45 minutes, and should be done for two weeks in a row. But letting the body rest, with an intermediate day.
  5. In the third week after 45 minutes of walking; you will begin to perform abdominal movements, placing a broomstick on your shoulders, and supported, with your two hands.
  6. After you have the stick on your shoulders; you will start to turn it, on the sides from right to left, as much as you can for 10 minutes.
  7. At the end you can place a carpet; and place your body horizontally.
  8. Then, raise your legs, keeping them straight, until you make a 90-degree angle. You will do this slowly. And to download them you will also do it slowly; so that the abdominal muscles are used to the maximum.
  9. You will also do this simple technique for 10 minutes and for two weeks.
  10. In the following week; you will walk the usual 45 minutes, and then we will start to increase the intensity of the exercises.
  11. Take your mat again, and start doing sit-ups by placing your legs straight, and with a person holding your feet.
  12. With your hands on your head, climb up until you achieve a 90-degree angle.
  13. Then, return your back to the mat, you will do this 5 times in a row, and then rest for a few seconds, to do 5 more for a period of 10 minutes.
  14. Also, we recommend that you use a bicycle; this can be stationary or a mountain bike. So that you dedicate at least an hour a day after performing this exercises routine.
  15. Squats are very good, and they burn a lot of fat; since the leg muscles require a large amount of energy to move.
  16. You can do these after the warm-up routine; for about 20 minutes, doing sets of 10 squats. With the hands placed on the head, and lowering until the knees are bent.
  17. If you have some small weights or dumbbells, take them in your hands, and you can squat with a little extra weight.
  18. This will make the leg muscles need more energy, which will come out of your abdomen.
  19. Finally, after the previous warm-up, we recommend that you do a light jog, at night for approximately 1 hour.
  20. Jogging is one of the exercises that will help you lose abdominal fat Since, the movement of all the muscles of the body needs a lot of energy.

What do you need for Abdominal Exercises – Do Abdominal Exercises?

  •  Vitamin supplement.
  • Medium rug.
  • Weights and dumbbells.
  • A stopwatch to measure time.
  • To broomstick.
  • Sportswear.
  • Jogging shoes.
  • Stationary or mountain bike.

Abs Exercise Tips – Doing Abs Exercises

  1. The first thing we recommend is that you give your muscles a rest. Since if you work the exercises without stopping, you will have many injuries and serious damage.
  2. You should always do the warm-up and muscle stretching routine before you start the heavy exercises.
  3. Do not eat carbohydrates or sweets.
  4. Eat a lot of white meat, and eggs that provide a lot of energy to the muscles, without filling your abdomen with fat.
  5. You must drink a lot of water, to replenish the liquids, which your body throws away when you sweat.
  6. Orange juice provides your body with a lot of energy and vitamins to perform well.
  7. Do not drink energy drinks, which bring many bad chemicals to your body.
  8. Try to always have fruit and natural juices for breakfast; this will help keep your colon healthy.
  9. Do not forget to consume dried and serial fruits, these provide a lot of fiber, which will help you, remove fat from your body.
  10. Ginger infusions help you deflate the colon, and maintain good health of your intestines. Since an inflamed colon, it also looks like accumulated fat.
  11. You will see these results more or less in two consecutive months, you have to be constant and determined, so that you can lose belly fat.

Finally, always remember to visit the doctor. Not only before starting this routine, but also at the end, so you can get your normal checkup.

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