Abdomen Exercises – How To Do Abdomen Exercises

The abdomen is one of the most worked parts by both men and women, in gyms, although it is not necessary to attend one to exercise them, it can also be done at home, with a couple of materials, or perhaps by going to the machines of those that today have many parks in cosmopolitan cities, which are open to the public and are free.

If the abdomen is not worked on or if it does not have good genetics, it does not have tone, and it tends to flaccid, sometimes the weight causes the dreaded love handles that can only be removed, accompanying them with a balanced and healthy diet. It is good to work the abdomen area, because a flat stomach always gives a better image both with clothes and when showing it off in a swimsuit or underwear. In addition, when you exercise the abdomen, other parts of the body come into operation, such as the back, lumbar, legs, and all this will help us maintain good physical shape, facilitating day-to-day tasks, having more resistance.

You can start an exercise routine for about 15 minutes a day, three times a week, to work the flat abdomen. Always remember to warm up beforehand, with stretching, to avoid damage or future injuries.


One of the ways in which the abdomen can also be worked on, by performing burgees, is an anaerobic cardio type exercise, in which resistance is worked above all, but also coordination and balance, since it hardly has pauses. It is divided into four movements, in which the whole body is exercised.

  • First, you can start standing or squatting, crouched on the ground, in a take-off position, you must keep your hands on the ground and your head in an upright position.
  • Second, we move both legs a little backwards and immediately afterwards, do a push-up.
  • Third, we put the legs and feet together, and once united, it returns to the initial position.6.366
  • Fourth, we get up from the ground, making a small jump in the air, helping us with our hands extended upwards, as an impulse, while bending our knees, to finish by clapping our hands.

This exercise can be performed for one minute, repeating it 30 or 40 times.

Crunches with Leg Raise

On the floor, on a Roman chair or on parallel bars, any of the three will help us to perform this exercise. Lie on your back, with your back flat on the floor, bring your legs together and keep them straight. Lift your legs up, try to keep your knees extended, and your feet together, you should lift them as much as you can. You should try to hold a few seconds in that position, while contracting the abdomen, and then begin to lower them little by little. You always have to keep your abs contracted during the exercise.

You can repeat this exercise for one minute.

Sit-ups with bent leg raises

Take a mat or mat, and lie on the floor, facing up, with your back well against the ground, as well as your hands at the sides of your body, also well sealed to the ground. Raise your legs and keep them together, both ankles should coincide, as well as the calves, but this time keep your legs bent in the air. Start from the flexion and you see extending the legs, and so on. The important thing is to hold your legs up, without the help of your hands. Remember to contract the abdomen, while flexing and stretching the legs. Your face should always look up at the ceiling, keeping your neck straight, to avoid damage or injury.

You can do this exercise in 2 or 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions each.

Ball leg rises. Type 1

Place yourself on the floor, looking up, with your body and head well attached to the ground, always looking at the ceiling. Keep your arms extended to the sides of the body, also glued to the ground. Put between your legs a ball of any kind, soccer, medicine, the one you prefer, and support it with your feet and ankles, to prevent it from falling. Start from the ground with your legs extended, and while you grab the ball and contract your abdomen, raise your legs always straight, upwards, until they form a 90-degree angle with your trunk, hold there for a second, and lower them little by little..

You can repeat the exercise in 3 sets of 12 repetitions each.

Ball leg rises. Type 2

Lying on the ground, face up, with the body on the ground, the arms at the sides and the palms of the hand facing upwards, just like the view. Place the ball between your feet again, exerting pressure with your ankles, to prevent it from falling. Keep your legs extended and from the ground, raise them up. Once in that position, hold on for a few seconds and take your body off the ground, trying to touch your feet with the tips of your fingers, depending on your flexibility, you can touch a part of the leg, the ankles or even the tip of the feet Then lower your legs slowly, like the rest of your body, which rests on the mat.

You can perform the exercise in 2 sets of 8 times each.

Climbing on the ground

On the ground or a mat, support the tip of the feet, and the palms of the hands on it, keeping the elevated body supported on them. You must maintain a straight position, from the feet to the head. Begin to bend one leg, and bring it up to your hip, and lower it to its previous position, do the same with the other leg. You see alternating legs during the exercise.

You can do this exercise in 3 sets of 5 repetitions every one.

Cross crunches.

Take a mat and stand on top of it. Keep your body flexed, as if you were sitting, but supporting only your hips and buttocks. Put your hands behind your head, contract your abdomen, and keeping one leg extended in the air, keep the other flexed. You must touch one of your elbows with the opposite knee, that is, if you start with the right elbow, you must touch the left knee, while the right leg is still suspended in the air in a straight line. After doing it with one elbow, switch to the other. You should not take your hands off your head, nor use your arms as help.

You can perform the exercise, in 2 sets of 10 repetitions each.

Crunch with the ball.

Take a large rubber ball and sit on it, trying to keep your balance, keeping your legs slightly apart, and pressing against the floor. Place your hands in the shape of a cross on your chest, and try to fix a point in front that will be the one you look at during the crunches. Throw your back behind you and with your body straight, supporting your lower back on the ball, and get up to the starting position, that is, you start sitting and you lie down, from there you do the abdominals. Try not to detach your arms from the body, to help you propel the body.

You can perform this exercise in 3 sets of 8 repetitions each.

Built-in jump squats.

Stand up with your back flat and your head up, and then flex your legs, bending your knees, sticking your buttocks out and bringing your interlocked hands together, and quickly from that position, jump up, stretching your whole body, as if you were a feather, helping yourself with your arms, to jump as high as possible. Its three steps, standing up, squatting and standing again. It should be a fast and dynamic exercise.

You can do it in 2 or 3 sets of 6 reps each.

Jumping jack

Stand with your legs straight and together, your arms at your sides, your back straight and your head up looking straight ahead. Start the exercise, taking a small jump while opening your legs and raising your arms above your head, stretching your trunk. The movement must be continuous, open legs with arms up, close legs with arms down. When you raise your arms, you can put your hands together, or give a small clap in the air, to motivate yourself to continue with the exercise.

You can perform the exercise in 2 sets of 15 repetitions each.

Crunch on bar

Hang from the bar of an exercise machine at the gym or one you find in the sports arena of ​​a park in your city. Keep your body extended, gripping the bar tightly and letting your body deadlift. Start by bending your knees and flexing your legs, trying to touch your abdomen with them, and holding for a few seconds in that position and then leaving them extended and in the air again. You can try that once your knees are bent; you stretch your legs in the air, forming an angle of 90º with your trunk, and then lower them little by little and leave your body totally straight.

You can perform the exercise in 2 or 3 sets of 8 repetitions each.

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