8 Sports for Kids

When it comes to sports and children are included in them, certain factors must be taken into account that foster an environment of cooperation, coordination, friendship, brotherhood and competitiveness, among which the latter must be monitored in a larger percentage.

Sport in children generates more coordination and energy so they can do two things at the same time; organize their time by speeding up their mental agility and at the same time, burn excess energy that becomes the main stimulant of children aged between 4 and 12 years.

In addition to all this, the sense of team must prevail, although in some disciplines children tend to be very individualistic, something that must be rejected by all the people who are around or the environment that surrounds the infant.

Values ​​​​are the main option that must be had to help children fend for themselves, be self-sufficient, respect themselves and others and have a sense of good competition to become great people in maturity and training. It is the basis of holding them accountable.

What do you need

In most sports there are many implements that can be similar, but depending on the sport you will need things like the ones we give you below:

  • Swimsuit.
  • Swimming cap.
  • Racquet.
  • tennis uniform
  • Bat.
  • Mask.
  •  Uniform.
  • Ribbons.
  • Tights.
  • Stockings.
  •  Ball.
  • Short shorts.


Children are the main thing in a home and they deserve to have it all, since they are willing to learn everything that can be given to them, improving their way of being in front of others and opening the field to camaraderie, strength that they receive thanks to practicing a sport.

In the union there is strength, for this reason it is important that they learn the concept of being together and united in favor of winning and of course as a team, it is not about doing it individually, which is not the idea and therefore there is to teach it to the children.

In addition, hyperactivity is still a very difficult issue for parents to deal with, and sports are usually a great idea to help children calm down that energy that makes them restless, nervous and full of mischief to do.

Sports in children step by step

  1. Swimming. Swimming consists of moving your body in the water, either in the sea or in a pool, distinguishing figures that the person makes to achieve a distance in the shortest possible time, time in which it takes to reach the required distance. There are several forms of swimming: butterfly, back, free and the main thing about this is to have the strength in the arms to propel you with each stroke and be able to reach the goal in addition to the push in the legs to achieve a greater extension of water traveled.. In children, this sport attracts a lot of attention because they usually like the water, so if you want to see them interested in some discipline, swimming can be a relaxing activity and de-stress for them, in order to always be calmer.
  2. Soccer. Soccer is a sport with the use of the feet, where it is a matter of running a ball on a large field with specific measures, for 90 minutes where the goal is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal, obtaining points for it, which is called goal. It is a sport that requires great resistance because during regulation time you must maintain an average speed to take the ball from the opposing team, which has defenses and centers that are in charge of taking care that they do not score goals. Children are often attracted to this discipline because it is linked to burning the excess energy they have by running and moving from one place to another, in addition to coordination, discipline, strength among many other things is important to them.
  3. Cycling. Cycling is a sport that is characterized by the use of a bicycle that can be in the countryside, on the road or within the city center, being a discipline that is practiced worldwide with a touch of competitiveness, with many awards in different countries.. It usually has the necessary equipment to practice it, especially at the time of falls, being necessary both elbow pads, knee pads, helmets and gloves, in order to prevent children from having injuries of some kind due to bicycle accidents. There is an extreme modality that is mountain biking or the one that is practiced in different parks of any city, doing pirouettes and figures in the air, without falling, although it is more dangerous and presents a high level or degree of difficulty for the boys to whom it attracts a lot of attention.
  4. Basketball. basketball _Like soccer, it is practiced with a ball, with the difference that the rebound is done with the hands, and the field is usually covered and its measurements are usually smaller than in the soccer discipline, but with the same strength and intensity. It is a game that deals with team coordination, according to the plays that you want to make, which are usually coordinated by a specialized coach, who controls the position of each of his players who must put the ball in the basket. Contrary. It is beautiful and very easy to practice as well as appearing less intense than soccer, although the training is strong and is done especially to strengthen the legs, arms and coordination; therefore it can be the ideal sport for your little one if he likes to jump high.
  5. Rhythmic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that can be for both boys and girls, consisting of doing different figures and jumps on the ground to the rhythm of the music, managing to have a good execution of each of the exercises that can be performed in this discipline. It generally draws the attention of boys as well, although it is usually practiced by girls, who have the possibility of maintaining an elasticity typical of years of hard training that helps them to always stay in shape as well as achieve discipline and determination to do better Coda diarist is important to be consistent in this discipline, since the training and being able to do the jumps and figures in the air depends on the way in which the infant takes the initiative or manages to like this type of sports that is practiced at a professional level as well.
  6. Tennis. Tennis is the ball game, but with the difference that it is played with a racket to be able to pass the ball, which is small and green, to the opposite side of the court in order to score points and beat the opponent. It requires a lot of concentration and it is a fairly elegant sport that can be practiced by both children and young people of both sexes and at a very early age, making the figures are made with style and achieve the goal achieved, which is to win at all costs. Although it often looks boring, it has its moments of exciting climax, generating expectations in the players and in each of the fans in one way or another; it is played by two people, and in addition to that there are also world-wide competitions.
  7. Athletics. Athletics is a sport that has spawned great heroes throughout history, such as the great Jesse Owens, who challenged Hitler himself on his own turf, as well as being an important sport that stimulates leg strength and endurance. Athletics have several disciplines, among which races and jumps stand out, therefore it is a good solution so that your children can achieve discipline, perseverance and above all they can get to release energy within the field of this sport. In general, a warm-up is usually done to avoid ankle injuries, as well as to achieve the highest concentration that can stimulate an organization when carrying out any activity of this type; on the other hand it requires constancy and perseverance.
  8. Baseball. Baseball is a sport that has transcended borders, becoming an important benefit for those players who have come out of extreme poverty, becoming the best in the world, making it a sport that achieves dreams in those who practice it. These are two teams that include the pitcher and the batter, not worsening those who are in the surroundings who take care of the strength of each of their players, consisting of being a sport of a small white ball, which must be batted to the farthest reaches of the field. When the pitch ell throws the ball, the batter of the opposing team must hit it with the bat, and when he manages to make it run down the field stopping at the three bases in which he is divided so as not to be taken out of the game,

Each one of the disciplines comes to have its great importance, leaving it to the child who decides which one he likes; any of these and many others that have not been named is ideal for the child to practice, so let him decide.


  • Buy all the material or equipment to avoid injuries.
  • Let your child choose his favorite sport.
  • Find out which discipline is practiced in your city

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