5 Watersports

When you say water, you already know that it can be any of those that are on planet earth, call it sweet or salty and when you hear sport, and put those two words together, you must keep in mind what sports are practiced in water, and here you show at least 5 of them.

Water sports are those that are carried out in the water and have the purpose of allowing a series of benefits in the body, in the opportunity to achieve good health, in addition to being in tune with the entire environment that surrounds you, which are simply the rivers, lakes or even the sea.

There are combinations between and one and other sports that are carried out in the water, although they can also be joined to different disciplines outside the water such as the triathlon, which begins with swimming and is practiced in the water, but apart from this there are also many that use this item.

For this reason, the sports that are practiced in the water are many and very diverse, where a little speed, determination, resistance, strength, and the best reflexes are needed to improvise in the face of any contingency, especially those that need a boat inside the teams.

Water sports have different characteristics, in addition to the equipment, implements and clothing, but there is a factor that is common to all, which is the water element, essential to be able to practice them, therefore athletes are offered various means to be able to carry them out.

What do you need

  • Toilet.
  • Beach.
  • River.
  • Lake.
  • Table.
  • Candle.
  • Boat.
  • Swimsuits.
  • Lifejacket.
  • timed time
  •  Fun.
  •  Adrenaline.


Water sports are those that you can do in swimming pools, lakes, rivers, seas, among many other media as long as they have water as a means to practice them, in addition, some are more difficult and dangerous than others, and with a variety of rules. And physical activities.

There are many among which we can mention those performed with the whole body such as water polo, swimming, synchronized swimming, diving among many and those that need a boat, board or other implement such as surfingwindsurfingsailing sports, among others.

The ideal is to know the characteristics of each one to see which of them is important for you to like and thus begin to practice it to seek unbeatable health, a fitness body as well as achieve the necessary concentration to do it well.

So are water sports

Water sports can be classified into:

  1. In the water: they are the ones that you must be submerged or semi submerged with your body in the water. Examples: Swimming jumps, among others.
  2. On the water: they are those that are carried out on the surface of the water, such as rafting, water skiing, and windsurfing, among others.
  3. Underwater: they are those that are carried out below the surface of the water, among which diving can be mentioned.

5 water sports that we can mention are presented below:

  1. Free diving is the discipline that is practiced under water and that has the characteristic of submerging to a certain depth without carrying an oxygen tank to be able to breathe in the water, only with the lungs that the athlete can hold.
  2. Swimming in pool. It is a water sport that is usually practiced in any pool, although competition pools usually have divisions for the participants, serving to lose weight, take care of the cardiovascular system and reduce body mass.
  3. It is the water sport that consists of jumping into the void from different heights, giving different turns and figures in the air before falling into a pool, for this reason it is determined as a high-risk sport.
  4. Water polo. Water polo is a water sport where there are usually two container teams facing each other in a pool, with a mesh that separates them and a ball that they must pass from one side to the other. It is very similar to volleyball.
  5. It is the water sport that requires discipline, resistance, strength in the arms and legs, as well as the necessary concentration to keep up with the boat, which must go at high speed to beat the opposing team.

Notice that:

  1. There are many water sports that require extraordinary strength, for example, surfing, in which the athlete must fight the waves in order to reach the sand standing on the board that takes him through it. .
  2. In addition to all this, extreme water sports like the previous one, have their degree of difficulty, through which there must be certain parameters to follow to avoid any incident, so if you like adrenaline you can practice an extreme water sport.
  3. Some water sports that are practiced in it can be mentioned below: diving, kayaking, synchronized swimming, sport fishing, scuba diving, sailing, trampoline jumping, among many others that have to do with water.
  4. Despite the belief that swimming was the only sport to practice in the water, you can see that this is not the case, since previously we named only a sample of all the sports that you may have in mind of wanting to know.
  5. Many of these sports are Olympic, and all over the world there are athletes who have carried the name of their country high, having the possibility of doing a rewarding activity, having the best health and of course winning medals in it.
  6. Among water sports, the best known is swimming, and of four different styles: backstroke, butterfly, front crawl and free or fathoms, due to the long strokes and forward that must be given to advance in the water, for this reason it is the most known.
  7. Despite this, a good knowledge about other water sports is already being evidenced and that of course involves a risk to be able to practice them, despite everything that involves danger, emotion, adrenaline and water, which is the main thing.
  8. In many of the sports, the body also plays an important role, since figures must be made with which to demonstrate a technique in the air and then fall into the water; this is the dive, the trampoline jump, among others.
  9. It is important to note that in some water sports speed and technique prevail and in others it is execution and, of course, making the maneuver as clean as possible, together with the possibility of having an athletic body.
  10. Athletes greatly enjoy the disciplines that occur in these sports, since the water is relaxing while allowing the possibility of carrying out their activity, so the most important thing is to enjoy the moment as well as having fun.
  11. Water sports competitions take place all over the world, and only the fastest, most intrepid, adventurous and energetic dare to perform stunts and different activities inside, on the surface or under the water.


  • Avoid eating before any discipline that indicates entering the water, to avoid poor digestion.
  • Always wear sunscreen.
  • Each discipline has its defined elements to practice it, so it must be taken into account to have the correct one for each one of them.

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