20 Perfect Songs for Exercise

Choosing good songs to exercise is essential if we want to maximize our performance when it comes to weight training, contact sports or even going for a run.

Music is one of the greatest aphrodisiacs that exist, since it is one of those things that allow us to increase our strength, our resistance and, ultimately, make us achieve an improvement in our physical and mental performance when we listen to them.

This is because music activates certain areas of our brain related to pleasure and motivation. If we use the correct music, we will be much more motivated to train than if we do, since these areas will be activated and we will achieve the desired effect.

Within my own experience I can tell you that the difference is very noticeable in going to train with good music or not going to train with good music. I’ve gotten more reps, hit the bag harder, and had better stamina with a good playlist of songs than with poor quality music or no music.

The bad thing about this is that gyms don’t always play the ideal music to exercise, not even the radios. The weight room is flooded with commercial music that does not give you any positive feeling, something that makes us train unmotivated, which makes us give up or not achieve the results we expect from that training.

The alternative is always to bring our own songs, something that is not as easy as it seems. As there are songs that transmit more emotions than others, you should look for a certain type of song for each event, which transmits some emotions or others when training, something that not everyone achieves.

If you are one of those people who cannot get excited about their songs and train correctly, I will bring you my own playlist for training, which contains music from three different styles, which will help you achieve your goals faster than anyone else.

Hip hop:

I have always liked to train with rap or hip hop music, as it is music that really shows the emotions that I want to feel when training. It is a music that, although it is calmer, helps you feel more motivated, because it speaks a lot about the ego and tells stories of overcoming. I like it mostly for martial arts training, because it’s not as fast as other styles of music. The list contains songs by famous rappers like Eminem and some Spanish rap, all music that motivates you to keep going.

  • Eminem: Cinderella Men
  • Eminem: Fight music:
  • Where da Hood: DMX:
  • SFDK; Oscar dominates.
  • SFDK: Born on Asphalt:
  • Ray Jones Jr.- Can’t be Touched:
  • Eminem ft. Nate Dog – Till I Collapse


USA hard rock guitars always motivate me to keep going and get one more rep out of training. Rock is above all very explosive music and the songs I have chosen always make me work harder, with more explosiveness. Therefore, it is the best style of music for weight training, especially if it is a very heavy weight, since it always helps me to pull and push with a little more force. The playlist has a bit of everything, all in English, since the songs on the playlist are explosive, fast American rock that transmits a lot of strength, since that is what I seek to cause my body.

  • Beast by rob bailey
  • Bring it on by Nathaniel Dawkins:
  • Bullets And Octane I Isn’t Your Savior:
  • POD – Boom:
  • Three Days Grace – Riot:
  • Drowning Pool – The Game
  • God smack- I Stand Alone
  • Thousand Foot Krutch – Phenomenon


Finally we have electronic music, music that although many people associate it with partying, others associate it with well-being. Although this music is not as explosive and motivating as other songs, it has something special that makes you feel good. Therefore, the playlist that I have prepared for you is going to help you have good feelings one day when you are down and you don’t feel like training. I have also prepared some songs related to Zees, the bodybuilding legend that inspired millions of people to train and that he became a myth for dying young. I’ve also put in more explosive dub step type songs, to also get a little more motivation apart from improving your mood when it comes to lifting a lot of weight. It is also a very good music to go for a run, since the good sensations it transmits will make you forget that you are running out of air.

  • Find Yourself Zees Edition
  • Amici: Levels:
  • Meg & Die: Monster Dote Remix:
  • Amici-Silhouettes:
  • W&W – Alpha (Original Mix)

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