How to Do a Riley in Kite surfing

One of the first tricks unhooked with the kite in power kite surfing is the riley. The relay is the initiation trick to the world of the new school in kite surfing that deals with a maneuver where you have to jump by extending your body as much as possible, jumping as high as possible with the board on your head. Today we are going to teach you how to make Kite surf riley. Let’s go ahead!

What do you need

  •  Necessary accessories for Kite surfing
  • Have practiced before and have basic notions about Kite surfing


  1. At first, the first thing we will do to make the best riley, will be to take our kite and place it at 45 degrees. It is essential to have a great speed and cut hard, we must keep this in mind at all times.
  2. Next we are going to drop quickly to long and in this way gain a lot of speed. While we unhook it is necessary to keep the hands centered on the bar throughout the trick, in this way we can maintain a fair stability for our kite.
  3. The next step is to cut hard when we feel a good sensation of speed, we must not lose the tension of the lines by exceeding our length and we must press very hard on the heels to make the cut.
  4. In case of carrying out these steps previously exposed correctly, our table will take off from the water and this will be the right moment to extend the body as much as possible on the table to get on our head.
  5. Next we must prepare the reception. To do this we keep our hands centered and in this way try to keep the kite from moving. Before ironing we must look at the water, selecting the legs to have total control of the reception, for this we must lower the center of gravity and join the bar with the hip as best we can.


  • It is important that we begin to try this trick with little power, and as we feel more confident, gradually increase the strength of the kite.
    We must bear in mind that it is necessary to join hands on the bar at all times.

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