The Best Sports for the summer

Are your summer vacations approaching and you don’t find what to do in your free time? This is the right time for recreation, to get away from the madding crowd and take a time of well-deserved rest.

Summer is an excellent opportunity to set goals and fulfill dreams. This time of year offers a range of possibilities; in the air, the sea or the mountains there are countless things to do, especially to explore in the sports area. In this way you will not only have the opportunity to have a cool time but also to keep fit.

There are classic sports to practice: surfing, beach volleyball, but there are other interesting sports and activities to explore.There are sports activities that merit a monetary cost, others very simple that do not require a major investment.

Some sports require prior physical and mental preparation. However, do not limit yourself to practice what you want. Just analyze your priorities, including your pocket. The important thing is that you have a good time with the sports activity you choose.

Choosing a sport to do in summer does not necessarily have to have its purpose. Simply for the joy of doing it is more than enough. The important thing is that in summer there are endless possibilities for sports that you cannot miss.

Listen to your body and know its own needs, looking for your spaces of freedom and changing certain rigid attitudes that do not allow you to make important transformations in your life. Take advantage of the energy of the summer heat to dedicate some exclusive time to yourself.

Are you from the beach or the mountains, risks or tranquility? It doesn’t matter, sport is an opportunity to keep fit during the summer and, at the same time, clear your mind of the stress of work and obligations.


Each sport demands of you concentration, discipline, aptitude, dedication, desire, effort, enthusiasm, adventurous spirit and resistance. If you have one of these characteristics, you can choose one of the options that we will present below.



Surfing is a sport that involves a great risk for those who practice it, since it is necessary to be aware that it is a challenge to nature. You need a lot of determination and concentration.

On a physical level, enough practice and training, however, the results in terms of your muscle development are extremely good. The fact of selecting the right wave favors your aerobic resistance, balance and flexibility.

You don’t necessarily have to buy the whole kit; there are stores that rent the wetsuit and the board and their price varies depending on the school.


Diving is a sport of great experiences. You cannot imagine everything that exists at the bottom of the sea. So many species of flora and fauna that will leave you speechless, and you will only want to tell your friends and family about your experiences when your vacation is over.

There are two ways to practice diving. You can launch with a snorkel. This is cheaper, and you can cover many larger stretches of water. While diving with a compressed air tank requires training and each dive has its cost. They can be sessions of 30 to 50 minutes.

 Stand up paddle boarding or paddle surfing

It is a sport that does not establish age limits or conditions. It can be done in calm waters and in waters with a certain force.

It consists of standing on a surfboard and helping the mobilization with the impulse of a single oar. With it you can reach any corner of the beach, while the same effort helps you burn calories and strengthen your muscles.

The boards have different prices; however, you can rent it. This last option is preferable, in case you do not decide on this sport, so you will not lose your money.


It is a highly difficult sport, because descending a river using the force of nature to control the boat with just the oars puts your senses and sanity on alert. This sport is only suitable for daring people.

There are strict security measures to practice it that you must take into account.

Beach, River and Mountain

 Beach volleyball

Without realizing it, it is an integral sport. Running, throwing the ball across the net and keeping your arms outstretched, jumping and bending your legs to finish off, are exercises typical of this sport.

With this beach activity you activate many muscles of the body that can shape your figure in less than you expect. But you must do it as a routine.


 If you suffer from vertigo, we do not recommend this sport. Height is the challenge. Agility and resistance are the components to be able to practice it because as you ascend more difficulties you will find, for this reason it becomes a risky sport.


This sport combines two skills: climbing and gymnastics. It has become very popular and can be enjoyed with friends or with your partner.

It consists of descending from a ravine and going through a series of obstacles typical of a river: canyons and ravines. This sport requires specific skills, special equipment, even training and experience because, in a way, it is an extreme sport.


To strengthen aerobic resistance and your legs, hiking is a good option. Do not do it alone, look for your family to go through the different hills that the geography of Spain offers you. You will surely spend unforgettable moments when you come into contact with nature.

 Speed Minton

It is a version of badminton. It is special to strengthen the legs, arms and shoulders, even if you want to achieve firmness in the chest. It is a really entertaining sport and you will not notice how time flies. After a 30 minute session you will have burned enough calories.


Who with the intense heat of summer does not want to take a dip in the pool or on the beach to cool off? However, as well as a recreational activity, it is a sport that you should not stop practicing and it is for all ages.

Swimming favors the functioning of the respiratory system, the capacity, as well as the heart and blood circulation. If you practice the strokes you strengthen the muscles of the back and shoulders, which are usually neglected.

If you practice it on the beach, it will require a greater resistance than the tranquility of the pool.



  • This sport has its advantages since you can do it anywhere. If you simply want to distract yourself for an hour daily and burn calories, practice this sport. You can find a partner so that you do not abandon this routine in a short time.


If you want to enjoy moments of relaxation and with your family, golf is the perfect sport. It does not require greater physical effort, but it does require high concentration and dexterity. 

What do you need

  • Vests.
  • Safety helmets.
  • Lanterns.
  • Compressed air tubes (optional).
  • Snorkel (optional).
  • oars
  • Surfboards.
  • Cap.
  • Sunscreen.


  1. Even when you are on vacation, you cannot forget the care your skin requires. You should also use sunscreen because most sports are played outdoors.
  2. Sunscreen should be applied half an hour before exercising and should be applied according to your skin type, especially if it is sensitive. It must be on the entire face, including the ears, nose, neck and hands, etc.
  3. Wear a cap and sunglasses to help the blocker do his job.
  4. Depending on the sport you will need suitable clothing. Otherwise, use fresh clothes with light fabrics and light colors.
  5. Before doing sports you should eat; however, do not overindulge in food. Do not eat anything heavy and not minutes before exercise as it can cause indigestion.
  6. There are special hours to practice running, do not do it at four in the afternoon because you can suffer a heat stroke. The combination of high temperatures with excess summer heat is disastrous.
  7. Even when you do water sports, you should still hydrate, because you lose a lot of electrolytes (salts) and water. For this reason you should accompany the water with isotonic drinks to replenish the minerals lost during exercise, you will avoid injuries and greatly improve your performance. You should drink water before, during and at the end of all physical exercise.
  8. When it is a risky sport, you are advised to take preparation or induction Do not throw yourself out of the blue to want to catch a wave because you can end up injured on the shore.
  9. If you are not experienced in extreme sports, ask for the help of specialized people or guides.
  10. If you only have free time during the midday hours, join a gym; but do not demand a useless and dangerous effort from the body for the sole desire to practice a sport in the open air.
  11. When you feel fatigue, dizziness or nausea when practicing a sport, you should report it immediately, especially if you are new. It may be that you have not prepared your body enough for training or you have made a mistake in your diet.
  12. It is recommended that before going on summer vacation, you take a few days to put your things in order. Surely you have enough time. Because if you leave pending things for later, when you return you will have an accumulation of obligations that may end up in stress, and you will lose the time you invested in rest.
  13. You can’t disconnect from reality either. You must leave your contact numbers and location because you cannot isolate yourself from the world.

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