The Best Sports for Children That They Can Practice

All parents want their children to be healthy and grow up happy and it is clear that, to achieve this, it is necessary to have adequate nutrition, a healthy environment and practice some type of sport so that children learn to play with more people and improve their health. And fitness. The problem is that many times parents do not know which are the best sports for children and do not know if there is one that is better or worse depending on their age.

How to know which are the best sports for children

Well, if this is your case, welcome to dotcoms! We want to use this space for you to learn which the best sports are for children and which ones are best for them to practice according to their age range. Are you ready? In that chaos, let’s begin!

Some first recommendations to choose the best sports for children

First of all, it is important to bear in mind that choosing a sport for children is a decision that must be made in consensus between parents and children. It is very important to respect children’s taste and not force them to practice a sport that they do not like or with which they do not feel comfortable. Forget about your child becoming the best soccer player in the neighborhood because you loved soccer as a child (although he may not like it that much) or your little girl being the next most important rhythmic gymnast in Spain because you little girl you loved to play with the hoop.

The best sports for children between 3 and 5 years old

For the kings of the house, the smallest and most mischievous, the practice of swimming is recommended above any other sport. Swimming is recommended primarily because it helps develop motor skills, endurance, coordination, and some discipline. In addition, as they improve with it, they will learn the importance of effort and good results.

Before practicing this or any other sport, remember to consult the pediatrician beforehand to make sure that the little one does not suffer from any type of respiratory or physical problem that prevents them from practicing sport, or at least some specific type. At this age it is convenient that they do not practice more than 3 or 4 hours a week of sports activities.

The best sports for children between 5 and 7 years old

Our little monsters are already growing up, and the variation in the sports activities to be practiced must also do so. In this period, children begin to acquire much more awareness of their body and tire less easily. They have full energy and it is important that they practice some type of sport with which they feel satisfied and happy. In addition, they begin to interact with other children and understand the meaning of friendship. For this reason it is interesting that, in addition to practicing individual sports activities, they begin to work as a team.

He thinks that the sport they practice during these years will mark their abilities and tastes forever and will be the basis for developing different skills and physical abilities. Being older, the range of possibilities expands. In addition, as they are older they are already beginning to develop their own tastes and it is normal for them to want to start choosing for themselves the sporting activity that they like the most. It may be interesting to continue with swimming, introduce some martial arts, such as karate or judo, and start with group activities such as basketball, soccer or volleyball.

The best sports for children between 8 and 9 years old

From this age, it is the moment in which children truly begin to show their true affinity towards the sport. It will be here when you know if your little one is going to want to become an elite athlete or if he simply practices sports because he likes it, it is entertaining and he can play with the rest of his friends. If you opt for the first line, that is, wanting to make sport more than just a hobby, it will be time to start competing in some kind of discipline. However, despite the fact that your little one’s passion is immense, it is the right time to deal with them as parents. Think that sports races are really very hard and require incredible discipline and time. If your son decides to try his luck but changes his mind over the years, don’t overwhelm him or make him think it’s throwing in the towel. No one has to sacrifice his life for him or his happiest years to win this or those medals. Keep this in mind and do not force your hopes and desires to satiate your ego. Always think about what is best for your child and that what is truly important is that he be a healthy, happy child and that he can live happily and happily. Perhaps it is not worth sacrificing so many years for achievements and money.

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