Soccer – Benefits and Drawbacks

Soccer is the most practiced and followed sport around the world. Despite its British origin, South America is the continent, along with Europe, where there is more love for this sport. All children dream of earning the same money as Leo Messy. Football, like everything in life, has numerous benefits and drawbacks for all those who practice it.

The main football practices

Soccer is also a very versatile sport where numerous types of roles coexist on the field. To begin with, there are the goalkeepers who have the objective of defending their goal and avoiding goals that put their team below on the scoreboard. They have the advantage that inside the area they can play with their hands except when they receive the ball from a pass from their teammate. Their main training sessions are aimed at enhancing their reflexes with their feet and hands, in different circumstances such as shots from the top, at grass level… At the same time, they also try to make them strong players in the air game. In fact, it is often said that when a goalkeeper is good in this facet, he gives a lot of peace to all the defenders around him on set pieces...

To help the goalkeeper are the defenders. Your mission is to prevent them from shooting at the goal and get the ball played. Therefore, tactical rigor is crucial to achieve good coordination between the entire defensive lines. Thus, numerous training sessions are intended to teach all of them to take the offside. In addition, the aerial game is also enhanced, especially to face those teams that enjoy a good long movement of the ball and are skilled in strategic plays. A good defense must also be able to go well on court and, increasingly, modern football demands a good start with the ball played, imitating the style that Guard Iola began to use in the Barco of the six titles.

A lineup in a football team is completed by the midfielders and the forwards. The midfield players are in charge of building and distributing the game. However, there are more and more variants to play in midfield. Fast football dominates, playing at first touch with constant walls seeking to dismantle the tactical framework of the opposing team. While some midfielders are especially adept at passing, others are capable of breaking down a line and finishing it off themselves with a long shot. For this reason, strategy plays, quick passes, dribbling, long shots and long movements are rehearsed in training. The strikers are those players with whom the midfield players must connect. In turn, there are also multiple types of strikers. There are those who are true killers in the area, who only have the goal between their eyebrows and whose success rate is really high. There are also those who are more skilled with the ball at their feet, but who also have a goal. Thus, scoring goals by practicing breaking unchecks looking to give passing lines to midfielders. The shots on goal, the header, and the overflow from three quarters of the field to inside the area are other requirements that must be mastered by all those players who live near the opponent’s area.

Benefits of playing soccer

Football, in addition to being the world’s mass sport, also offers enormous benefits. One of the main ones is its practicality since it can be played practically anywhere. It is enough to have a ball and four backpacks to be able to build a field in which to play a game or simply hit a few shots. Likewise, it also stimulates some fundamental values ​​for the capitalist world in which we live, such as the competitive spirit. In addition, it is a team game so in order to win matches it is necessary to put teamwork into practice.

Likewise, on a physical level, it is, together with tennis, one of the best sports to practice. It is ideal for losing calories and toning the entire lower body with the muscles of the legs, from the quadriceps to the calves. In fact, numerous recent studies report that playing soccer provides greater cardiovascular benefits than simply going for a daily jog. However, many people recognize that chasing a ball gives them greater motivation than running without any direction and alone on many occasions. It is perfect to carry out an exhaustive control of our weight, in addition to losing fat.

On a social level, it is also an amazing way to meet people and make friends. Many children sign up for football and find a hard core of friends there. However, not only the smallest can benefit from this reality in teams. At the amateur or semi-professional level, there are numerous groups of people who organize matches or even tournaments. It doesn’t hurt to stop by from time to time to practice the sport you like the most and meet people with the same interests. On some occasions, the girls are also encouraged to play at a mixed level with the men, so who knows if playing football you can

Possible drawbacks of football

On the other hand, football can also have some drawbacks. Although it does not reach the height of other sports such as mixed martial arts, there is contact that can cause physical damage. In fact, one of the most common injuries is a meniscus or cruciate tear that can leave you in dry dock for about half a year. In the aerial game, situations with blood also occur. Without going any further, not long ago an Athletic de Madrid player like Diego Godin lost up to three teeth in a crash. Therefore, these aspects must also be assessed when choosing the position in which we want to play.

If we choose to dedicate ourselves to a more professional way, unfortunately soccer is one of the sports where violence between fans and the players themselves reigns. In matches with tight scores, or where there is a greater rivalry, matches can end with blows and insults. Before getting fully involved, or targeting our children, in a sport like this we must also value it. Children play soccer to have fun and have a good time. However, some parents do not understand it that way and want to turn their very young children into future soccer stars. If this is your case, if you don’t want to put too much pressure on your son, don’t sign him up to play a mass sport like this. This may not be your case, but it may be that of some other parent who plays with your child.

However, when deciding whether to play football, one must balance the arguments of the two bands and see what compensates more. The majority, despite the inconveniences that the practice of football can represent, end up choosing to jump into the void and start playing this sport.

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