Running Tips

To start running you must be aware of whether your body is in the acceptable conditions to do so, taking into account that the intensity must gradually rise, especially if you have never exercised or have led a sedentary life, so we give you tips for running.

What is running? It is the way to move at high speed using your feet for it, in addition to putting all the weight of your body on them to be able to achieve it in a more agile way and thus reach the place that is usually called the goal or arrival.

In terms of health, running benefits you by toning your muscles as well as cleaning the arteries so that the blood can circulate freely and carry oxygen throughout the body. Likewise, breathing intensifies thanks to the strengthening of the lungs.

In addition to this, by running you have the possibility of keeping fit and achieving a desired figure, since you help burn fat, eliminate toxins, maintain a flat abdomen by stimulating the fat that you have accumulated, which will give you weight loss.

What do you need

  •  Sports shoes.
  •  Comfortable clothes.
  •  Place to run.
  • Blood test.
  • Physical check.
  • Chronometer.
  • 1 hour daily.
  • Do rest intervals.


Before starting to run in a stronger way as well as routinely, if you have never done exercises, it is necessary to start with routine blood tests to know how your body is also go to a specialist and be able to verify that you are fit to perform this exercise.

The main thing you have to take into account to do it is first the motivation with which you have decided to make the determination to run, age, in addition to the physical state and health in which you find yourself, in order to answer the level of which you must face.

To begin with, the beginner level is ideal for later increasing strength and power to be able to carry out the races, carrying out some races and subsequent rest, at more or less equal intervals in order to have the possibility of later doing it without rest.

Running guidelines

  1. When starting an exercise that involves running, you must take into account the possibility of acquiring the necessary resistance to endure a session of one or more hours of running, in addition to the strength to do it, planning well the form and the place where you train.
  2. To start running if you are a beginner, it is best to establish times of 25 to 40 minutes with a light jog that accommodates the body to perform this same exercise according to the strength and resistance needs that we talked about in point 1.
  3. Keep in mind that the clothes to wear must be very comfortable, including tennis or sports shoes and denim clothing with which you can sweat while running to eliminate toxins and fat, through sweat and if you wish, put on balls so that you sweat more.
  4. Breathing is important, so when you start running you must keep in mind the willingness to take in air through the nose, carrying oxygen throughout the body, in the inspiration process and expel it through the mouth to eliminate toxins such as CO2 with expiration.
  5. The arms must go in unison with the speed and pace with which you run, taking into account that the hands are closed and never open, otherwise you must move them so that the body loosens up and thus the muscles do not suffer much.
  6. Carry out a previous warm-up before running that goes from the feet to the head, so that the body warms up and is thus prepared to carry out the physical activity to which it will be subjected later, avoiding any injury.
  7. You can take the initiative to share your love of running with any neighbor or colleague at work and thus not abandon the possibility of training enough before time, in order to achieve motivation to carry out the activity.
  8. To improve the way you do the exercises, achieving resistance more quickly, you must accompany the pre-warm-up by stretching every muscle in your body and thus achieve the perfect workout to get in shape.
  9. Running has to do with following the same pace and enduring the time defined by you so that the exercise is carried out by virtue of what you want to achieve in the body, whether it is to lose weight, keep fit or simply for health.
  10. It is possible that during the long sessions of running, you will have to rest a little but yes, the movement of the legs should be maintained slightly since the body has achieved a general warm-up with which you will resist all the way.
  11. Perseverance is one of the qualities that you must maintain in this exercise, which will improve your immune system, strengthening the fact of avoiding cardiovascular diseases as well as respiratory ones, always maintaining the proper pace.
  12. The diet to which you submit your body must be full of proteins, minerals, vitamins and of course those foods that give you energy so that you can last as long as necessary according to the training you want to choose.
  13. Everything plays an important role taking into account that each level is linked to the other in a special way, taking into account that in each of them the level of resistance increases having three types: initial, medium and advanced according to the time of exercise and speed.
  14. The strides must be according to the height you have, therefore it is better to make them short when you are short and thus you do not get tired wanting to travel long distances with long strides, as well as if you are tall and want an extreme training, it is best to go step by step. Step.
  15. If at any time you feel tired or have pain in your joints or abdomen, rest for a moment and resume your breath as long as you continue to maintain the rhythm of your breathing by gradually inhaling or exhaling.
  16. Set the goal of losing weight, keeping your body healthy and healthy, in addition to maintaining your figure; remember that running can give you everything you want in a fun way, also outdoors without having to be in a gym.


  • Try to drink enough liquid to keep up and exercise without stopping for this vital liquid.
  • Treat exercise as fun and enjoyable in consideration of other activities.
  • Start with an initial speed, increase to medium, and then do it at a speed that you feel comfortable with.
  • Running is one of the most complete exercises to take care of your health; we recommend you do it every day.
  • You can also try to do races that have a smooth speed where, in addition to everything, you maintain the rhythm and level of training.
  • Constancy is what can make you achieve your goals.
  • Remember that health is also achieved by maintaining a balanced diet, sporadic medical check-ups, and blood tests and of course exercise.

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