Reebok Nano: Tips and Advantages

In recent years, the word Cross fit has been heard, although many are still not very clear about what it is. Cross fit is a discipline of high intensity training with very varied exercises. It is based on weight lifting with the maximum possible for each person and that in training it does not differentiate between sizes and ages, only between sexes. An example is that women should lift 15 kilos on the barbell and men 20 kilos, regardless of the size of each person. It consists of doing the maximum possible repetitions in the stipulated time and with the greatest weight that can be taken.

As a result of this discipline that is having so much success and that so many gyms have opened for those interested to practice it, sports brands put on their boots and never better said, to be up to the task. At this point, Reebok rose from the ashes and overtook other competing brands. How did he do it? Creating a new line of sports shoes: the Reebok Nano, specially designed for this type of training. In fact, its original name is Reebok Cross fit Nano.

Reebok became the official supplier of Cross fit-licensed footwear and sportswear in 2011, and it was then that it launched the first footwear for this type of competition based on high-intensity exercises. Since that first sport, Reebok has been improving them and adding accessories to them, reaching version 6.0 of it.

A year after the first, Reebok launched the 2.0 with a wider toe box to improve the stability of the athlete’s foot. The brand takes advantage of the Cross fit games that take place every year to launch its new collection and attract buyers. In 2013 Nano 3.0 appeared with forefoot cushioning and heel stabilization with the dual-density platform. Additionally, the shoe had a protective layer on the midsole reducing the chance of fraying, and also allows for more stability during climbs. Reebok did not want to stop improving the shoes that had been a success, and that is why each year they continued to bring out a new model: in 2014 it was the turn of the Nano 4.0 with a layer of drayage protection on the front of the shoe and more wrap to give durability. Stiffer sole to provide more grip and stability than previous models. A year later, Reebok used Kevlar, which is a light, man-made fiber that has great heat resistance for their Reebok Nano 5.0.

As they are shoes subject to abuse and great efforts, the brand wants its latest versions to be more durable and resistant than the previous ones. Another marked objective is the weight of the sports shoe; they are very light to make it easier for the athlete who has to lift heavy weights.

If there is something wrong with this brand, it is that not all its models are available in all countries, that running long distances with them is not the most advisable, because they are not prepared for it and that if you want to customize them, the price will increase.

Although the latter is a con but also a pro. Who does not want to have unique sneakers that only he wears? Reebok Nano allows it, making it possible for you to customize the sneakers as you like. Of course, the price will increase according to the modifications you want to make.

Best sellers

Right now the Reebok Nano 6.0 costs 129.95 euros and comes default in three colors, which can be customized. Once you choose one of the sneakers, under the purchase button you will find the one to personalize. Click on it and you will see the great variety there is.

  1. First select your shoe size.
  2. Choose the color of the base, the toe cap, the lining and the logo. So that you know at all times what each name refers to, there is a drawing of the shoe and the corresponding part is selected in the color you choose. When you have each one, hit ok so you can continue.
  3. After selecting the main part you will go to the sole and the mid-sole.
  4. Almost finishing with the selection of colors you will have to choose the upper part, such as the tongue, the laces and the lining. Also here you can choose to add some additional laces for 2.5 euros more.
  5. Now you only have the back of your Reebok Nano 6.0 and you will have the trainer ready.
  6. When you are clear that this is how you want your sport, a process that will take you a while due to the number of combinations there are and how risky it can be to have to choose so many colors, you can save or buy. In the lower right part you will see the price at which the shoe has risen for all the colors and details that you have been adding. Adding a color to each part and selecting additional laces, the price of the Reebok Nano 6.0 amounts to 157.45 euros. Almost 30 euros more than the basic one, but with the difference that you are sure that this sports car will not be owned by anyone but you.
  7. Point to the buy now button and you will see the purchase summary, in which there is also a delivery charge of 9 euros. Finally your Reebok Nano 6.0 stays at a price of 167.35 euros. Hit checkout and you’re almost done.
  8. Now you will have to put all the data and take into account that, because they have to be personalized, they will take 4 weeks to arrive. In the event that you bought the base model, it would only take between 6 and 8 business days. Here there is a big difference and it is that if you are not convinced by the bases, you can return them without any problem, but if the personalized ones are not to your liking you will have to keep them because they have been designed exclusively for you. So the best thing you can do, in addition to being very clear about the colors you choose, is to go to a Reebok store and check the foot you use, since the smallest number is 38.5 in the case of men and 35 in the female Case. It is not going to be that they are not worth it and you cannot do anything when they arrive, since you can only return them if there is a defect,
  9. Once you enter all the personal and credit card information, you will only have to wait for your Reebok Nano 6.0 to arrive at the address you have selected and you can enjoy your Cross fit training with the appropriate equipment.


In the summer period the sales for the brand have begun, so the previous versions have quite competitive prices. At the moment the cheapest Nano are those of version 4.0 that do not reach 50 euros and are in a very wide variety of colors; and after these are the 2.0, which have little to do with the current model, but whose price does not exceed 75 euros. Very competitive prices for shoes that have great advantages in the world of Cross fit.

Until now and until other brands are launched into the market of shoes for the Cross fit discipline, the Reebok Nano are the best version on the market to practice this sport. Its low weight, its hard fabric and its variety of colors attract the attention of Cross fit lovers. In addition, the quality it offers and the reliability of being the official brand of the new type of training will never are offered by other competing brands. Take advantage and get some and you will notice the difference of doing a high intensity training with Reebok Nano compared to other shoes. Equipment is very important when training and even more so if it’s as hard as Cross fit, don’t risk doing it with equipment that isn’t the right one because you’ll regret it in the long run.

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