How to Skydive

Who more or who less has the illusion or the dream of being able to fly, something that has happened over the years.

The dream of being able to fly is as old as the time humans have been on Earth. It is difficult to know exactly everything, but here are some facts about the history of skydiving.


The Chinese were the forerunners of this great idea that was skydiving. They created a kind of umbrella to jump from special towers.

They could not be considered parachutes, but if we can say that they were the first attempts, that were the first idea.

Then in the fifteenth century we find the great artist Leonardo da Vinci, who apart from being an artist, was a mathematician, engineer, scientist and designer. He first studied the flight of birds, and drew the conclusions from it, the basis of today’s aeronautics.

The parachute that Da Vinci designed was pyramidal in shape, this parachute would not evolve, but the truth is that today it is considered “The father of skydiving”.

Then in the year 1616 we find Faust de Vernation (also Italian) who publishes a book called «Machine nova» in which he puts a drawing he calls «Homo violins», and which is something similar to Da Vinci’s, and this is very similar to the one used in the so-called sports skydiving.

In 1779 we have Sebastian Le Normand, a physicist who made several studies with parachutes launching animals.

But then we already have Jean Pierre Blanchard who was dedicated to flying in a balloon, he devised and built the first parachute with a silk dome. But he wanted to try it and in his attempt he broke his legs.

The first parachute jump, and without any problem, was made by André Jacques Garnering in 1797. Later, in 1798, his wife made it, who would be the first woman to jump by parachute.

Since then the parachute has certainly evolved for the better and today it is a very safe method.

The dream of flight

We have all dreamed of throwing ourselves into the air with open arms, going through clouds or simply falling.

The desire to fly belongs to everyone, so I am going to tell you the guidelines for how to jump with a parachute.

Jumping from a plane without more, we can with our arms and legs as wings, they will let us do one thing or another, do thousands of pirouettes in the air, and we can turn and lean.

But there is something that we cannot do without help and that is to land, for that we need the parachute.

How to skydive

Skydiving is an intense amount of adrenaline that gives sensations that are difficult to describe.

Whoever jumps once with a parachute will want to repeat it soon, but since this is going to be your first time and you don’t really know how this is going, I will give you some advice so that you don’t run into any danger and it is a complete success…

To begin with, I recommend that before jumping, you inform yourself well on several sites that are dedicated to this. Above all, do not go to the first one you find.

You have to see what they offer you and how much it will cost you. When you have all the information from everyone, that’s when you have to compare and see who offers you the most.

Especially for the first time, do not jump alone, and see that they offer you to go with an instructor all the time; it will give you more strength and security to go like this.

Ask if they have the option to record everything or take photos. There are sites that offer you this service with a small supplement at the price, pay attention to it because it is a very nice memory that will remain engraved on you and you will always be able to relive it.

What do you need to skydive?

When you go to jump you will have the following:

  • High security anchorage to your instructor, with equipment designed for two people.
  • Highly qualified instructor who is responsible for the technical part.
  • Jump from a plane at a height of between 3,000 and 4,500 meters (these are the heights that are usually used for skydiving)
  • You will have a minute of pure adrenaline running through every pore of your skin, and every millimeter of your body.
  • You will be able to jump to 200 km/hr. in a minute of time
  • Exciting 5 to 8 minutes being able to observe great views.

With all this you will be prepared for the great leap of your life!

Instructions for parachuting

The first thing when you start parachuting is to start with others. Starting alone would be the worst thing you could do. That is why I recommend that for a first jump you do it together, called tandem.

The tandem jump is a jump designed for people who, having some minimum requirements, can go skydiving with the safety they deserve for that first jump, since for that first jump they will be accompanied at all times by an instructor using a two-seater parachute..

It will go with him from the departure of the plane to the landing. The tandem parachute jump is without a doubt an introduction to the world of skydiving, which with a training of about 15 minutes you will be ready to jump to more than 4,000 meters of altitude tied to your instructor at all times by means of a harness.

With this first jump you will be able to enjoy a great experience, something unforgettable because you jump in total freedom in free fall at more than 200 km/h for one minute.

A very intense minute, which will last in your memory forever. But after that minute in free fall you will already put the parachute on, being able to observe the beautiful landscape of the place where you are jumping for about 8 minutes.

It is a unique and unforgettable experience that you should not miss. Sometimes we are scared or hesitant to do something like that, but once you are there and with the safety of that instructor you will see how the fear is suddenly removed.

Tips for skydiving

After my unforgettable experience I give you these tips:

  • To skydive you must not weigh more than 100 kg and you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and do not wear accessories that could fall off later in the jump, as well as necklaces, bracelets and the like.
  • Protect yourself from the cold because you think that every 1000 meters the temperature drops about 7 degrees. So if you calculate the best thing is to go protected for the cold.
  • Make the jump on a day you have free, nothing to do before having to go somewhere, that will generate anxiety, nothing good when jumping.
  • We have to go calm, you think that an expert will go with you and nothing will happen to you, so enjoy the moment.
  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before you jump.
  • Above all, make sure that your instructor is accredited under a certification that authorizes him as a tandem instructor.
  • Avoid having breakfast or eating heavy foods before doing this sport. Eat light and nutritious food. Do not drink alcoholic beverages 24 hours before the jump.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, if it can be non-slip better, since it will protect your ankles well. The final impact with the ground is very strong and intense and if you don’t wear proper footwear you can seriously injure yourself.
  • Tell your instructor to inform you of what posture you have to have when jumping and especially when landing.
  • If you have heart disease, epilepsy or asthma it is best not to jump. If you don’t know better, get a medical checkup.
  • And above all, enjoy this exciting activity.

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