How to Ski Touring

Cross -country skiing, as its name says, tries to hike or go cross-country to a mountain, not only in the summer when there is still snow, but also in harsh and difficult winters, as long as there are no storms. For it. But what does it consist of?

Cross-country skiing is the union of two winter sports activities that have different characteristics, but with various similarities that make them come together to make these two disciplines, one that becomes the most adventurous and fun-filled way that each one. Separately.

In the first place, there is mountaineering, which is the ascent and descent of any mountain with the appropriate equipment in order to make the work of this sports discipline that is characterized by being extreme and full of abrupt and dangerous paths easier and smoother.

On the other hand, there is skiing, which is characterized by descending from any steep summit to the base of a mountain, with the only condition of having snow to be able to practice it, without a doubt, it is an extreme sport.

The union of these two disciplines, mountaineering and skiing, gives a hybrid called cross-country sport, which is a trip to snowy mountain areas that are usually there most of the time, which you can take as a walk through a snow-covered field.

What do you need to ski touring?

  •  Safety boots.
  •  Hook’s.
  • Backpack.
  • Toilet.
  • Sportswear suitable for winter.
  • Jacket.
  • Snow rackets.
  • Skis.
  •  Ski poles.
  • Snorkeling.

Ski touring instructions

We already know that mountaineering is a risky sport that has a lot to offer to those who practice it, since on many occasions it comes up against difficulties and obstacles that are difficult to overcome, but in the end it has a great reward according to what has been contributed to it. Organism.

On the other hand, there is also  skiing, which in turn has the ability to give the adventure a bit of adrenaline, depending on the activity that you want to do, finding many to practice with a more difficult level of intensity between one and the others.

That is why if you like both disciplines, you will love cross-country skiing, which will give you double intensity, risk, adrenaline, adventure and the need to discover a new world through discovering something that is gaining strength. Among fans of skiing and mountaineering.

Ski touring step by step

  1. In cross-country skiing it is a ride where you can take into account different scenarios and environments, from a high mountain to a flat or flat trend, where in addition to all this you can practice the ascent as a challenge and the descent with skis or snorkel.
  2. The material or equipment consists of being able to climb a mountain with skis, a backpack, poles and appropriate clothing for mountaineering, with which you can carry out different activities as you do an extreme sport.
  3. The way to ascend the mountains, you can do it with skis or with safety boots made for it, it is essential that you have precise instructions to be able to reach the top of the mountain in an opportunity to do so without incident.
  4. Cross-country skiing is an exchange of two modalities, that of going up the mountain and at the same time going down, first you climb or go down the mountain walking with boots or skis, as an essential element, and then you slide down on the snow.
  5. Skis are the main tool of this mountain sport, which are covered with a special skin to prevent them from slipping and causing the person who practices it to fall, so it becomes the most important thing about it.
  6. The most important thing is to take advantage of the peak, reach it without problems and thus slide down the steep mountain, until you reach the base where you can have the possibility of staying there after the moment of adrenaline or going back up.
  7. In general, it is a two-step sport, you go up and down, in the first part you do it with your legs and in the second part what you do is slide through the snow, regardless of the slope of the mountain, so the adventure fills the whole body with adrenaline.
  8. It is important to recognize that what they practice cross-country skiing, they have to be aware of doing it responsibly in addition to a high level of knowledge, that is, not everyone can practice it and even less so if they do not know mountaineering.
  9. Beginners are not qualified to do this sport because of the danger in addition to the maneuvers that must be carried out to reach the end of the mountain without any type of fall that is why a high level of knowledge is required.
  10. In addition to all this, the person must also know how to ski very well to be able to reach the bottom of the mountain, since many times they must wiggle their body to overcome obstacles, especially if it is not a competition.
  11. Despite everything explained, it is the person who chooses the mountain to climb and then slide, so the height depends on the skier, who is the one who is going to avoid the dangers he must face, therefore it is important to know about the practice of that sport.
  12. To take advantage of each of the spaces designated for cross-country skiing, you must know the stations that are available to practice it, as well as the rules and conditions to do so, in order to avoid incidents when going up or down the mountain.

In cross-country skiing, three types can be found depending on the level of expectation to be achieved with the sport, which is why we speak of:

  1. Free ride: They are the ones who want the danger through some steep descents giving you a descent with speed. The width of the ski is usually between 95 and 120 centimeters.
  2. Competition: they are the ones that focus more than anything on the ascent, and then leave everything on the track with the descent, which is done on a kind of marked path. Skis in this type are usually between 65 and 75 centimeters.
  3. Versatile: they are those who enjoy both the ascents and the descents without caring about the speed or the risk, the important thing is to practice the sport itself. These should be between 70 and 90 centimeters wide.

Other data of interest:

  1. From what is observed above, the difference between the three types of cross-country skiing is the board, the skis or whatever you use to go down the mountain, or else it has similarities in terms of clothing and footwear.
  2. The importance of cross-country skiing is snow as the protagonist of the sport, where it is sought to descend and do it perfectly with the snow underfoot and regardless of the obstacles that arise, risk, speed and snow being the main elements..
  3. Before being able to practice cross-country skiing, you must take into account that it is not done after a few lessons, for this you must be experienced in the area, especially when going up or climbing the mountain as well as when going down it.
  4. In cross-country skiing, there are trails through which skiers can climb to reach the tops of the mountains, choosing the different ski resorts that exist in the regions where snow is the predominant factor.
  5. The cross-country skier must adapt the weather and snow conditions in his favor, in order to make a perfect descent; therefore it is required to have knowledge in altitude sports and skiing mainly.
  6. In addition to all this, you must enjoy the environment that surrounds the person, who of course must love what he does, also not have vertigo or fear of heights since this is what most attracts the attention of lovers of this sport, height and speed.
  7. There are many brands of cross-country ski boards on the market, so you should be aware of choosing the one that best suits your needs as well as the one you feel most comfortable with.
  8. Generally, some of the boards are light, while others are usually a bit heavy, depending on the thickness of the snow or if you wish, you must take another way to climb the mountain without being delayed by any of these inconveniences.
  9. Ski touring is a sport that is usually practiced by people of the male sex, but nowadays women are taking it very seriously to leave the weaker sex behind and they started practicing it without any problem.
  10. The conditions of the descents is what usually worries these speed lovers, but an experienced person in this discipline can do it perfectly, always taking into account the conditions and the type of snow.
  11. It is essential that the person knows well the equipment that he uses for the descent, this is what can help him when making the descent, for this reason it is essential to be aware of the type of cross-country skiing that he wants to practice.

Tips for ski touring

  • Choose the equipment to use well.
  • Never practice it alone, but rather in a group despite having a lot of knowledge.
  • Always carry a contingency plan for any eventuality that may arise.
  • Never stray from the mountains that are known.

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