Swimming – Benefits and Drawbacks

Swimming is one of the most demanded sports today due to its versatility and the large number of options it brings together. In addition, it is done in the water and allows you to relax while toning each and every one of the muscles of the body. It can be an excellent pastime to keep you cool in the summer.

Why choose swimming?

There are numerous reasons to choose swimming as a sport to practice. On the one hand, it is ideal for all types of personality. If you are more sociable, it is perfectly compatible to swim in a group and comment on the play between series and series. On the other hand, if you like to go your own way and are more independent, you can also train alone and without anyone bothering you. You have many different types of exercises and disciplines that are carried out in the water, ranging from the typical swimming training methods based on styles, as well as aqua-jogging, among others. All training is customizable to the physical form of those who want to practice it’d not forget that your brands are the ones in charge and, therefore, your goal will be to download them regularly. The rhythm, however, you can choose yourself.

In a completely stressful, fast-paced life, water can be the perfect escape route. A place where you can forget about the routine, relax and get an adrenaline rush while you practice an ideal sport such as swimming. It is one of the least harmful sports that exist and, therefore, it is suitable for doing it at any age, whether they are young children or older people. Being low impact is highly recommended for the joints. You will even feel especially good after an intense swimming session. According to scientific studies, swimming helps release endorphins into the bloodstream, or what is the same, the well-known hormone of happiness. On a physical level, swimming involves all the muscles of the body and it is estimated that half an hour swimming freestyle at a medium pace can burn up to 255 calories. Afterwards you can play in the pool.

The possibility of swimming in a center with a heated pool opens up the range of possibilities and allows you to practice this sport at any time of the year, be it summer with scorching heat or winter with snow covered outside. In addition, during the summer season you will appreciate being able to cool off while you put your entire muscle group to work... In addition to temporary freedom, you also have it on a spatial level. You can bathe in any enclosure that has water. It can go from a private pool in your home or community, in a sports center, or even in the sea or a lake. Do not forget to check the weather forecast if you are going to opt for swimming in open water, since the wind can be a factor that can cause you suffering. In fact, it is one of the few sports that are compatible with going on vacation, without incurring an extra cost. If you choose to travel to territories with sea, that will be your training place while your wife and children sunbathe or have fun on the beach. For women, it is also a perfectly compatible sport during pregnancy. and helps to recover after childbirth. Thus, numerous reasons to choose swimming as a sport to practice.

Benefits of swimming

All in all, swimming brings numerous benefits to our body at all levels. If done correctly, the gains begin to be noticed in a few weeks. The most outstanding benefits of swimming are the following:

  • Improves people’s health and quality of life. Swimming contributes to improving our level of health with better blood circulation in the body, thanks to the high level of pulsations in our heart, and adopting a spectacular cardiopulmonary firmness.
  • Reduces the risks of serious diseases. As a consequence of the previous point, the risks of contracting diseases that can be fatal are much lower. It helps maintain a steady blood pressure, and also strengthens the joints, greatly reducing the potential risk of injury.
  • It stimulates all the muscles of the body. The great variety of styles that swimming has allows you to stimulate all the muscle groups of the body that go from the pectoral thanks to the front crawl or the butterfly to the dorsal ones, if a backstroke swimming style is applied.
  • Take enormous flexibility. You can swim at any time of the year, anywhere with water and customize your training to your liking. Therefore, it can be perfectly compatible with your work and family life at the same time, while maintaining a regular routine.

Despite the fact that it is a discipline where the risk of injury is much lower than other sports, it should not be forgotten that it is worth seeing a specialist before starting to swim. Therefore, visiting your trusted doctor will allow you to receive a detailed analysis of your physical condition and your medical history, and thus better prepare your future training.

Disadvantages that swimming can cause

Although swimming has many advantages, it also has some contraindications that are necessary to know to prevent it in certain cases. We are talking about a physical activity, and despite being carried out in the water, the risk of injury exists and is totally real. On the one hand, swimming is much more than jumping into the water and starting to move. Since an adequate and well-curated technique must be followed. To be effective in this sport you need proper mobility in the arms, especially the shoulders, as well as the back and legs. In this area, injuries are not those that are noticed when they occur. The so-called micro-tears usually occur more, which are generated little by little until they begin to become effective. Even swimming is recommended as a sport for those who want to recover from injury. However, it is necessary to be very precise with the injury that is suffered. Some like kyphosis or a herniated disc may find swimming somewhat counterproductive.

Nor should we ignore the risks that the aquatic environment entails. Some unfold like a fish in water, never better said. Others, on the other hand, despite the fact that the pool can be heated, have an enormous facility to catch colds and suffer from angina. Therefore, they must be covered and taken care of during the moments after leaving the pool. Furthermore, this medium can also cause hygienic problems that can end up being serious. In swimming pools where many people go, it is necessary to use preventive measures such as the use of swimming caps, diving goggles and even earplugs. Fungi are the order of the day in public pools, so bathing slippers should also be used to move around the enclosure. Everything you need to have fun in the pool.

All in all, swimming is a recommended sport for all audiences that can be practiced at any time of the year in any place with water. It has the particularity that it is especially injurious, so the joints suffer little. However, it does not hurt to take the necessary precautions of any other type of sport to prevent the appearance of possible injuries.

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