How to Improve Reflexes

What we call reflexes is a physical quality that has to do with a mixture of the ability to react, speed and quick response action in a human being.

In a large number of sports such as soccer, contact sports, tennis, basketball or hockey, among many others, reflexes are very important, since they allow you to improve the condition of the athlete and achieve the objective that the sport asks of you..

For example, a footballer with reflexes is able to get to the ball faster, karate with reflexes will be able to parry blows and return them quickly, a basketball player with quick reflexes will be able to block correctly and a hockey player will be able to catch with the stick more balls.

Although the reflexes are determined by genetics and are lost with age, it is very true that if they try to improve, they end up improving (just as if they are not practiced they end up being lost).

That is why it is crucial that we learn to improve them, since this will make you better in whatever sport you are practicing, something that will surely interest you when it comes to having a better ability to practice sport.

If you want to improve this set of physical sports skills, you are in the right place, we are going to teach you step by step how to improve your reflexes, so pay special attention to this article.

What do you need to improve reflexes?

  • to ball
  • whistle
  • A person to practice.
  • Much patience.

Instructions to improve reflexes

  1. Play contact sports:
    The best sports to improve reflexes are contact sports. This is because by having to dodge the blows, we are going to have to improve our reflexes, because if we don’t improve them, we are going to eat them all. As the ancients said, the human being only learns by hitting, therefore, you are going to have to take a few hits to be able to improve your reflexes by doing contact sports. Among the best sports to improve reflexes we have sports like karate, mixed martial arts and of course boxing. Even if you don’t like to fight, practicing these sports will help you improve in other sports such as football, since in addition to exercising reflexes, you also exercise physical fitness, elasticity, power…
  2. The ball game:
    Get a ball and a partner, then have him throw the ball at you when you are more or less distracted, your goal will be to try to dodge or stop it having very little time to react. Obviously, don’t ask him to throw it at you very hard so as not to hurt you, nor very gently, but ask him to throw it at you with normal power, enough to surprise you without hurting you in any way. Thanks to this game you will learn to react to the unpredictable, something that is synonymous with having good reflexes.
  3. Change of pace games:
    Get a whistle and give it to a partner, now start running in circles slowly. Have your partner blow the whistle randomly; when he blows the whistle, you will have to run to the opposite side, in this way, you will learn to react quickly to changes in rhythm, having to change rhythm as quickly as possible when you hear the whistle. Personally, I quite like this way of enhancing reflexes, since it allows you to achieve a great capacity for reaction while exercising your hearing and having fun.
  4. Practice reflex sports:
    In addition to contact sports, if you practice sports such as soccer (especially goalkeeping) or basketball, you will be able to improve your reflexes. Practice makes perfect and even if you don’t give one at first, in the end you will be able to improve in sports practice and of course, improve your reflexes and your ability to react instinctively. Be patient, practice almost every day and avoid giving up and in the end your reflexes will definitely improve, no pain, and no gain.

Tips to improve reflexes

  • Improve other physical qualities: Reflexes are very important, we know, however, they are not the only physical qualities that we need to be kings of the sport. Also try to improve your other physical qualities such as strength, endurance, speed and power among others. Trust me and you will end up being one of the best athletes, as long as you make an effort.

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