Kundalini Yoga – Everything You Need To Know

Among all the modalities and different versions of yoga, there is one that stands out above the others, for being one of the most spiritual modalities. This is what happens with Kundalini yoga. This type of yoga is a modality of yoga in which not only the body is worked (on a physical level) but also and most importantly, the spiritual and the mental.

This yoga that was taught and is originally from India came to the West not as long ago as could be imagined. It came in 1968, fifty years ago, and it was introduced by Yogi Bahaman, who died thirteen years ago. He was the one who made known the Kundalini yoga modality and to whom it is due, to be able to know it and know how to practice it, without having to go to India.

Among the different pillars on which it is based are Raya Yoga, Karina Yoga, Nada Yoga and Shakti Yoga. In this yoga (if the name does not ring a bell) you will surely hear it or have seen it, yoga with many candles, surrounded by incense, with music of mantras and chants. all extremely relaxed and in a most spiritual environment. Well, this yoga is called Kundalini.

Kundalini, or to recognize it more easily, is the yoga of consciousness and it is the yoga that connects with the most intimate part of India (where yoga is really from) to its true origins. This yoga will connect very intimately with the chakras, with all of them. In order to get to know them a little and know which part it connects with, we will talk to you now. But it is always important in case this is not your indicated type of yoga, practice with other modalities and see which one is the one that best suits your needs. Of course, if you try kindling yoga, you will be trying the oldest yoga. So to speak, the mother of all other “versions” of yoga.


  1. To start knowing the basics of kundalini yoga, don’t be scared, because in the end, basically everyone has the same fundamentals and more or less, but the postures are the same. So don’t be scared.
  2. What, if you must know, is that, in this type of yoga, the basic thing is relaxation(like all), but with this one, it is much more spiritual. We try to get to connect with all the chakras and always, we will have candles, incense sticks (preferably sandalwood) in the class (or wherever we practice) and we will listen to mantras and chants.
  3. The chakras are helped by relaxation, disconnection, taking a controlled breath at all times, is to open them, balance them and even prevent and even cure some ailments not only on a physical level, but above all and also on an emotional level.
  4. It is therefore a combination of breathing, meditation and obviously, the postures that are made.
  5. All the postures and/or exercises that are performed in this type of yoga are, as it is called in the yogi world, active and also passive.
  6. With the practice of kundalini, you will learn to connect with yourself. The chakras will open, they will be known, and now we will tell you what those chakras are and what parts of the body they connect.
  7. You have to know how many chakras you have, and the answer is seven. Each chakra is connected with an energy that will depend on whether it is related to health or to the mood level. All this is obviously linked to breathing and exercises (asana).
  8. The chakras, the first, is the Muladahra, it is the Root chakra. It is the first chakra and is based on the level of self-esteem. The physical area, the body, is based on the spine, the back. It works on a physical level, such as the gut and digestions. Opening this chakra can help to have better digestion, help with gut problems, digestion, etc. It will also serve to have a better relationship on a family and emotional level. You have to know where this chakra is located; it is in the perineum area. It is related to the earth element. As for sense, it is smell. And in part, it is also related to the sexual part.
  9. The second chakra is the one related to sexuality, the so-called Svadhisthana. It is one of the most important. This chakra should be tried to have at least, well leveled. Because it is a chakra that is used for personal growth, totally essential for good personal growth. As it is related to personal habits. Related to the earth and is very involved in the most internal and intrinsic part of the personality. It tries to eliminate parts such as the emotional, physical and mental.
  10. The third chakra is called Manipuri, the one related to the solar plexus. It is related to the center of energy, with the sense of coordination and control, along with the will. The physical part is the one related to the navel area.
  11. The fourth chakra is called Animate. The one that is related to the part of the heart. The physical area is obviously related to the part of the heart. Also in the chest area, that is, the heart, the chest, the lungs, the thymus, etc. The lymphatic system is regulated.
  12. The fifth chakra, called Vishudha, related to the part of the throat and the part of the thyroid and parathyroid.
  13. The sixth chakra, called Jana, is the one related to the third eye. It is located in the area between the eyes. The element in this case is light. It is related to the inner eye, related to intuition and the most spiritual part.
  14. The seventh chakra, the Sahasrara, is the chakra called the crown. If you have to choose among all the chakras, this one, the seventh, is the most spiritual. It is located in the upper area of ​​the head, in the crown, in the skull area. It is related to the energy part (that is why it is also the most spiritual) and to the cosmic part.
  15. The name of Kundalini yoga, you have to know that it comes from a person. From who “invented” it? Its bases were the following: to have the full right to be happy, to be and to be able to do it.
  16. It is a method that is always combined with its basics, that is, the asana, the sound of the songs, the breath with the breath (As in all types of yoga), and the meditation that serves to relax the body and the mind. In this way, by performing these exercises, one can find oneself, obtain more peace of mind, be happier, leave worries behind, get rid of stress, eliminate nervousness, etc.
  17. If you are worried about whether you will be able to do this type of yoga if you have never practiced it, the answer is yes. Obviously, you have to let yourself be advised and advised by a professional in yoga. And don’t despair if you can’t perform all the postures because they are not exactly simple. They are complicated to make. After the professional begins to assess you, he will introduce you to asana and good breathing. All united to be able to meditate correctly.
  18. Those who practice this yoga regularly, comment that they have seen how their personal life and, above all, on a personal and internal level, they know each other much better. They are happy, they know each other more and better, they are at peace with themselves and they drive away both fears and uncertainties. In addition, it is very beneficial with insomnia.
  19. You have to think that performing the most famous postures takes a long time to learn and connect one hundred percent with the body. In fact, it takes years to do it. Therefore, listen to your body, let yourself go, breathe deeply, meditate, relax, disconnect and get to know your own body.

What do you need

  • To be able to practice this yoga you do not need great things. The clothes are the ones you think are most convenient, as long as they are comfortable and/or loose. That you a lot of movement and do not bother you. Leggings are the most used and most comfortable and a top or a t-shirt.
  • a mat
  • Water to hydrate you.
  • Incenses. The most recurrent is sandalwood. Other of the most beneficial is myrrh incense, lotus, cinnamon, musk, etc.
  • Candles. Having the tea lights is more than enough.
  • Sanskrit music.
  • Non slip socks.


If you are a very nervous person, who suffers a lot of stress or even has a lot of muscle pain caused by stress and nerves (such as contractures), lack of sleep, tiredness, symptoms of reluctance with everything and everyone, etc. Kundalini yoga is one of the most beneficial. Within a few sessions, you will begin to feel much better.

In Kundalini yoga, incense as well as meditation, relaxation, candles, etc. It’s extremely important. The most used incense is sandalwood, white lotus, musk, myrrh, cinnamon, amber, cedar, rosemary, etc. The most used are usually cinnamon, white lotus, sandalwood and myrrh. But you can use any scent that leads to relaxation and does not disturb the chakras.

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