How to Learn Fencing

One of the noblest and most famous sports in the world is fencing; a sport that consists of a kind of sword duels, in which only the best can win.

In this sport, you fight one on one using a sword called a florin, which is quite fine and more harmless than an ordinary sword to avoid greater evils. Apart from having a sports practice without injuries and deaths, a special suit is used, which protects the face and body of the fencing practitioner.

This sport has its origin in the middle Ages, that is, it is one of these sports hundreds of years old, which has been practiced by millions of people since practically the world is the world. The best thing about this sport is that it will allow you to have fun with another friend, while you try to prove who is the stronger of the two.

This sport tests swordsmanship, quick reflexes and the ability to be on several things at once. What makes a good fencing practitioner is to be at everything, that is, without being able to attack, defend and monitor all aspects of the sport at the same time.

Being good at fencing will not only allow you to win at this sport, it will allow you to stand out as a person with quick reflexes, great hand skills and good peripheral vision. Thanks to this, you will be able to excel in other sports or life activities if you are good at fencing.

For example, the lords of the middle ages used it to practice duels with the sword, since at that time there were no firearms as they are known today, the skill with the sword was much more relevant than then. For example, you risked your life in each duel, since it was vital to know how to use the sword because otherwise you could easily be pierced by it.

For this reason, this sport was so popular among the nobles, a tradition that has passed from generation to generation, since until a few years ago, this sport was exclusive to people of high birth and money, being far from the middle class.

However, since the last century, everyone can practice it, since we can easily attend classes on this sport, something that was totally unthinkable before.

Today we are going to teach you everything you need to know about the noble art of fencing, an art that will allow you to have great skill with swords and with all kinds of sports that require the use of motor skills and reflexes.

Instructions to learn fencing

  1. Get the necessary equipment:
    The first thing we must know in order to improve in this sport is that we must get the necessary equipment to be able to practice regularly. Fencing without protections is a very dangerous sport, since keep in mind that we are using a sword to practice it, something that will force us to protect ourselves from the danger that using a sharp object can entail. We must get a fencing uniform, which has the protective mesh, the padded suit, and the special gloves and of course the florin, that is, the sword that we are going to use to practice this wonderful sports discipline. To get all this, we are going to go to a store specialized in this type of sports discipline, since not just any product will do, since we are protecting ourselves against a sword, not against a ball or a fall. There are certain online stores that are very good on this subject,
  2. Find a fencing school:
    Another step we must take is to sign up for a fencing school, in which we will learn everything we need to know about it. In the case of fencing, there are schools in almost every city in Spain, however, can be difficult to find in a town, since it is not as popular an activity in Spain as football or basketball. In these schools, he will teach us all the techniques we need to know to know everything about this sport, such as the use of the florin, the guard, the protection and everything related to the attack. Sign up for the school and follow the instructions of the coach at all times, who will perfectly tell you everything you need to know about this sport. In addition to this, he will be willing to answer all the questions you may have in this sport, something that will undoubtedly help you improve much faster.
  3. Choose a good partner:
    Keep in mind that fencing is a sport in which you practice with partners, making a fight without quarter all the time. I advise you to start with a permanent partner, since it is better to learn with a person you know than to face all the time people you do not know and who have different fighting styles. Try to find a partner with a level similar to yours, so that it is much more enjoyable to learn and you do not get discouraged under any circumstances. Try to learn with him, observing the movements he makes, trying to make a good attack and a good defense against him. All this will allow you to achieve a good technique in fencing against a person, something that will allow you to quickly learn the basics of the sport, in order to be able to work normally to improve fencing against other people.
  4. Practice by you:
    If we get the right equipment, we have the option of practicing fencing by ourselves. All this will allow us to improve, among other things, the attack technique, the defense of the movements and of course, you can also improve in the guard and the movements. Although this is obviously not as effective as practicing with a partner, it is quite effective when you do not have one, allowing you to continue practicing fencing and improving even if you are alone. Also try to attack a board with the florin, something that will allow you to improve the attack technique easily, since you can test how you can stick the florin on the table in different ways. The best way to learn is always with partners, however, if you want to take fencing to a new level, you will have to train in this way as well, otherwise you will not progress as fast as you would like.
  5. Improve:
    In fencing, several aspects of the sport come into play, such as agility, arm movement, reflexes and attention span. If you want to get better at this game, not only are you going to have to practice a lot, but you are also going to have to improve in these aspects, because if you don’t, you are not going to get anything. For example, if you want to improve in fencing, you will have to train a lot during the physical, to become a very agile person, who is prepared to be able to attack quickly and move to defensive positions very quickly. We also have to improve attention, the ability to concentrate and learn to read the opponent. For example, a good fencer is able to see what someone is going to do just by looking at how he slightly moves a muscle, because if he moves his arm slightly, he will know that he is going to try to attack you with the florin. In this way he can anticipate both to defend and to attack, since he will also be perfectly capable of seeing the opponent’s weak points. For this reason,
  6. Practice with other people:
    If you have managed to improve in this sport, it is time to start practicing with other people in the class who are not your partner. Try to fight the whole class, trying to see how each rival has different techniques and all of them can be counterattacked if you have enough skill in this sport. For example, there are people with more defensive styles, others with more offensive styles, and others with somewhat intermediate and very correct styles. What you have to do is try to compete against each style, something that will allow you to know two things. In the first place, you will know your faults, your weak points and what you have to improve on and secondly, you will see how you are capable of fighting against any rival and not just against one that performs a certain fighting style. If you are good, also fight against the teacher, who will surely give you a good beating, however, you will also see that if you make an effort, the student could one day surpass the teacher. As in the previous step,
  7. Compete:
    If you are a very good fencing person, you like this and you want to go one step further, the time has come to enter a fencing competition, in which, you are going to have to measure yourself against a large number of rivals, who have a lot of experience and are going to be a challenge in the short and long term. To compete, you will have to federate, something you can do through your coach. The federative license also has insurance, which will ensure that you are protected against accidents and other ailments in a combat of this type. Fight first in the local competitions, and then go to the regional ones, where you will face people from all over the autonomous community. Then you can move on to national competitions throughout Spain, where only the best in the country have made it. If you are good and able to win, you will be able to compete in Europe and then in the world, being able to even become world champion. The final step is the Olympics, where you will be seen all over the world with options to win something as important as the Olympic gold medal, a step that will allow you to consecrate yourself and achieve the dream of any elite athlete. Of course, the path is not easy and you must start from the bottom, with great humility, learning from each competitor, training a lot and trying to improve in each fight, learning from your mistakes and improving your virtues.

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