How to Avoid Knee Injuries

The knee is a part of the body that tends to get injured very often. Professional athletes such as soccer players, basketball players or tennis players often suffer from knee injuries.

These injuries are of different types, from slight sprains that will keep you away from sports for at most 1 month, to ligament injuries that will make you spend almost 1 year without being able to play sports.

These injuries are very painful for us, very expensive and you may not have the same performance anymore because of knee injuries, something that has happened to many elite athletes who have lost part of their speed because of this type of knee injury.

Fortunately, the risk of these injuries can be minimized, that is, we can avoid knee injuries by preventing their appearance or at least trying to prevent them from happening too often.

If you follow these tips you will be able to see how your knees improve remarkably, since you will be safer from injuries than if you had never read this article on how to avoid knee injuries.

I present how you can avoid knee injuries, a very informative article that will undoubtedly help you in your goals of staying injury-free for as long as possible.

What do you need to avoid knee injuries?

  • Some knee pads.
  • Possibility to go to the gym.

Instructions to avoid knee injuries

  1. Warm-Up:
    Whatever sport you practice, doing a good warm-up is crucial when it comes to avoiding not only knee injuries, but also avoiding any type of muscle injury. When we warm up correctly, the muscle acquires the necessary temperature to function at high intensity, therefore injuries are avoided. If, on the other hand, we do not warm up properly, the muscles may not be ready for such a sudden effort and may be injured. When it comes to knees, it is important to warm up with joint mobility of the knees and gently jogging with the knees up so that the area is perfectly.
  2. Strengthen Them:
    I know of no better way to prevent knee injuries than by strengthening them, and I know of no better way to strengthen any part of the body than weight training. If we follow weight training with exercises such as the squat, the quadriceps extension or the press, we will be able to have greater strength in our knee area, thus causing us to be more prepared for injuries. I am a firm advocate of weight lifting and its benefits, however, I am also an advocate of common sense and I tell you not to sacrifice the technique of the exercises to put on more weight or the cure will be worse than the disease.
    Protect your knees:
    If you are playing knee-hazardous sports like in-line skating or skateboarding, keep in mind that you should always try to wear knee pads. It does not bother you to put them on and in return you will enjoy great protection in the knee area, preventing it from being injured when hitting the ground when you fall. If you are prone to injury and play sports like football, bandaging your knees and wearing orthopedic knee pads is also recommended to be able to play more safely than if you were wearing nothing.
  3. Stop in time:
    Surely you have ever noticed some minor discomfort in your knee, so don’t let that minor discomfort get worse. I know of cases of people who have lost the opportunity to be a good soccer player because they wanted to play everything even with minor injuries. If you play “infiltrated” with a knee sprain, even if you can play, that sprain could get worse and cause a ruptured cruciate ligament that will separate you in the best of cases (private clinic and operation) 6 months from football. Therefore, when the body asks you to, rest and do not force yourself, your health and your knees will thank you since minor injuries will be nothing more than that, minor injuries.

Tips to avoid knee injuries

  • Treat knee problems: If you have already reached this article too late and you have knee problems, it is better that you start treating them as soon as possible. Put yourself in the hands of a professional physiotherapist who treats your knee, not paying any expense to them. If these ailments are not cured when it’s time, it could be that you drag it for years and they become chronic, making you a “glass” athlete who is always injured. Consider the physic as a long-term investment for your future and for your health and as I have already said, use common sense and do not force it, since in the long run it is worse.

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