How to Choose a Basketball

Look at the size of the basketball

The first thing that we are going to take into account to choose a good basketball or basketball is to look at the size of the ball in question, since it is what we are going to take and we must look to see if it meets what we are really looking for.

A basketball must be able to fit easily into the basket, that is, it must enter perfectly through it, but it must not be too small either, otherwise it is not funny to put it in because it is too easy. Professional balls are normally approved to be able to get in easily, but without a laughable difficulty.

Really, the ideal is to compare with a basketball that is used in the professional circuit, since they need a ball that meets the characteristics that I tell you and not just any ball is worth it, so they should always try to choose the ball according to that criteria, so if we compare it to that ball, they must be the same size, no more, no less.

Look at the texture and grip of the ball

Secondly, we have to look at the texture of the ball, that is, we have to check what we are touching when we shoot or bounce the ball, since these balls cannot have just any texture. Texture and grip are related, since a correct texture will almost always mean a correct and high quality grip.

What you should try to achieve is that the ball can be held well, that it can be passed from one hand to another and that it can be shot to the basket. The best balls have a rough texture, which allows them to be held even with one hand in the case of people with a very powerful grip.

Poor quality balls are flat, balls that make the ball fall out of your hands and you can’t play it the right way, something that is undoubtedly bad news for all basketball lovers.

Try to touch the ball before you buy it, seeing if it grips well in your hand. In this way, you will be able to check if the ball has a good grip even before playing, something that will guarantee that you can play with it in the most correct way possible, without dropping it and without any type of problem with it.

Watch your weight

However, the grip is not the only problem that the balls have when it comes to being able to play with them, since weight is also one of the factors that are most influencing right now in this regard. The weight of the ball determines the speed of the game, the ease of shooting and ball control.

Too powerful a weight will require too much force to vote and to put the ball in, making the game difficult for most normal people. If a ball is too light, the opposite is going to happen, that is, a ball that is too light, that votes very high, that is always too weak for us and that cannot enter the basket for this reason, since we always give it very strong. It can also be bad for a team game, as the passes will go so hard that it will be difficult to catch the ball on the fly.

What you have to try to find is a ball that has a weight that is a compromise between a light weight and a heavy weight, that is, a weight that allows you to hold the ball and at the same time throw, but that does not weigh you down. Escape from hands. What I do is look around a bit before buying, as usual, because that way I also avoid impulsively buying balls that won’t be of much use to me later.

Look at its color and aesthetics

A basketball was usually the classic orange color, with black stripes. This is changing, since it is really no longer necessary to have an orange ball as before, since the aesthetics of the pavilion have also changed.

In this case of color and aesthetics, you should try to find a ball that looks good on the course you are playing and at the time you are playing. If you buy a black ball, it will be able to serve in fields of light color and a lot of light.

I say that it looks good because if it doesn’t look good, you won’t be able to play well, the ball will escape and the gaming experience won’t be as good as it could be.

For example, if you have a black ball, you will not be able to play at night on black fields, since the ball will escape and you will not see three on a donkey. At most it could serve as training, to get used to a ball when shooting the basket during the day, since having done it without seeing, later in the day you will improve your game by comparing and contrasting lights.

See if it is approved in case of competitions

If you are going to use it to compete somewhere, you should see that the basketballs must be prepared to compete. This depends a bit on the competition, since obviously the ACB league is not the same as a neighborhood league that has a couple of teams. The organizations that organize this class of events are obliged to publish the rules on a board before the tournaments of this class start.

That makes it very easy for us to see the rules, thus being able to see that some balls are worth more than others, literally speaking. For example, if they won’t let us buy a dark ball for the tournament, let’s not do it. On other occasions, we will not have to bring the ball, since they will bring it for us to be able to make the tournament with an even higher quality.

Not to be confused with mini basketballs

Thanks to the popularity of basketball, pseudo sports have been created that should be taken into account as well. For example, there is mini basketball, a sport that consists of a kind of miniature basketball, which is played in the middle of the field and is played in three against three people instead of five against five.

Mini basketballs are usually a little smaller, so the game is faster and they can be better put into the baskets. Although you can play with a normal basketball, experts say that it is not exactly the same, because if you look closely, you have to try to find balls that are suitable for each sport and a mini basket with basketballs can be too much tired.

For this reason, we should not confuse one type of ball with another, since a mini basketball is much smaller, has a texture that grips better to compensate for its smallness and is also lighter, while the basketball ball is lighter. Heavy and a bit more difficult to grasp, although obviously without going over.

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