6 Contact Sports

Contact sports are all those that need the use of the hands or legs to defend themselves and are born as a result of the struggle of the human being to defend himself, leading to differences between one and the other that has to do with the style, the rules, the way of you fight as well as the team.

This type of contact sport has influences in the different cultures that have taken root throughout history, generating great controversy due to the development of some of these disciplines, based on an art that passes from generation to generation with secrecy and mysticism.

Some of them are born from the need for self-defense against a local enemy using different types of techniques to stand out and be able to fight with each individual’s own skills and that have a parallel history, which influences them when making them their own.

What do you need

  •  Techniques and tools.
  •  Beat the opponent.
  • Varied uniform.
  • Gloves and masks.
  • Assorted weapons.
  • Constancy.
  • Perseverance.
  • Earn from success.
  • Respect for the rules.
  •  Learn to manage anger.


Combat sport is a discipline where two rival individuals face each other, with a referee emphasizing respect for the rules depending on the type of fight that takes place, figuring a hand-to-hand fight between the two.

There are limitations that must be part of each of the exercises and modalities within this type of competition, which will try to maintain the physical integrity of the participants, although there is often a 100% risk of injury.

They usually have many techniques and tools in order to knock down the opponent and thus be able to earn points to declare themselves the winner; some have a more dynamic character, while others are more serious, what does not differ is the rudeness of each of the mechanisms to win.

How to play contact sports

  1. Contact sports are carried out in certain fields where there may or may not be a network that divides the players from the spectators, thus maintaining the possibility of calmly observing the movements that are made.
  2. Contact sports are divided between Olympic and non-Olympicsports, each of them having great importance worldwide, with competitive challenges, as a hobby or simply to maintain a high level of safety.
  3. A subdivision can be made in martial arts, which are a sport to defend against any external danger, with fighting tools that go far beyond simple quick movements, spins and kicks.
  4. It is about knowing the rival’s game, educating both the mentality and the type of movement that has the opponent in suspense, exercising a kind of psychological warfare using shouts and sounds that often make those who fight tremble.
  5. Combat sports are demanding and in addition to that they demonstrate a need for discipline, perseverance and strength in each muscle like those of martial arts, with the purpose of being able to achieve victory among the best in the world.
  6. Combat sports are among the contact disciplines framed to fight in the ring or combat ring, so it is the exercise intended to be a recreational exercise for a spectator public.

Wins in contact sport are measured as follows:

  • For points. Execution of 3 direct blows.
  • The towel. It is done when the team of the defeated fighter throws in the towel, showing that they surrender.
  • Knock out. It’s when the winner hits the loser with an accurate blow leaving him unconscious, semi-unconscious or stunned when he falls and can’t get up.
  • Submission. It is the one that is carried out by means of traps with which the opponent cannot be released, generating victory for the person who performs it.
  • Countdown. When a player falls to the ground, he starts a count that is usually from 10 to 0, if he manages to get up before reaching the last digit he continues, otherwise he automatically loses.
  • Get out of line.

Contact disciplines


It is a contact sport through which two opponents fight with the use of their hands protected with gloves so as not to suffer any type of damage. In addition, rubber helmets are used, with which the blows to the face are cushioned while fighting.

It is a sport for couples, and it is usually quite striking for those who enjoy this sport, considering that it is a discipline that is practiced worldwide, and even reaching the Olympic category, which is why it is so important.


Fencing consists of a contact fight where the opponents must dispute the highest percentage of points, through thin sword-like tools with a rounded tip at the end, which does not harm any of the participants.

Generally, the equipment for this discipline or contact sport has its main characteristic of wearing masks, white uniforms with a bib that prevents the participants from suffering damage, and specialized gloves. It is an elegant and beautiful sport.


Judo is a discipline of Japanese origin consisting of being flexible and achieving emotional stability, mind and body combined into one, distinguishing itself in stages through belts that change color depending on the stage in which it is.

It is generally practiced in a circle of cushions within which the opponents must fight without leaving that line, taking as many times as they do, in addition to being aware of adding a point for each blow given in a good position until they reach 3.

Greco-Roman fight

The main objective of this contact sport is to fight and make the opponent fall on his back, which is where the point is won, in addition to trying to immobilize him so that he cannot do any type of mobilization until a certain time.

Each session of the fights last between 10 to 20 minutes, generating expectation for who is the one who can win and the blows are not usually given below the waist, winning by decision of the judges, score or because one of the opponents has decided to throw the towel.


It is a hand-to-hand fight that offers two combat modalities in one, offering figures and idioms of an art that seems more like theater than fighting, but in reality it has its followers in addition to a multitude of fighters in the ring.

It is usually a quite picturesque sport and at an international level, generating enough heroes of this type of contact sport, in which the winner is the one who manages to knock down his opponent without any mercy when it comes to fighting with blows.


This discipline has the particularity of using the feet and hands to fight and be able to beat the opponent, resulting in the possibility of having more flexibility, discipline and responsibility in fighting against whoever wants to win. Various colors of ribbons are used like judo.


  • In this type of fight, movements towards others must be respected.
  • Be responsible and disciplined.
  • Do a strong training that is effective.

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