4 Water Sports

Water sports are also called aquatic whose common characteristic that defines them is the vital liquid and that are practiced in rivers, seas, lakes, swimming pools and even fast water sources, some being dangerous and others less harmful, but very healthy.

Water sports are important for the health of those who practice them, generating an inexhaustible source of physical activity that has to do with the whole body, as well as coordinationcooperation and strength to be able to resist any problem that arises.

Water sports can be practiced in summer during the vacation period, although it is also usually done in free time if the person is interested in practicing them, they catch their attention, they need to train or simply because they like it.

What do you need

  •  Swimsuit.
  •  Diver fins.
  •  Complete suits.
  • Helmets.
  • ears
  • Table.
  • Skis.
  • Rope.


Water sports have too many followers around the world, encompassing the different disciplines that can be performed from the same surface, submerged on its surface and underwater, having different forms and modalities of practicing them.

Everything goes in the type of discipline, the way of practicing it, also the equipment that is needed for it, many times being only the swimsuit and the diver’s fins; apart from others the equipment can include other things such as helmets, oars, among many others. Plus.

The importance lies in the fact that they are sports that are practiced worldwide all year round, thanks to the fact that in most countries they can be carried out with peace of mind if they have water sources with which to do it, in addition to a climate that helps to practice them.

How to play water sports

  1. The water sports that can be included within the classification in the water are those that are practiced on its surface, without the water touching the participant in the open air and with suitable weather conditions for it, but also with the water at low temperatures.
  2. The water sports that are practiced as underwater are those that are carried out submerged in the body of water, outdoors and not in small pools, so they are usually like scuba diving.
  3. Many of these sports have special equipment that includes a special one to breathe, obtaining multiple health benefits, in groups to make them more fun and with adventures that can lead to the discovery of many surprises.
  4. The sport that takes place on the water is complete perfection since pirouettes, jumps and some show is usually done that make the participant feel that he owns the water. They are usually practiced on the waves like surfing.
  5. Water sports practitioners can carry many implements or just their hands and legs, propelling themselves through the water to stand out and reach the finish line as quickly as possible, enhancing the principle of competitiveness.
  6. Sailing displacements they consist of the displacement of a table on the surface of the water that has a sail to be driven by the wind. The boats are light and the waves are also often used to slide, taking into account that it is a sport on the water.
  7. During the practice of this sport, jumps must be made with the help of water and wind, which are the most remarkable, for this precision, dexterity and command of the wind are needed, as well as the strength to resist regulation time.
  8. The ideal thing about water sports is that they are practiced during the summer as the main time to do it, since the heat, the sand and the sea also call for fresh water sources such as rivers, streams and lakes where they can also be practiced.
  9. Some are usually for open water and others usually need an indoor pool such as diving or trampoline jumping and swimming, while others do need to be outdoors due to the size of the equipment, ideal in the best time of year.

4 water sports


It is a sport classified on the water that is practiced with a board maintaining balance on it, standing and running due to the impulse of a wave, requiring work and effort of the whole body to be able to stay upright for the duration of the activity. Glide.

The participant of this sports practice is usually waiting in the middle of the sea for the best wave that will take him to the beach in a perfect balance between the water, the board and therefore constant concentration so that the work can be perfect and walk to the beach.


Swimming has a variety of ways to practice it, highlighting butterfly, backstroke and freestyle, also through team disciplines or individually, staying submerged in the water to get from one side to the other.

When it comes to practicing it as a team, a relay circuit is made that can be exchanged in the different modalities in which it is presented, making each swimmer do a different figure, likewise a swimmer can stand out in a single form of swimming.


It is a very interesting sport carried out by teams in small boats with several oars, using their arms to propel themselves on the surface of the water; generally they are done with two or more teams at the same time.

This sport is usually very competitive, where one of the members goes forward to encourage the group to row harder when it comes to team competitions, although there is also the pair’s mode where the presence of this person is not necessary.


Dives is jumps with different acrobatics that are performed in the air before entering the surface of the water. It enters the classification of water sports under it, despite the fact that exercises and figures are usually performed while jumping.

There are countless trampoline jumps and some are done freestyle, the remarkable thing is that when entering the water you should splash as little as possible, therefore you have to have discipline, determination and perseverance to be able to win a competition of this type. Style.


  • Sports are mostly in the hot sun, so wear sunscreen.
  • Try to get wet when you enter the water so that your body does not suffer from the change in temperature.
  • Wait for the ideal wave to ride it.
  • It is not easy to master the sail, but be aware of where the wind is going and use it to your advantage.
  • If you do not achieve balance at the beginning of the practice, you can choose to tie yourself to the sail or board and thus be able to learn to navigate on it.
  • The important thing is that you have fun and feel free when practicing sports.
  • Some water sports can be dangerous, so try to have an advanced knowledge of each one to practice it.

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