10 Extreme Sports

risky sport is one that involves an action where there is danger or for some reason you can lose your life, but even so, most of those who practice them are aware of the adrenaline that it produces and the power of the adventure of being able to practice them without incident.

Extreme sports have a large number of followers around the world, and today, they remain in the popularity ranking among their fans, which follow them around the world competition after competition to become the best in any discipline.

It is important to highlight that those who practice this type of extreme sport are people who love adventure and what it produces in the body, resulting in a discharge of hormones, knowing that they can defy danger and come out unscathed.

For this reason, it is important to know some of these sports that excite everyone, but that very few dare to do them, so much so that we bring you a list of the 10 most extreme to see if you decide on one of them and be one more. That stands out in any of them.

What do you need

  • Boots.
  • Backpack.
  •  parachute _
  • Peaks.
  • Straps.
  • strings
  • Light clothing.
  • Helmets.
  • Special lenses or glasses.
  • Diving equipment.
  •  Hydration.


If you are interested in extreme or extreme adventure sports, you should know that there are many of them that are called risky or dangerous due to the number of deaths they cause in a year in those who practice them; however this has not diminished the passion towards these.

It is important to clarify that in order to practice it, one must be aware of the risks involved, be trained and know it well, in addition to having the necessary equipment, which can be expensive because the athlete puts his own life in his hands.

Despite this, the adventure, the passion, the love for the extreme, as well as the possibility of generating the greatest amount of adrenaline in the body, reveals the desire to jump off a building, climb a mountain, jump out of a helicopter or even dive into the sea.

Extreme sports

  1. The BASE jump. Base jumping is the same as skydiving with only one difference, it is done from any fixed place and not from a helicopter or plane designed so that people can jump into the void and then take out the parachute and land on a flat place. Base jumping is practiced worldwide from a bridge, skyscraper, mountain or chosen place that is high enough to give a chance to open the parachute and land normally without incident; it is the most dangerous of all for the number of deaths it throws.
  2. Free climbing. Free climbing is the possibility of climbing a mountain with only a few ropes and hands to reach the top of any mountain, which can be climbed with a minimum of security included, since the person does not carry any implements with them, except their hands. And harnesses. It is an ability that can be summed up between the difficulty offered by the rock to climb and the knowledge that the person has about the type of element he faces, in addition the height depends on the mountain to which the person chooses to climb. Generally it does not offer any type of inconvenience if you climb already known places and where the rock is hard, but the challenge arises for sites that are made of sandstone and that are not usually previously explored where people can lose their lives trying to do a climb.
  3. Mountaineering presents the modality of climbing a mountain with the appropriate equipment, apart from offering the possibility of doing it in places where the environmental conditions are not ideal for a person to survive. It is important to highlight that mountaineering shows an extreme part of these sports, referring to places that are not suitable for mountaineers, since they are usually previously unexplored and full of many obstacles for those who try to enter ignoring the danger.
  4. Ski touring. Cross – country skiing is the combination of mountaineering and skiing, which can be done through the union of these two disciplines, being dangerous when the person is about to descend down the snow-filled mountain with only the skis and the Canes. Cross-country skiing presents the extreme difficulty of being able to encounter an avalanche or landslide behind them, where the person can be buried, therefore it should be done in places where the snow is hard or in less dangerous places to ascend and descend.
  5. Helix ski jump. The Helix ski jump consists of jumping from a helicopter onto a mountain full of snow and descending through it with skis, trying to avoid many obstacles in order to reach the bottom of the mountain without problems. In this sport, skiers often find themselves having to jump different spaces, be they slopes or small stone promontories, which is why it is considered a dangerous practice that is done both with skis and with a single board.
  6. Skydiving consists of launching from an airplane, small plane, helicopter or any device that serves this purpose, into the void and then reaching the place where it must land thanks to a large canvas that cushions and slows down the fall. In skydiving, people can launch in groups and make several figures or simply alone, the difficulty arises when there are problems with the parachute, since it can become defective and not open during the process.
  7. Extreme surfing. In this sport, surfing waves of great meters in height must be taken into consideration, generating a fairly imminent danger due to storms and waves that occur during the practice of this sport, where athletes are usually pulled into the sea and drown. .
  8. Rafting is a freshwater practice, carried out in rivers that are quite tumultuous and impassable, but this does not stop lovers of danger and adrenaline, which is why it is among the riskiest sports on our list as well.
  9. It is a motorcycle sport, in which the participants must reach a great speed to overcome different obstacles that appear on the road, with great elevations and pirouettes that make them fly through the air, often offering spectacular falls.
  10. Paragliding It is sliding from a high place with a device with wings spread into the void, to land in an open area, it is a fairly extreme sport although it is not as dangerous as the previous ones, and with the right equipment it awakens the adrenaline and the opportunity to see a beautiful landscape.


  • Have the necessary equipment to carry out the different sports disciplines taken as extreme.
  • Always have a helmet and sports suits ready to practice any of these sports.
  • Avoid going off the beaten track to generate fewer inconveniences.
  • Always tell someone where you are going to be and be accompanied at all times to avoid misfortunes.

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