The Different Styles of Yoga

One of the most rewarding and relaxing sports in the world is Yoga. Yoga is an activity that serves to revitalize both the body and to revitalize the mind.

This activity was born in the Asian continent many years ago and since then it has been used to increase the physical shape of people while achieving a state of relaxation.

Yoga has been so successful because it is a sport that moves away from the competitive spirit and aggressiveness of other sports. For example, Yoga is not about competing against other people or trying to do the best posture in a group, but simply competing against you so to speak.

In addition, Yoga carries a philosophy of life, in which we must not harm our enemies and we must lead a more or less calm life, of peace and meditation.

The benefits of this activity are enormous, since it improves breathing, improves your physical condition, your mood, improves your flexibility and finally it is a very fun activity that we can do both alone and in a group.

Everyone has heard of this practice, which has millions of followers around the world for the reasons explained above. This number continues to grow and grow and is expected to continue to do so for at least 10 more years, as more and more cities include yoga as an activity in their gyms.

Of course, what you surely did not know is that there are many styles of this sport, since depending on the place and depending on where you are, it is practiced in one way or another, with similar but slightly different benefits in some fields.

Today we are going to explain the different styles of this activity, specifically the 6 most famous and most beneficial for the human body. So let’s go there.


  1. Astana: The
    first style that we are going to talk about is the Yoga Astana style. This style is known as the yoga of the eight or the yoga of the eight limbs. It is the most used style of Yoga, since more than just a sporting activity; it is a lifestyle that will help you lead a much healthier life. In order to follow this type of yoga, we must make several sacrifices, such as not consuming alcohol, controlling our breathing, not harming others, striving to have a good concentration, striving to contemplate everything that happens to us and striving to meditate on something daily. What happens, in addition to the control of all your senses? When you practice this yoga, you will be a much calmer person, much more open and much more able to listen than other people who do not practice it.
  2. Ingra:
    This type of yoga is based on flexibility and postures. It is one of the most popular and one of the ones that will allow you to improve your physical condition the most., since this type of yoga focuses on maintaining a posture for a long time and making it a little more perfect each time. This yoga is based on competing against you, but always in a more controlled way. Its main benefits are the improvement of your balance, the improvement of your flexibility and the improvement of the control of your senses, since you will have to force your body so that it does not fall when performing a complicated posture. It will also give you a lot of mental strength, since not everyone is capable of performing a complicated posture that requires a great deal of flexibility and that does not cost them any kind of effort to do so.
  3. Hatha:
    Also known as the Yoga of the body and the mind, this type of yoga is based on a complete synchronization with the postures of your body. And with mind control. It is similar to the previous type of yoga, but it has some differences that make it key, such as the issue of postures, since it is one of the most effective types of yoga to achieve a good posture. The way to apply it is to maintain a posture that at first seems forced, but thanks to the power of the mind, we will be able to relax the body through the mind. Many people have achieved a better rehabilitation of body parts such as back, chest and other muscles thanks to this type of Yoga. Let’s say that it is the yoga in which the mind dominates the body and in which the pain is only something mental that can be controlled with enough mental strength by the user who practices this type of yoga.
  4. Kundalini:
    Now we go with the type of Kundalini Yoga, a type of yoga that is based on simplicity. It is also known as the yoga of beginners, since in this yoga we are only going to practice postures that are very easy to do, static postures that we have to do gently, so as not to force ourselves. It is the ideal yoga to try it for the first time to see if you like it, if you see that you like this type of yoga, you can move on to other types of yoga that are harder and more demanding with yourself. The subject of controlling breathing and peace is also beginning to be carried out, but without becoming too obsessed with this subject since we are beginners. It is also ideal for sedentary people with very low physical fitness, as it is a good starting point for them to start practicing sports regularly. From the practice of this yoga they can motivate themselves to go further and practice more sports and other more complicated types of yoga.
  5. Bigram:
    This type of yoga is a yoga that is a little different from what we are used to seeing. This yoga could pass perfectly for a normal yoga except for one important detail, the use of heat to improve joint health. In this way, when we do Bigram yoga postures, we will be able to have a greater sense of security in the joints, avoiding injuries caused by poor warm-up. Without a doubt, a different experience that we must try at least once in our lives, since in addition to being good for not injuring ourselves, it will also be one of the types of yoga that will relax us the most due to the heat applied directly to the muscles of the body. When performing these postures, since as we all know, the heat is relaxing and will help you to be much calmer when performing these yoga exercises.
  6. Aerial yoga:
    Finally we have the so-called aerial yoga, a somewhat strange yoga but that has also earned a small egg on this list, since this yoga is the same as the conventional one, but with more complicated postures applied in the air. This yoga is something similar to ballet, but a little calmer, since it is about slowly performing postures in the air, not making any competition to see who dances better. This type of yoga improves flexibility even more, since doing the pose in the air raises the level of difficulty slightly.

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