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If you like the world of sports, of food supplements and what you are looking for is to have a cultivated body, you probably know what My Protein is, or at least you will know it in a short time. My Protein is a complete range of sports supplements and is the number one brand in the online world.

My Protein started from scratch in 2004 in which the first order was placed and a year later it started with a credit of 700 euros. Two years after its launch, the first international shipment was made and since 2009 it is officially the number one sports nutrition brand thanks to its wide variety of supplements. They decided that it was best to expand into the foreign market and launched five international websites. With the success they had, they changed the packaging of their products and started with a new range, this time for athletes. After more than a decade My Protein achieved a million followers on social networks, 8 million shipments around the world and 50 million visits to the web. Because the supplement market was doing so well for them, they decided to make a range of sportswear for both men and women and finally in 2016 they launched an organic and natural range. Always attending to the requests of its consumers and the needs of the moment.

The goal that My Protein set for itself at its inception and that it intends to achieve day by day is to have high-quality products at the best price to satisfy the needs of its customers.

The process from when a product leaves the factory until it reaches its destination is as follows:

  1. In the factory they create the formula to have the best products, everything is powdered and they don’t add fillers.
  2. When the product is ready, the suppliers, who are accredited, begin to move the product so that it reaches its destination.
  3. They produce the vast majority of their products within their own factory, that is, they do not have to send other factories to exploit products, this makes it cheaper and the price they offer to the consumer is lower than if most of their products were made outside the factory.
  4. Before sending the products, they go through a quality control and if they exceed the standards they are shipped, otherwise they remain in the factory.
  5. Then they pack and label the products. By doing it in bags, they are saving a lot of money which reflects positively on your pocket.
  6. In My Protein they have 3 large warehouses, to offer their products in the shortest possible time.
  7. They have a price comparator that makes theirs the best compared to any other product with similar characteristics on the market.
  8. The order leaves the factory and will be at its destination in 3 or 4 business days.
  9. If you have any questions or problems, there is a customer service team from Monday to Friday.

The difference between using My Protein and other dietary supplements lies in the price. Other supplement companies do not manufacture in their own factory and have to wait for others to bring them the products; this causes the price to increase because more intermediaries have to be paid. The quality is the same as that of other supplements, but with the difference that My Protein has managed to make it superior thanks to the reduction in costs and a lot has to do with the fact that the packaging is a bag, which also reduces the cost.

If you take a walk through the My Protein website you will see that it has all kinds of products: protein, creative, amino acids, carbohydrates, tablets, bars… and there is a wide range of all of them. In addition, when in doubt as to whether the product is going to be what we expect or we are not sure that the flavor is what we are going to like the most, My Protein offers the possibility of requesting small samples to taste the product and, if it is what you really wanted, then proceed to purchase a larger quantity.


As with all dietary supplements or any product, excess is bad and poses a risk. Stopping the body from other nutrients just by consuming supplements is not the right thing to do. A supplement is used to make up for the deficiency of certain nutrients, that is why the range is so wide and each nutrient has its products. If we only give the body a few supplements for a long time and forget to take others, it poses a risk to our body. Athletes use supplements to improve their diet and perform better in the gym and doing sports, but if their diet is based on supplements, they will make a big mistake. For the rest, consuming My Protein does not have any risk since its products have gone through quality controls that, if they had not passed, they could not have left the factory.


Consuming My Protein is very simple, you just have to choose the product that suits your needs and in the format that suits you best, whether in a bar, shakes or gel, among others. My Protein presents products for before, during and after exercise, so choose a complete range for your workouts.

What you should do after choosing a product is, if it is for pre-workout, take your supplement half an hour before you go to train, so that when you start the nutrients start to take effect in your body. If you take it just before, the action of the supplement will start almost when you are going to finish training and it will not do any good. During training, the most advisable thing is to take the gels; the clear example is when athletes have a competition. During the race they do not stop to eat products that are difficult to digest because they would also lose time, what they do is ingest a gel, which has all the nutrients and minerals that they have lost during the training time. You must do the same, to recover the nutrients that you are losing while you train. And for after training the best, although you can choose other options, it is usually a shake. After training we are tired and the easiest thing for us to drink is a shake, basically because what we need is to hydrate ourselves, so if we eat something solid we will also want something liquid.

If you have any questions on the official website, you can find information on what is best to drink before, during and after. Of course, never forget that during training you always have to be hydrated, so make water one more complement to go to do sports.

Anything else

In addition to offering supplements, My Protein offers advice and recipes for those who want to delve deeper into the world of health and wellness. If you browse the official website you will see, in addition to the product purchase sections, the website is divided according to the specific objectives of each person. Well, the diet that someone who wants to gain muscle has to take is not the same as another who wants to increase her resistance or another who wants to lose weight. There are six programs that indicate what type of people each one is recommended for. In the case of weight loss, and in the same way with the rest, it informs you of which people it is intended for, that is, according to the objectives that you want to meet.

The web offers a detailed program of the diet that this person should follow, both with the supplements and with the food. It has the five recommended meals (breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner) and adds two more that are pre-workout and post-workout. In each of them, it tells you the exact amounts of supplements that you should take and what food is the most recommended for each moment. There is also an option that is ‘see the range’ that breaks down all the supplements that you can consume if you want to lose weight. Something very positive since those people who do not understand much about supplements will have clearly selected which ones are for them and they will only have to choose the flavor or the way in which they want to consume it.

Depending on the type of sport you do, there are also specific supplements. This prevents you from wanting to gain muscle and consuming supplements that what you do is destroy it. A very simple and well explained website for those who do not have much idea of ​​​​the nutritional world.

For those who have more problems with flavors, My Protein has launched a range without it, the products have no flavor, so that the customer does not have any problem and does not stop ordering a product that works well just because the flavor is not of yours. Like.

To complement its range of products, My Protein has a blog where it uploads recipes for different types of diet, the most recommended to achieve according to what objectives and the foods that are correct and allowed to achieve them. In addition, there are also sports tips to do specific exercises depending on whether the objective is to lose weight, gain muscle, have more resistance… the same thing that happens with the objectives but instead of detailed nutrition and supplements, there are some exercises.

This is because a good diet is just as important as good physical activity. Few people take nutritional supplements if they do not do some kind of sport. It has always been said that a healthy life and weight loss consists of 80-20, which translates into 80% of the weight falling on food and the remaining 20% ​​​​on exercise. Therefore, even if you exercise a lot, if you eat incorrectly, you will not achieve your goals and vice versa. That 80% is why My Protein has such a wide range of products and why they created a blog explaining which supplements, exercises and dishes need to be consumed to achieve a number of goals.

Since My Protein was born, it has not stopped growing and over time, and listening to its customers, it has been improving. To finish touching all the fields, My Protein launched a line of sportswear, the last thing they had left in the sports world. It includes tights and t-shirts, as well as fitness accessories, both for men and women. Shipping takes the same time as with supplements and if the purchase is over 60 euros, the costs are free; otherwise they will be 3.99 euros.

If you are passionate about the world of sports and want to start consuming good quality nutritional supplements, the best thing is to try the My Protein range, it is so varied and complete that you will find everything you are looking for, suitable for your needs, and if you have any doubts about what is best for you, you will have a team of experts ready to answer your questions.

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