How to Use the Bose in Pilates

It is very likely that right now you do not have the slightest idea what a boss is. This is quite common and you should not worry. The boss is a very common object in gyms or fitness rooms with a very easily recognizable shape. I’m sure you’ve seen it thousands of times, but the problem is probably that you don’t know its name. The boss is a device shaped like a half sphere or ball. It is a hemisphere that looks like a fit ball cut in half. To this half ball a support has been added on the surface of the diameter, surely now you know what we are talking about.

The boss is an item that is used very often in Pilate’s sessions. It is an object that helps us improve our balance and allows us to work much more intensely. However, you should not think that Pilates is the only sport that uses this object since this is not true. Fitness training, maintenance gymnastics, physiotherapy sessions and many other types of practices also use it.

Now, as with fit balls, to use a boss correctly you have to know what to do and how to do it. Throughout this article we explain how to use the boss in Pilates.

What do you need to use the boss in Pilates?

  • to boss
  • Comfortable clothes

Instructions for using the boss in Pilates

  1. The first thing you should do is rehearse in front of a mirror. This point is more important than it might seem at first. By rehearsing in front of a mirror you will be able to observe your movements and correct them as much as possible.
  2. Before starting to use the boss in your Pilates practice, you should have been practicing this sport for a while. As we never get tired of repeating in our articles on Pilates, we are faced with a fairly hard and demanding sport. Using the boss further complicates all exercises. Therefore, it is convenient that you know how to perform more or less each exercise before starting to perform them with the bosu.
  3. You should take off your shoes to use the boss. When using this item you will find that it is quite difficult to keep your balance on it and the operation will be more difficult if you slip on your shoes. In this way it is much more recommended that you use it barefoot. If you are cold you can wear yoga socks with a fairly good grip.
  4. Do not use the boss if you are afraid. A fairly common fear is that of slipping, falling and hurting yourself. Nobody forces you to use the boss and therefore you should only use it if you really want to.
  5. By standing on the boss you are working on your balance but you are also strengthening all your muscles that will be in tension.
  6. You can also use the boss lying down by placing your stomach on the surface and trying to raise your arms and legs.
  7. Another fairly common exercise is to stand on all fours on it: with your knees and hands on the surface of the boss.

Tips for using the boss in Pilates

  • Remember that the boss is not a toy. As with fit balls, sometimes we can think that we find an article with which we can have fun and play. This is not the case. It is an object to play sports that can even be dangerous if we use it wrong. For this reason, you must be quite careful when using it and you should only use it in the way that your palates or other sports monitor indicates.
  • The most recommended thing is that you have a Pilate’s instructor who can supervise your activity. Although this is not essential, you must remember that Pilates is a much more complex sport than people think and that each exercise must be performed paying close attention to each posture. The same goes for exercises where you include the boss.

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