How to Choose a Paddle Surf Paddle

Paddle surfing is a sport that has been gaining many followers in recent years. If a couple of years ago it was quite rare to see someone practicing this sport, today it is very common and we are all used to seeing these silhouettes crossing the sea silhouetted against the horizon.

Paddle surfing is a perfect sport since it allows us to enjoy nature and the sea while doing a great job of toning up. When doing paddle surfing we are working not only our arms when paddling but also our legs and our trunk when it comes to holding our balance on the board. If you want to do paddle surfing or you have already started in the sport and you are thinking of buying your own equipment, you are probably wondering how to choose a paddle surf paddle. Choosing a paddle surf paddle is not as simple as it might seem at first. There are many issues that you must take into account to choose a paddle surf paddle that is perfect for you.

If you have been informing yourself on the subject, you will have realized that when choosing a paddle surf blade, not even the manufacturers and specialists agree. You must bear in mind that there are many factors that influence this decision so, after all, each case is unique and particular, and so there is no single solution. You must analyze different aspects and choose a paddle surf paddle that suits your specific needs, your physical condition and your way of paddling.

It is also important to choose the paddle surf board well and here we show you some tips that you have to follow yes or yes before buying your paddle surf board

If you want to know more about how to choose a paddle surf paddle, do not miss what follows as we offer you all the factors that you must analyze and take into account when choosing a paddle surf paddle.

What do you need to choose a paddle surf paddle?

  • Follow the instructions in this article

Instructions for choosing a paddle surf paddle

  1. Size– Surf paddle manufacturers make these paddles in three standard sizes. The first of the sizes is 8.3. This is a paddle designed for people with little strength, although it is also the one chosen by many specialists who want to be able to move their paddle quickly and precisely to face bad weather conditions. Next we find size 8.7. Which is indicated for long journeys? Its design allows the back not to be forced too much, which allows us to be on the board and paddle for longer. Finally we find the 9.0 shovel. Which is the one designed for people with more strength and sports specialists?
  2. Height: height is another of the most important issues when selecting our paddle. Keep in mind that this is a very important fact as it determines the position we adopt when rowing. If we have a paddle that is too long or too short, we can force the posture of our shoulders to the point of overloading them and injuring ourselves. To choose the correct height of our ear there is a very simple trick. You just have to place the oar in front of you with the blade pointing towards the ceiling. Place the handle on the ground and if the shovel reaches the height of our eyes, it will be the perfect height for us.
  3. Material: finally you should pay attention to the material of the ear. In this respect there is a great variety and, ultimately, it is a matter of personal taste. Although many people opt for wood as it is a very aesthetic material, it is not the most efficient of them. The best option to start with is probably carbon as it is a very light material. The problem with carbon paddles is that they are very expensive. The cheapest option is the aluminum oars although these are too heavy. A very common alternative is that of the mixed paddles that contain both materials and that has an intermediate price.

Tips for choosing a paddle surf paddle

  • If after reading this article you are still not very clear about what you should take into account and you have not finished deciding which paddle surf paddle is best for you, you should consult a specialist. Look for a store specialized in this sport and let you is advised. No one better than a professional can help you resolve any questions you might have about it.

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