How to Run In the Morning

If you want to know how to run in the morning, continue reading this article, running at this time is annoying for many people, but at the same time it is the only time they find because they do not have time, it becomes difficult to get up, go to train and then do well with the scheduled session.

It is true that more and more people go running, but at the same time those who find it difficult to get up in the morning to run are also increasing. Getting out of bed to go to a training routine turns out to be quite a challenge, the muscles are cooler thanks to the body being still and the blood glucose is lower since six to eight hours have already passed from the moment it was dinner, despite all this there are certain measures and tips that can help you run in a better way in the morning.

Running in the morning is beneficial, in addition to the fact that you will have the rest of the day, without thinking that the training has not been done, at that time the exercise is done with a higher quality and purer air, the body is a little more predisposed to exercise and rested and as endorphins are released when training, it helps the person stay active and in a good mood in the other activities of the day, on the other hand the metabolism speeds up and therefore also the process of burn fat.

Strategy one

Light breakfast

As we have already said, glucose is lowered and therefore it is important to raise it, this will be done by consuming fruits or their juice and accompany this with a toast spread with jam, you should eat breakfast twenty minutes before running time, it is possible that you have to wake up a few minutes in advance to have breakfast on time and be able to have the necessary energy to go for a run, it is also advisable to drink ½ cup of tea or coffee in order to add a little caffeine to the body and that in this way performance is improved.

Get warm

Before you start running you have to warm up, for this it is recommended to walk five minutes before starting to run, because as we mentioned the muscles will be cold, after these five minutes the ideal is to start jogging gently between five and ten minutes, in this way the body is finished acclimatizing and thus being able to do the training without many problems, if you need to warm up in a more intense way you can alternate as follows: run for two minutes and walk hard for one minute, until you reach the pace you want.

The motivation

You can listen to music while running or looking for company, this will motivate more to do the training routine, even if you feel that the body is tired, the struggle of will be less.

Strategy two

It must be faster than the alarm clock

The idea is that the body gets used to getting up once the alarm clock rings, although if the person belongs to those who always say five more minutes, then it is important that the alarm be brought forward a little so that it can be ready in the morning. Right moment.


It is good to prepare the training to run before going to sleep, the night before, you can include a little more carbohydrate in your dinner in order to have some storage of glycogen for the other day, it is advisable to go to bed early and get everything ready what is going to be needed for training such as: clothes, tennis shoes, different accessories among which we can find an mp3, among others.

You don’t fast and you don’t overeat

If the person is just starting their training, it is recommended that they do not do it fasting to avoid any stumble, nor should the opposite be done, that is, eat an abundant breakfast, there could also be quite a lot of discomfort while running, breakfast should be light, example: half a banana and a piece of toast with a little jam, to drink it can be ½ glass of tea or coffee, this should be drunk in small sips. If you have breakfast, it is good to do it fifteen minutes before starting the training; this is with the aim of balancing blood sugar levels.

It is advisable to plan nutrition well, take a good look at what you are going to eat for dinner and also think once and for all about what breakfast will be for the next day, it is important that there are no foods that are difficult to digest, this would cause discomfort at the time of training.

No to excuses

Do not put that there is no time as an excuse, running even 20 minutes in the morning will be enough to activate the metabolism and also to charge energy for the other activities of the day.

The warm-up

Warming up is important, it is not about getting out of bed and starting to run immediately, even if the person has little time it should not be done, it should be run at a fairly slow start and when the body sees that it is waking up, the same than mind, it will be time to start running faster.

What could help get up

The person can look for some motivation that helps him, for example, thinking about how beautiful it is to see the sunrise while running, make that the ideal time to listen to new music, exchange routes, among others.

An appointment

The idea is to make morning training one of those appointments that cannot be missed. Looking for someone is difficult but not impossible; if you find a company for this it will be even easier.


You can look for a training group, they are growing more and more, you should see which ones go running in the morning.


It is a platform where other people who like to run and do their training could be contacted.

To finalize

Once the training is over, you should not go into the shower at once, it is important to spend a few minutes stretching correctly, the idea is to avoid injuries.

Have breakfast

Once the training is finished, it is good to have breakfast to be able to nourish the body after the effort made, it is beneficial to consume protein since it helps the muscles recover, and on the other hand the carbohydrates will help to regenerate the glycogen that has been lost.

To train

Ready, time to encourage yourself to train and do a good cardiovascular exercise.


  • Running in the morning hours will help to make better use of the day, you will have noon and afternoon free.
  • It’s a cooler time to run, it won’t be as hot.
  • In case you want to compete, it is a good preparation at the cardiovascular level.
  • The body will be more prepared for a workload on the muscles, as the training is done after getting up, the muscle tissues will be more unloaded.
  • Endorphins are activated from the early hours of the morning; it could help, for example, to go to work a little more relaxed.
  • You should start with light training and leave some stronger ones for the days when you have more time.

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