Coordination Drills – How To Do Coordination Drills

The coordination exercise contains much more than simply measuring distances. First of all, because it is about physical and mental health; that is why it requires dedication and focus. For example, in matters of coordination, to dedicate yourself to practicing a sport or being a gymnast, you must maintain discipline day by day; in this way you will be able to be a professional.

It is very important to maintain and exercise coordination; since it will allow us to work the body unanimous. At the moment of starting to do the exercises, we must have concentration, so that you do not suffer any type of injury. It is synchronization of body, mind and spirit.

Perhaps we all admire an athlete who has managed to be recognized; but we have wondered how he could have done it. For example, Lionel Messy soccer player; named the best player in the Spanish league, according to an article by the History and Statistics Research Center.

This player has practiced coordination exercises since he was a child, and that is why we see the current results. His determination of him and his accuracy of him, when scoring a goal, and when he’s performing in a game, making passes with his teammates are spectacular.

In this same way, you can carry out your goals and dreams of being a great athlete.

Next, we will give you some tips that we analyze for you. With various coordination exercises; for you to start your routines, and thus start without wasting any more time.

First, we will talk about the types of coordination exercises; these are useful for measuring distance and timing. Also, how to improve technique with repetitive movements.


Since we started walking in childhood we exercise coordination. We can notice that on many occasions children fall, and with daily practice, they learn to walk, until their adulthood.

The coordination exercises that are most applied to athletes are in games such as; football, basketball, cycling, tennis, and athletes, among others. That is why these types of exercises are used for all sports, and that will help you in your daily life, even in your work.

When a person is learning to drive a car, he needs to develop a lot of coordination in his arms and legs; to be able to drive the car without colliding with another or with an object.

You need to set the distances and the indicated time to get across and keep the car straight on the road. Similarly, it happens to the basketball player when he needs to place the ball in the hoop and shoot it.

This athlete must be able to determine several factors, some of these are: the weight of the ballthe distance in which he is to make the throw and the speed that he must execute when throwing the ball.

And all this has to be practiced, for a long time and in different environments; as external factors also greatly influence performance and accuracy.

Develop coordination

All human beings can develop in different talents and abilities; you just have to encourage yourself to start the routines that we will give you later and you will see how you will have new skills.

Food plays a fundamental role in coordination exercises. Let us remember that the muscles are connected to our brain, and that the blood and oxygen that flows through them; contributing to better motor movements.

If your muscles do not have the necessary nutrients to develop; then you will have slow, uncoordinated movements. You can even tear some tendons. You can also suffer muscle cramps, which will leave you immobile.

This is the case of people who practice swimming; Many times they have had to abandon the competitions, due to cramps in the muscles of the legs.

On the other hand, coordination exercises can be performed individually, or also in a group. As is the case with military parades and marching bands. They need not only to coordinate their muscles, to maintain the rhythm of the march, but they all have to execute the movements at exactly the same time.

Self-esteem therapy

Psychologically speaking, these exercises help you develop self-confidence, and raise self-esteem and morale; thus defining your character and giving you many benefits and success in your sports discipline.

Group coordination exercises, such as rhythmic gymnastics, performed in pairs or with 3 or 4 people, are excellent for improving social relationships. This discipline is extremely demanding with its athletes, and the evaluations are carried out by the referees; taking into account even the smallest details of lack of coordination.

Instructions for Coordination Drills – Doing Coordination Drills

  1. Like any sports discipline, the first thing is to warm up the muscles, with gentle exercises and stretching.
  2. Then, if soccer is your thing, and you are a fan of this discipline, it is one of the best to give you some coordination exercises.
  3. Take the soccer ball and with your feet start kicking it, with a person who receives it from the front; you will do this about 20 times.
  4. Then you will practice the same technique, but with longer distances. So you can calculate the force and speed when passing the ball.
  5. After you feel more familiar with the soccer ball and its weight; take the ball with your hands, and drive it to the top. And with his right leg he begins to kick it gently, upwards.
  6. But without letting the ball fall to the ground, and start counting how many kicks you get without letting it touch the ground. Later, he performs the same exercise with the left leg.
  7. After you have it under control, start working the ball with both legs without the ball touching the ground.
  8. Another coordination exercise with the soccer ball is to try to hit it with your head without letting it fall to the ground. You can do this yourself, or place another person to gently throw the ball at you.
  9. You can also practice placing the ball on your forehead and walking with it without it falling to the ground.
  10. A very good way to exercise coordination with the soccer ball is by placing a series of obstacles on the field.
  11. If you like basketball, then you can take the ball and start throwing them so that it bounces off the ground.
  12. This simple exercise will help you determine the weight of the ball and its dimensions.
  13. Then, throw it against a wall and receive it, with different distances.
  14. When you have more or less calculated the weight of the ball, you can get to a field, with another person to help you pass the ball. Then, start taking shots at the basket, as close as you can.
  15. When you start shooting the ball from short distances, start to go a little further away. After you’re shooting it from greater distances, start practicing with the angles of the court.
  16. A very good exercise for you to achieve coordination in your whole body is swimming.
  17. You have to move your arms and legs with a perfect rhythm, so that you can move forward and develop speed.
  18. You have to coordinate your eyes and you’re breathing so that you can go to a certain point of arrival.
  19. Another great sport that helps you develop coordination is bicycling.
  20. If you have never done it, you must have a little patience, while your body learns to maintain its balance.
  21. After you have your balance mastered, then you can develop other skills with your bike.

What do you need for Coordination Exercises – Do Coordination Exercises?

  • A soccer ball.
  • To basketball.
  • To pool.
  • On a regular bike.
  • Lots of discipline and determination.
  • Vitamins.
  • Balanced diet.

Tips for Coordination Drills – Doing Coordination Drills

  • Whatever the coordination exercises to practice, you have to warm up the muscles.
  • We recommend light aerobic exercises at least 20 minutes before starting.
  • Try to be in a place, that you are only alone, and the person who will accompany you on some occasions.
  • These exercises require a lot of concentration and silence to perform.
  • You have to be very repetitive and practice for many days.
  • Take into account that you should always leave a few days to rest, since these not only require the effort of your muscles, but also the effort of your mind.
  • Drink a lot of liquid, either in natural juices or just fresh water.
  • We recommend a diet with many fibers and cereals.
  • On the other hand, you should also consume some good vitamins. We can always take vitamins in a healthier way with fruits, whether in smoothies or juices.
  • If you have a healthy body, you will have a healthy mind, these two factors are essential in coordination exercises.
  • If you suffer from any muscle pain, we recommend you stop the exercises and see a doctor quickly.
  • Do not take painkillers or muscle relaxants as these do not allow you to have a good coordination between the muscles and the brain.
  • Do not eat red meat, these can cause muscle aches and cramps.
  • If you are going to practice coordination exercises in a pool, never go alone, many people have had cramps in the water, and have ended up drowning swimming alone.
  • Finally, we encourage you to practice these coordination exercises; they will help you have a healthier life and a clearer mind.

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